Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ok for real. It is the 21st century. Dont you think this moving thing is a bit barbaric? I DO! Can't we do something else besides throwing all of our shit into a box and moving it from point A to point B??? There has to be a better way.........

LOL wishful thinking. I am sick to death of moving. Everytime I move I throw away so much stuff and then again and again. Where is all this shit coming from?????????
Lord help me. I have 2 days left to be out of this apartment and I think 219 dust bunnies moved in when I tried to move out.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

i heart him

My cute boyfriend.

We are moving in and of course have to be out by the 1st (Which in my case turned into the 4th bc my landlord is a major B, and although I told her I would be out... i didn't give written notice until the 4th... DO NOT GET ME STARTED.. and she is prorating the rent for the 4 days as well....)
He took work off today and moved everything from his whole apartment except kitchen stuff and big stuff since he'd need help. He tells me he is basically done and now can help me, Because last time I checked im pretty sure I haven't lifted a finger towards moving :(
He also is going to fix my *$&#*$ car this weekend because it decided that with so much going on it would fail emissions.
I also just adore him because he calls me beautiful in the morning & he tells me 'iloveyou' in his sleep. I also LOVEEEEEEEE and this might be my favorite thing.... How at Zachie's baseball games his eyes light up. LOVE IT!
I am happy and was leaving my X's house. He says.. "Hey. did I miss something?"... "uh. No"... "Well Did i do something stupid... ".... (Hahaha. DO NOT open that box...)... "Uh. No."... "Well you are acting funny.".... "Well this is what me, happy, looks like........." ........ "Uh.. Ok Cya" LMAO!!!!!!!! He didn't recognize that behavior from me. LOL
Today I did take a box from work though to pack. It is sitting in the middle of the floor....empty.
Can I just say that moving is the most overwhelming thing to me. I dont even have alot of stuff to go through. Ive only lived here for 1yr and 4 months. I just dont know where to begin.
We went to have dinner at our new place tonight. Ummm no plates. forks. cups or any pans to cook. Haha. We had to go buy plastic stuff & we ate in camping chairs. Technically Together we could stay at 3 different places now. But this is not a Motel 6. It sucks!!!! One place has Nothing except a bed. One place has Stuff, Kinda. but no furniture and One place has everything you need in some kind of jumbled fashion so you cannot find it. I seriously stopped cleaning over a week ago because I am stressed out. LOL.......this didn't help!!!!
I lie. I did throw a bunch of crap into a big box for the garbage. But I can't lift it. How productive of me.
Anyway, you may or may not hear from me until I have FINISHED MOVE #11. Yes. #11!!!
and I will totally spare you posting the video with those cheesy lyrics "movin on up... to the east side. movin on up. I finally got a piece of that pie..."

Mmmmm pie........

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Oh my!!!! So my coffee problem-o was just solved!
I was not liking Black Coffee
I was not liking Unsweetened Tea
I was not liking Stevia, Truvia etc.
I was not liking that I can't have Starbucks Seasonal Coffees. What kind of punishment is this?
So I heard that if you put a tea bag in your coffee maker it will flavor your coffee.
HOGWASH I thought because tea has to steep for a few minutes. Well I did it today with a peppermint tea bag.
Now I can have my coffee and tea at the same time :) Plus my bath. Because lets face it I like all my addictions in one place so I tend to take coffee & music into the bathtub with me. I cannot help it!
On another note. I AM FINALLY MOVING!!!!!!!!!!
TOWNHOUSE IS > APARTMENT! Can't wait to decorate :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Diet update

