Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas was way fun this year. These are the gifts I made... The quilt for my boyfriend, and the tile picture for my grandparents....

Zach made this gingerbread house at school, it is so cute. I just loved it. He did a way good job...

We took Zach Bowling.......He had been before with his Dad and loved it!! Um Pretty sure because of my hand not being back up to "full mass" hahaha.... I sucked!! I suck anyway. But this was BADDD. Zach Beat me... 63. 61. LOL

I had a way fun Christmas this year, and looking forward to the new year!!! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

photo cube

I made this and really don't know what else to do with it. haha.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I forgot to think of a clever title here....

This is just something that I find myself laughing hysterically over. & thought someone else might like to laugh too. My X... forgets everything. It always seems convenient for him that he just "forgot". It bugs me soooo badly. After we split we decided we would for now, get gifts for each other at appropriate holidays from Zach. So last Xmas I spent $40 on something for him because I couldn't find anything cheaper that he would like. On Xmas he said "ohhhhh, i forgot your present at home. Ill get it to you." UH huh. Well a year later, he still hasn't gotten it to me. LOL. So this year he "forgot" my birthday and didn't even say happy birthday to me... I realize the fact that we are divorced... But I am in his life in a big way because of Zach so I just think he is an ass. I still told him Happy Birthday 4 months after mine had passed, and when I did he said "Ohh, I missed yours huh. I forgot, im sorry!" So, the point of the blog... I said to him the other day "Um, Since were obviously not doing gifts for each other... Dont get me anything for Xmas, I wasn't plannin on getting you anything after I did last year, and you never gave me anything..." his response "WHAT??? I gave you something didn't I?" ..."No, you said you forgot it at home, and it must still be there..!!!" ..."Ohhh yea I did forget that. It must still be at my house." LOL...... Really???? Is he serious??? lol, wouldn't you most commonly put gifts under your christmas tree that you took down last January??? hahahahaha. I didn't say anything else, Because since he FORGOT its ok. LOL
forgetful Pictures, Images and Photos
Every year he asks me "is Zach's Bday on the 7th or the 8th, I forgot!" Well I forgot to stay married to an a-hole.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

oh for the love.....

When It Rains It Pours Pictures, Images and Photos
YES it does!! And I hate this expression because its true. After saving a ton of my tax money I was sittin pretty for most of this year. I had some issues, and i've blogged about some of them.... ie: broken hand, douche bag men... Seems like when I have money everything else doesn't bother me. But the opposite is the opposite. I dont have money right now... So everything is bothering me. My lame ins. denied all claims on my hand and I've been calling and harrassing them, my claim is pending again right now :( On top of that all my Christmas shoppin has to be last minute cuz I need to wait for my next paycheck that I get 4 days before xmas........On my on week where i will be working graves and trying to get up early enough to be productive! Then today, I got pulled over by a cop going 50 in a 40. IS HE SERIOUS??? I was speeding cuz Zach was late for school. Needless to say, he was Late all right. I am hella stressed!! Im gonna be pullin my hair out soon if something doesn't give. Also, Zach's tuition is due (its not a lot.. but still I could use that money on xmas!) and its Jake's month to pay it. He conveniently "forgot" to do so, on tues... so now I have to do it today! Are you kidding??? I loved it about 8 months ago... I told this guy I was seeing at the time..."I don't have one thing to complain about. Everything is great!!" HAHHAhhahaha...... hahahaha. hahaha. haha. Maybe It will be like that again after taxes next year! heres to hoping!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian!

I am SOOO buying one of these......

Here is my tree that Im obsessed with. Its way little and because my apartment is so small as well, I had to crop out my stove that is next to it ruining its spirit.hahaha.

Next tues when my off week starts Im hittin up the stores baby. But one last thing, why is it that every holiday (christmas, 4th of july, thanksgiving, halloween etc....) that you go to the store, people are there that look like they crawled out from under a rock. Walkin around in oversized T shirts that say stupid things on them like "I Didn't Do It!" Are they serious?? They usually park by you so close that im not sure how they even got out of their vehicle, and stare at you. I would like to stare at them but im a bit nervous. I most commonly notice them at Walmart but during the holidays they venture to the mall...... i kind of wish they wouldn't!! But, BRING ON THE SHOPPING!!! I ♥ GIFTMAS!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Mommy Im stuck!"

