Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So Joel and I just signed a lease on a house to rent for the next year. This is amazing because it will be my first time living in a house since Zach was born. Hah, 7 years ago!! (I did rent a basement apartment. but I would like to emphasize on the word APARTMENT in this scenario!!!!) So, there are a lot of great things about this house. It has 4 bedrooms and a den/playroom. We will have one extra room. It also has a separate room for Laundry which is amazing because my previous apartment had the washer/dryer in a closet and it was not OK! The house is in West Jordan in my X husbands (Zach's other house!!!!!!) neighborhood. IT is why I found it. Its like 4 houses down LOL!!! Which is amazing for Zach, and doesn't change much for Zoey because Joels work is right by her school so he is already going that direction when she is with us! It doesn't have a carport or covered parking which does suck and the other thing that isn't amazing about this house is...... the other day when I was dropping Zach off at his Dads (which again...Same neighborhood we are moving too........) I was in a swimsuit cover and my Fedora. This one.

The guy next door was out mowing his lawn and got way pissed off about my hat. He started yelling "HEY CHIKEE. IF YOU WANT A STRAW. ILL SHOW YOU A REAL STRAW." I was like wtf.....then he was carrying on "WHAT? YOU DON'T LIKE ME ALL OF A SUDDEN. CAN'T SAY HI ANYMORE?" (I have never spoken to this person..........EVER) I thought he may have mistaken me for Trisha, Jake's wife. (which don't get me started here because she is  8 1/2 mo pregnant.. LOL) So I said "I'm Brooke" He got even more mad "YEAH I KNOW ZACH'S MOM" went inside. Then I'm talking to Jake for a second and he comes back outside "HEYYYYY (in his cowboy hat) THIS IS A REAL STRAW. DON'T BE WEARING THAT AROUND HERE. (spikes his baseball hat into Jake's yard over the fence) YOU DISRESPECT 9-11." I was sick of him by this time so replied "THIS IS A FEDORA. ITS NOT A COWBOY HAT OR ANYTHING ELSE. IT DOESN'T MATTER" he flew off the handle and said all sorts of weird crap about 9-11 and how I am like Hitler. Uggghhh. Jake told me to just leave and he would go talk to him. Apparently my Hat reminded him of Hitler and he lost it? IDK!!! But Sorry Mr. Lots of people in that decade wore hats shaped like this. It was the TIME not the person. WTF!!!! Jake said hes never seen him act like that before and Joel wanted to go "speak" with him. ha ha ha! Hopefully he doesn't see me doing yard work and come over and start something. LOL
Anyways Cheers to our new house!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So I looked it up: The term does not relate to the belief that the mind is more powerful than the body. Specifically, mind over matter refers to controlling pain that one may or may not be experiencing but that through the power of concentration and "positive thinking", people can walk on hot coals without getting burned.
UM WHAT???? Walking on HOT coals will burn you. Even if I am saying "I think I can't, I think I can't" I would blister like a Mo-Fo. Then probably be told my mind isnt strong enough? WTF!!!!
    So Im trying to diet as my previous post a bit ago implied and I am having a hell of a time. AND it is for a stupid reason. I JUST WANT A DAMN COFFEE. :o)

Now I really am not this person. I LOVE Coffee and it helps me Relax a bit, but I go days and days without it a lot and don't care. Why do I care right now? Because I can't have it. I keep telling myself Mind over Matter Brooke. UM Now to add insult to injury I find out thats not what Mind over Matter even means!!!!!!! Oy VEI.
See?! What a Day!!!!!!