Hey its me speaking from HELL........
It is my 10th day of the HCG diet, I am in hell. I dont feel like ive had results from how hard it is to follow this diet. I have lost 9 pounds. Haha. I realize that is a Lb a day. But It came off really quick at first and this week has been pretty much a stand still. I can tell a slight difference in my face. The HCG is suppose to target your problem areas. Apparently HCG views my face as a problem.. along with my chest. Bc I know I shrunk there too! The places I view as problems apparently aren't!!! I told myself I would stay on it for 6 weeks at first so I have a long ways to go. I at least need to give it til the first week of Oct. Im telling you I am not wearing a fat suit this Halloween! Joel, my Bf.. calls it the Hot Call Girl diet. hahaha. I wish I was his call girl ;) He's been trying to support me on it and eat overall healthy. I feel like he's lost more weight than me :(
This is why I decided dieting is so hard. Because human nature is to want things we cannot have. Im a natural born rebel.. So if someone says "dont do this" Im way more likely to want to... to think about it all the time...a nd then to do it! Maybe thats just me. But I have wanted to eat things on this diet that I never would want if I weren't dieting. Just because I CAN'T I want it that much more!!! Ie: Ramen Noodles with Pepperoni in it. I dont even like Ramen. I buy Pepperoni to put on my salads and in Pasta bakes. But now I want it in Ramen with Ranch. I dont even like Ranch. And what I just described eating is gross. But I still want it right now! Also. I am not pregnant. But I wanted to make a Peanut butter and turkey Sandwich earlier! :(
Hahahaha. This made me laugh...

& Here's to day 11.... FML.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Does anyone else have issues with their parents? Apparently they hate me now.
Namely my mother. She is so Black/White. She is disapointed in me to the Umph degree for choosing to move in with my boyfriend in 3 weeks. People do this all the time....
Something about rushing it. Well weve been dating for a year now. My X was married for 10 months already at that time. Rushing to get married is ok. But dating someone for a year then moving in is NOT. ????????????????????????????
Something about me giving Zach permission to shack up. Well mom im pretty sure last time I checked he didn't need permission from me to live with someone. Especially at the age of 28... She can't be serious?
Something about she thought I would want to have a good family someday and teach them right from wrong. Pretty sure I can have a good family if we are not active LDS. Does she realize alot of familes outside of Utah raise good successful children with no church background? iguessnot. Also pretty sure I would teach them right from wrong. Just not in a classroom setting. Really mom?
Something about my sister and I ruining the long line of believers in the family because none of her offspring or their offspring will follow in it. I am pretty sure I have let Zach go to church with his father since day 1. I do not care if he goes or doesn't go. I don't care if he chooses to go on a mission/get married in the temple. I am proud of him and his life. He is a good boy so far (mwahaha). She can't support me? I do not do anything to hurt anyone or myself.
Something about how I am confusing Zach. His dad follows the church and I do not. Well I think its good for him honestly, To be able to see that everyone is not one way. And its OK to be yourself. And however you ARE. is OK.
Something about the 10 commandments being set in stone from hundreds of years bc.I couldn't remember what they all were LOL I just looked them up. hahaha.... Im not sure why she even said that now. The only one I dont do is keeping the sabbath day holy. I have not done anything to any neighbor LOL. btw Drinking Coffee/Tea/Wine isn't a problem. Coffee/Tea/Wine are good for your body. When I was married since it states something about consuming hot beverages I would get Iced Coffee & Tea. This would tick my X right off. Yet he never could tell me why that rule was even in there.
Also something about her thinking I would "come around"... Excuse me. I went to an LDS church for 22 years of my life. I have come around. hahaha. Sorry I am really not trying to offend anyone. Since I have my choice of free agency I am using it. The church even wants me to do that, Yet she's pissed?

Have a good day everyone~

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I have a dream....

Yea so im really not going MLK Jr on you...
So I had this dream the other night. And interpreted it on Are you ready for this? hahaha.

So I was running a marathon... I know right? and all of a sudden this really old lady like maybe in her 80s caught up to me... I got mad and told her not to run with me because she was throwing off my pace. She starts sobbing uncontrolably and begging me to take her where she needs to go.