So my son is a total drama king when its time for bed and he will do anything to get out of going... but once he is in bed he is good, and goes right to sleep. Last night I told him to go to the bathroom and then tell me when he was done and I would help him put his Pj's on. A few minutes later he was calling me from the bathroom "mom help me!!" I ignored him. "mommmmmmm helppppp meeeee... im stuck mommy. help im stuck!!" hahaha. So I went in the bathroom to find that he really was stuck... IN THE TOILET! I was laughing so hard, I had to take some pics. These are the only good ones that you can see the torment in his face! oh my... gotta love parenting! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Celebrity Boyfriend......

Ok, yes I know this is weird that I am blogging about this. I am just excited because his 5th album is coming out in like 18 days, I have LOVED all of his albums so far, because he is soulful and romantic. He sings about love, respect and loving women. He is sexy. Avant is my celebrity boyfriend. Which by definition means, I can sleep with him if the situation ever presented itself with no consequences to my current love life, hahaha. Check his sexiness yes please!! ;) look at his lips, yea, A kiss would be just fine.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can't we all just get along??....

So I never thought of myself as a nieve person. And I still don't know if thats the word. I guess I kind of thought that after all the 'excitement' from my divorce fizzled out that I would just meet someone, and it would go off without a hitch. For years I wasn't ready to date anyone on a serious level. Now I am dating someone on a serious level. He's great to me, and my son (Which I realize is the most important)
But last night we went to Wendover with my 2 bestest friends in the world......
gambling Pictures, Images and Photos
Pretty sure they all didn't 'just get along'........It was the biggest drama ever. Can I stay with someone that my friends dont like?? or someone that doesn't like my friends?? How lame is this.... Why are my boyfriend and my good friend butting heads?? My boyfriend says "Im sorry babe. Im an asshole, Ill try to do better." my good friend texts "Sorry, ill try not to be an asshole anymore" ok, seriously... I know that they all want me to be happy. But I can't be happy when we all can't go out and have a good time. On this note, His friends don't like me either. WHAT THE HELL??? his roommate acts like Im a bitch because I won't talk to her. But in the meantime she won't ever talk to me and refers to me as "the biatch"..... yeah, pretty sure I never did anything to her.
SOMEECARDS Pictures, Images and Photos
So am I Nieve in thinking that everything would be perfect?? Im an idiot. Maybe there are many signs, and this is one of them that he's not right for me. Or maybe I'm a moron, and life isn't a fairytale?? (i know its not... but im annoyed about it!!)

On a lighter much funnier note... MY son is Sassy. oh my...... is he sassy. The other day in the car he was talking way loud over me and the boyfriend. I said "Zach, if you dont stop, imma beat your butttt...." He says "You can't beat my butt.. because I am sitting on it!" LOL It was awesome. It took everything I had not to laugh!!hahaha.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I was Tagged.....


*My son
*My off week...
*Movie night!!


*Spiders (because the only place I ever see them is on my couch.and thats just creepy!)
*Losing someone I love
*Being fired from my job lol


*Attempting to fill my gas tank to an even number (and really, I NEVER can haha)
*Chocolate Cinnamon Bears
*Never over-sleeping. I set 3 alarms... always getting up to the last one, which means "EMERGENCY you should leaving the house by NOW...."
*Checking my cell phone for missed calls or texts.. um constantly... hahaha. I need to knock it off!!


*I wont sing in front of anyone... and I mean ANYONE.
*I still worry about disapointing my parents!
*I carry all my groceries in at once... this can get tricky haha.


*My family
*Keeping my apartment clean
*Spending time with friends...
*Hats on lazy days!
*Not bad mouthing my X in front of my son!
*Plants..I have 10 in my small ass apartment lol :)


*"Move it or lose it!" (to zach haha)
*"I love You"
*"Wait.. for real?"
*"I was being sarcastic..."


*Write a memoir
*Have more kids!!
*Visit Venice Italy
*Go back to school....
*Learn how to paint 1/2 as good as my mommy
*Start my own business!
*Win some kind of contest!!
*Grow my hair to the top of my butt & have it be healthy!!!


*The grass isn't always greener!
*Most people deserve a second chance
*Talking is therepuetic.
*Listening to others is the most important tool a person can possess!
*It's okay to cry!
*Children are WAY smarter than we give them credit for!
*Family & friends are my anchor
*Love can get you through anything!!!

