Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is She Kidding???!

So, I have been trying to be nice to Zach's new step mom. She is good with Zach. But she doesn't have any kids of her own...and she kisses & hugs him IN FRONT OF MEEEEE all the time. Which really doesn't sit well with me. I dont like the idea of Zach having 2 moms. I will get my redemption when Zach has 2 dads as well, but right now it totally sucks! :(
Today She totally pissed me off, and stomped all over my toes. I took Zach over there because i had to go to work. Jake was asleep and so she started talking to me about Zach. The following is a bit of the convo.... her- "So when zach is at your house and is in a diaper, do you let him use the diaper.. or make him use the toilet?" (because he wears a pull up to bed) me- "uhh, if he is in the diaper, he uses it... but only to go pee" her- "well you probably shouldn't let him use the diaper......." turns to Zach "NO NO ZACH. You're a BIG BOY... YOU USE THE POTTY" ok, for 1......HELL NO. Do NOT discipline MY SON in front of me. Then she turns back to me "YOU should probably not do that, I would like to get rid of the diapers all together." ok for 1) I would like to not buy diapers as well..... but for 2) Don't tell me what to do with MY SON when he is at MY HOUSE. Like its any of her DAMN business. So i said "umm, yea, well personally I dont give a shit if he takes a piss in his diaper, thats what its for!" and turned to Zach and hugged him and left!!!!!! WTF is she serious??? Jake is gonna hear about this later. Anything that has to do with OUR son should be approached by him or me. Not the bitch that he married. I am so beyond annoyed right now........

Here is Zach mowing the lawn.......Anyone that knows him..Knows that he is obsessed with lawn mowers. And is so happy that he is mowing with the actual mower. hahaha. (don't worry, he is being supervised right now!!! hahah)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Having a little fun... maybe!

Some of my friends and I got together the other day...I met all these girls when I was 16 at my first job!! I would LOVE to get everyone together, because obviously some people are still missing :( wow, we all have kids now, and they all have husbands hahahaha!!!

This is just a picture of my funny boy, who climbed into my suitcase when I was packing it. Maybe he wanted to come with me. hahaha.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Strange Phenomenon.

So... this is kind of weird. But i actually believe this. Recently 2 men that were in my life....well, I will not get into this long story.. but shit turned sour rather quickly. lets just put it that way. When this happened, I thought to myself "Now that I don't have idiots around me, I have room for good people" I heard the quote "Death Brings New Life" and although these dumbasses are not dead.... They are very much dead to me. Here is the weird part....3 days later, I met positive people. I haven't met anyone for a long ass time!! Is it possible that these little boys were taking up my space/time and I didn't have "room" for anyone worth it? I really hate to think about all the time i wasted. Even funnier......Both of these little boys have access to this blog through my myspace. hahahaha!!