*To dream that you are running in a marathon, represents life's journey and how you are performing or feeling. It is symbolic of your endurance and willpower
*To see someone else crying in your dream, may be a projection of your own feelings onto someone else.

I finally agree to take her where she needs to go if she stops shadowing me and stops crying. She is bugging me. I am now in a train station underground. Much like a subway... and I am Drunk. I am completly wasted and all of a sudden wearing 80's running gear and running all crooked and laughing and pointing out to the old lady that if my shoes come un-tied I might eat Sh*t. (hahahaha)

*To dream that you are drunk, signifies your carefree nature and jovial disposition. Alternatively, the dream suggests that your inhibitions are hindering your creativity. You need to let loose.
* a train means that you are very methodical. You need to lay things out specifically and do things in an orderly and sequential manner

Then I see my good ol' friend Elzard at the train station. (Here we are in real life)

E, is very chill, environmental, rides his bike everywhere & seriously hates Myspace/Facebook etc...
ANYWAY, I tell him OMG. Im so glad to see you this crazy lady needs a ride and I cant give her one because I am drunk... He tells me no problem I know her! She is my friend on Myspace. (LOL) and my car is right up there I will give her a ride for you. (LOL)

*To see friends in your dream, signify aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge.Alternatively, dreaming of a friend, indicates positive news.

Then I was asleep on a park bench like a bum with a gold locket around my neck... (this was like a massive gold locket. Like I was flava flav!!!!)

*To dream that you are sleeping, denotes peace of mind. Alternatively, it means that you are happy with the conditions and circumstances around you.
*To see or wear a locket in your dream, signifies a long lasting relationship. The dream may also be a pun on "lock it". Perhaps there is something that you need to keep safe

I loved all these interpretations and it makes sense to me now... In that weird 80's emotional/intoxicated flava flav New york minute marathon kinda way....
Ps I bet an old lady WOULD catch up to me in a marathon..... Seriously. Haha.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My deal with the devil.

Im starting HCG diet today! I am writting about it on my blog because its way embarrasing to FAIL when everyone knows about it. This will be my 3rd bout with this diet, I did it in January and lost 20. and 2 years ago I did it and lost 27. Im wanting to lose 25 this time but Id be happy with 20. Those that aren't familiar with this diet I will complain about it now....
*No oil/lotion/makeup of any kind bc it throws off the HCG
*500 calories a day
*Men can eat 650 calories a day when they do it. Women lose half a pound a day. Men lose a whole pound... Really? God must be a man! hahahaa....
Those are the main things that suck. Mainly the first one. WTF... I have exzema and can't use my prescription lotion or I wont lose weight that day. You would think that eating such a small amount of calories you would lose anyway. But I have actually followed this diet to a "T" and gained weight. How frustrating! The reason my title is making a deal with the devil is because that is what it is... Total mind over matter! My social life suffers while on this diet because you can't just eat something. You have to cook everything and plan for every meal. Work also sucks while on this diet, since I am up at 4am and already wanting to eat... I need to pace myself. Also you can have Coffee & tea but no sugar or artificial sweeteners of any kind or dairy. Excuse me. I love my coffee but I hate it black. So I just have to forgo that altogether.. Also I really like tea. But not without sugar! :(
The reason for doing it right now is because I love halloween and want to dress up. Its not my year to have Zachie so I can go out. I hate those pictures that surface after such events... ya know, the kind where you are looking good... but in every picture you look nasty fat..
super Oompa Loompa like. Yea that kind. I don't want any of that surfacing this year!!!
Wish me luck!!! :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Zachs first day of School!!!

Kindergarten watch out!

He did so awesome! I asked him if he wanted me to walk in with him and he said no. I just pulled up to the drop off zone and he jumped out! After school I just pulled up and he ran over to the car! Getting so big! I love how independent he is getting :)
No, I didnt cry. Im actually confused as to why anyone would be sad about their kids getting older. I love it! He is cute as ever. Way to go Zach!