I TAG EVERYONE ON MY BLOG (except Linds, cuz It came from her) lol... I DONT HAVE THAT MANY PEOPLE THAT READ THIS!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here is some pictures of our halloween. Zach had a ton of fun being a cop. Or as he would say a "police ment"..... hahaha.That boy has been on a 4 day sugar high. Notice in the first pic.. he was eating his candy & jumpin in the leaves at the same time. lol... And this was my attempt at bein a greek goddess.... uhh...

This is a video of zach explaining what his "tattoo" is. lol... my X told me to stop putting tattoos on him, but seriously, its cute. ok. the video isn't the best, but him talking his sooooo cute!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Paint my Pumpkin!"

We (Me and my bestest Michelle) got our kids together to paint pumpkins... no clothes allowed really... for obvious reasons. Zach loved it!!! :)

All the kids & their masterpieces.... actually not to bad!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What the Hell???

So Jared my Boyfriend, is way into politics (that I am not!) and likes McCain (whom I do not!) But keeps joking that I look like Sarah Palin..Who he thinks is "HOT" (whom I didn't!) So I did this to prove him wrong... but lol.....he is right..... shit. Its not that she's not pretty.. but... wtf, she is like 40.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!

This is officially Zach's first haircut without crying/temper tantrum/ornery/sassiness. I am officially amused. Once when he was 1 he actually threw up on me at the salon because he was so mad!! Look how far he has come! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meet My Obsession...

Thai Iced Coffee Pictures, Images and Photos
So I love coffee, But in the fall & winter I love it even more. Right now my new obsession is starbucks Iced Marble Mocha with Soy. Mmmmmmmmm. its so good... It has chocolate syrup & white chocolate syrup, but they dont mix it so its pretty too!! Its good hot too, but my all time favorite is a Vanilla Latte w/ Hazelnut!! hahaha.... One day Ill stop being lame and buy a coffee maker for my house so I can save money and learn how to be high class by making fancy coffee!! Until then, Starbucks is my fav but I also like Beans & Brews. Last winter I made Chai at home, it was hella good- Ill have to do that again.. :) Um, and yes I realize this is fattening people, I told you it gets worse in the winter......bring on that hoodie sweater . hahaha.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I put the FUN in dysfunctional!

I am a puddle of dysfunction!
I have what I like to call "Grass is Greener" syndrome. Where No matter what the hell is going on I ALWAYS think its greener on the other side. When Im in a relationship, I wanna be single. When Im single, I wanna be in a relationship. I think another job is gonna be better and am constantly searching the classifieds. I want another car, pretty sure if I had another car... I'd want another car. If I order a turkey sandwich.....I think I should have ordered chicken. This is on my mind right now because of my current relationship. I entertain these thoughts because One time i had them when i was married, and the grass was greener!!! Ok, so my current beau is waaaaaayyyyy perfect for me. He does everything right. I told him i was still waiting for him to be an asshole. So why in the hell do I keep thinking I should break it off? is it because I should in actuality break it off? or because Im scared?! We have talked about taking things to the next level a lot of times. I feel peace about this. SO why everytime I turn around am I having these thoughts?? I dont hate being single. Its been a ton of fun, But at the same time I am looking forward to starting the rest of my life... I want Zach to have a brother/sister and I want to buy a house. These are obviously things I cannot do alone, and Im not getting any freaking younger. So is that why im jumping the gun on my current relationship.....Because I want what i want?? I do NOT WANT to get another divorce. This whole thing is retarded. I've talked to a few people about it and everyone says "just wait and see" is the problem with that.... In my family It is unheard of to live with someone before being married. I feel like Jared and I are to the point where we either move forward with things or break up. I cannot just wait around and see what happens, because something needs to be done. Can I live without him? yes. Do I want to? not right now.... is that because im selfish and need attention? or is that because he's the right one for me? hahaha. I am an over analyzer. wow. I am not taking any medication, maybe I should be lol.
hahaha. i just laughed out loud at this.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Got a good one for ya....

Ok, I am thee idiot. Not An Idiot. "thee" idiot. And this is why. 2 weeks ago, I fell down the stairs at my boyfriends house. Breaking 2 bones in my hand. I did not know this at the time. And waited 2 days to get X rays to confirm this.

Here is my hand now... This is after a surgery putting 6 screws into it to put the bones back!! I can use it again, to shift my car, type, and get dressed. But im sure it would have been hillarious to watch me try to do anything. In fact i know it was, because i was laughing at myself and my left handed paperwork at the clinic. My Hand looks AWESOME here!!! :)
Here is my hand a week ago after the surgery. kinda swollen. hates life, and isn't cooperating with all....with anything!!!
this is after a few days, before my surgery. bruised everywhere. can't tell in the pic but it looked like a black persons hand. lol
I wrapped it but it was so hella black and blue. nasty and swollen. this is 5 days before the surgery to fix it! it hurt like a bitch....
And here i am, not taking any time off work, and attempting to actually work.....pour things off and pick stuff up and type. LOL everyone was picking up my slack. this pic is of my hand when it was in a splint, i put a glove on it because it was funny as hell. But it looks like a huge tumor growing in thurr...... hahahhaa. That glove was an XXL lol. the other is a small........i rule.
So I need physical Therapy on my poor hand because I cannot make a fist. So prob in a month it will be working again. But i guess the worst is over, and its kind of funny now... hahaha. Im an idiot.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My dating diary!!

This is Jared. the guy im dating now. He's really sweet. He was my boyfriend in jr high lol.....and my first kiss!! needless to say, its good to find out both of our tonsil hockey techniques have very much so improved in the last 12 years.... thank goodness!!! haha. :)

These are some of the others i have dated in the past 2 1/2 years, since my divorce. hahahaha. this is gonna be hillarious. I WISH i could remember every loser, but here are the ones i actually liked!!! hahaha. Trey. He wanted, prob still wants to be my sugar daddy!!!
Marshall. The biggest ASS ever but texts randomly to say he misses me & that he truly loved me. hahahaha!!!!

Derek. oh Derek. Cant SAY 1 bad thing about this one except he is as confusing as a women.
I still secretly wish he would call me. lol

Dallin. I dont know if we dated, or hung out. or what, but he is hot and i miss his stories. hes a talented musician on tour! Best of luck in CHINA!!!!
Benjamin......... lol. such a good friend of mine, yet funny... he is so vain. obviously. but always told me he loved my face, which- what a compliment!!!! hhahaha.
Mikey. wow. we went through a lot together and he recently told me he didnt want anything else. he lives in idaho, and is keeping it that way. Ill always wonder. but owell i guess! movin on & on....... yea, JEN. THEY WILL REGRET IT!!!!!! HAHAHAA!!!!!

i will leave Joey off of this because if you read my last blog we all know i hate that boy, and am trying to forget his stupid face lol

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nice girls finish last??

Ok seriously, I am sooooooooo beyond annoyed. I work FT (like most people) & im single with a 3 yr old (like a lot of people) But WTF..... I work graveyards so I can get Zach to Preschool in the day... I like my charming apartment but would like something um... a bit bigger.. um please... actually um NOW. I don't make enough money to get anything else. I make too much money to get help from the state of Utah. I DO NOT make enough money to go back to school to better myself. I make too much money to get a grant. I cannot get a normal job making good money, Monday-Friday 8-5.........Because I don't have a sitter, and paying for one would defeat the purpose of making more money. If I could afford going back to school... time is still a problem, I really don't know what to do with Zach during the days. I am STUCK in every aspect of my life right now. Im so sick of it because "the man" always says without hard work you'll accomplish nothing. Well im wanting to stick it to the man because I work my ass off and I still feel like im accomplishing absolutley NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friend, or Foe?

So someone that has been in my life for the past 8 years, that I mind you everyone around me HATED. and I for some reason couldn't wrap my head around this persons true colors to save a life. Here is a lil' somethin somethin i like to call Venting....
He doesn't live here. He lives in Las Vegas. Those that know me I am in love with this city, and he has been a big part of this. I would go visit this boy maybe twice a year sometimes 3 times... He would always say he was going to come visit me, but it never happened. Recently about 3 months ago, he actually did come visit me!! This is good right??? WRONGGGG!!!!! He had cut all his credit cards up, and "didn't have a way to book the flight. But would write me a check for it." Ok, I am not a stupid person, especially when it comes to this... But, I have known him for 8 years. I could see the good in him. He wouldn't screw meee over! HAHHAAHHHAAA. So I do it... yes, I book his flight. The whole time he is here he is eating me out of house and home, and being what Urban dictionary defines as a free loader: "Someone who takes advantage of another persons good nature by eating, drinking, smoking and taking money from them."
So, I ask him if he is going to write a check? He keeps inadvertently avoiding my question. Long story short he runs through customs and turns around to wave goodbye at me. I email him telling him what an asshole he is...and his response to it is this: get ready.... "Fuck Off" this is 3 months ago, and i haven't contacted him back.........nor has he contacted me. Just so ya'll know the tab for him to be here was $600. I could have done a lot for this amount. I am sooooooooooo beyond irritated right now. I had some Dental work done, go figure......the bill $600. He can't hold a steady job, so Im pretty sure I wont see any of this money ever again. I want to write him another rude somethin, but think silence might be better. I now got a text from T-mobile saying my autopay could not go through. Yeah, I know. I get payed tomorrow and its a pretty damn good thing i do. I am workin a bunch of Overtime but there is no way in hell i can pull out of this by myself. I am a nice person, and would expect the same respect in return. Im sick and damn tired of being taken advantage of. Here is the culprit now......If you see this person, RUN THE OTHER WAY. you can kick him in the shin first if you want though........... hahaha. what a disrespecting, ignorant, free loading, poor excuse for a man.

joey harrington, folks here he is in all his glory. Asks for rides places. Takes sheer advantage of others to compensate for his laziness and lack of responsibility for his own well being. Expects others to take care of his needs and desires without ever returning the favor. He is a scrub, which by definition means HE SUCKS AT LIFE!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Classy with a little Trashy!

First of all......My Son is in Preschool now. Which is hella weird.... He is a total badass, and he loves school so far!! He actually took this picture..hahaha... turned out cute actually. I didn't even think i would be in it!!!
I went to the Utah State Fair. We were classy, as you can tell... oh my, we weren't even drinking, and there were kids in this before us......we waited for them to be done. lol
Special 3 for $10.00. I am $3.34...the other 2 you can get for $3.33. I raised my prices. hahaha!
We wanted to taste the deep fried oreo and the deep fried snickers. In the container they gave them to us in......and i regretfully so don't have a picture of this. But it looked like a dick and balls. hahahaha....... so we are licking them!! LOL

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is She Kidding???!

So, I have been trying to be nice to Zach's new step mom. She is good with Zach. But she doesn't have any kids of her own...and she kisses & hugs him IN FRONT OF MEEEEE all the time. Which really doesn't sit well with me. I dont like the idea of Zach having 2 moms. I will get my redemption when Zach has 2 dads as well, but right now it totally sucks! :(
Today She totally pissed me off, and stomped all over my toes. I took Zach over there because i had to go to work. Jake was asleep and so she started talking to me about Zach. The following is a bit of the convo.... her- "So when zach is at your house and is in a diaper, do you let him use the diaper.. or make him use the toilet?" (because he wears a pull up to bed) me- "uhh, if he is in the diaper, he uses it... but only to go pee" her- "well you probably shouldn't let him use the diaper......." turns to Zach "NO NO ZACH. You're a BIG BOY... YOU USE THE POTTY" ok, for 1......HELL NO. Do NOT discipline MY SON in front of me. Then she turns back to me "YOU should probably not do that, I would like to get rid of the diapers all together." ok for 1) I would like to not buy diapers as well..... but for 2) Don't tell me what to do with MY SON when he is at MY HOUSE. Like its any of her DAMN business. So i said "umm, yea, well personally I dont give a shit if he takes a piss in his diaper, thats what its for!" and turned to Zach and hugged him and left!!!!!! WTF is she serious??? Jake is gonna hear about this later. Anything that has to do with OUR son should be approached by him or me. Not the bitch that he married. I am so beyond annoyed right now........

Here is Zach mowing the lawn.......Anyone that knows him..Knows that he is obsessed with lawn mowers. And is so happy that he is mowing with the actual mower. hahaha. (don't worry, he is being supervised right now!!! hahah)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Having a little fun... maybe!

Some of my friends and I got together the other day...I met all these girls when I was 16 at my first job!! I would LOVE to get everyone together, because obviously some people are still missing :( wow, we all have kids now, and they all have husbands hahahaha!!!

This is just a picture of my funny boy, who climbed into my suitcase when I was packing it. Maybe he wanted to come with me. hahaha.

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