Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am sooo sad. I cannot take my baby kitty Marilyn Monroe with me when I move. She is the best kitty I have ever had. I always wanted a lap cat, and one that just wanted to be around people... SHE IS THIS CAT! Just a second ago she came and jumped up on me, and it now asleep. She also comes into the bedroom at night and sleeps against our feet or up by J's face. LOL, i wont let her sleep by my face or she probably would. She is about 13 weeks old now, and so sweet. She has been fiesty more lately and will bite with such a vengence on the back of my feet but she is so cute! Only thing that bugs me about her is she thinks playtime is at 4:30am.(HAHAHA. much like any baby!!) She always finds some wrapper on the floor and plays with it until I wake up and take her out of the bedroom. Either this or starts biting my hand and pushing it away with her back feet at the same time! (this is WAY FUNNY, but not at 430am)

She also only meows when she is hurt or annoyed. So hardly EVER! Come to think of it, she meows right away when Zach picks her up! LOL. And I was worried the cat would try to RUNNN out of the apartment. But she will just sit there. We even leave the door out to the balcony open and she walks out there and just sits. J is keeping her, So hopefully I can either come back and take her in a year or find another kitty that is better :(

*I tried to use a barbie, to keep it PG but she looks pretty pissed off!!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chapter 2

For those that do not know, I am in the process of moving to my own place. It is in holladay and pretty close to my grandma's house. Its always nice to have family nearby!So much is going on right now and since a blog is like a "brag right" I will just leave this post alone. if ya'll know what im sazzin!

I will put pictures on when I am done moving and getting the net set up. WoW I am a stressed little girl right now....

I wish I could snap my fingers and have it all be done. This will be my 2nd move in a 3 month period! Shoot me. On top of this, The rent is kinda high in my price range- So I am looking for a 2nd job. I can always fall back on waitressing, yes, I do have 6 years of experience.... But I quit for a reason. I am the worst server on the planet earth.
* I dont ask how you're doing. Because I dont care.
* I bring 2 drinks at once. Because I dont want to refill them.
* I do not upsell, because I think if you want a drink you'll order one on your own!
* I can't be fake & My Fake smile only lasts 1/2 the night!
* I steal condiments from other servers tables, so i dont have to fill mine.
* I put all my orders in as URGENT cuz I want you to get the EFF out of my table. and I dont offer dessert lol ps I hate you.
Kinda funny because I actually did pretty well in the TIP dept.
Yeah, I dont know- I have a hard time relying on peeps kindness to pay my bills!!

My mood like totally shifted thinking about waitressing LOL... I feel like I was in a bad mood for a second. :)
anyway... here's to the next chapter.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Singin the BLUES!

These photos are kinda hack because I had to take them myself! But i decided to put Blue highlights in my hair so I wouldn't chop it all off. I have been growing it since Zach was 5 months old and its getting tedious. I thought mixing it up a bit would be fun. So right now I have BLUE, BLONDE, my regular BROWN and some BLACK in it. You wouldn't know this by looking at it! But I really like the blue. I just had them put extensions in so when I want to change them I can just take it out. I have 7small streaks of blue. nothing emo. haha.

This is just funny because I match my COMFORTER!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Update on whats been going on.... long post but lots of pictures.......
Summer fun I guess. This is Zach with bunch of bugs that he caught!

Zach is practicing Baseball all the time with his Daddy, and I got some cute pictures of him playing. When he swings the bat he gets this look of determination. Im guessing that is his GAME FACE, whatever it is- its adorable!!! When he gets a hit, he throws the bat & runs around the whole front yelling "HOOOMMMEEE RUUUNNN"..........

Yesterday I took Zachie swimming to the pool at the apartment complex. It was so much fun, not to hot, not to cold. I think we will be spending a lot of time there!! It was so funny because I said "Zach, im so excited that their is a kiddie pool here. Its just your size!!" to which he replied "Kitties swim this pool too??" LOL.

I got these tickets to DANE COOK and took my sisty with me for her birthday! It was so much fun and I love DANE. Everything he says is SOOO TRUEE, not to mention that he is hot. Years ago when I started following his comedy I remember thinking that I would never be able to go to his show and I was annoyed. Now I actually went and it was sweet! :)

I got these tickets foreve ago for J's Bday to the Staind concert in wendover. He loved it so thats awesome, but I dont like their music so much. This was my very first concert ever lol.....Now since I have been to one, I should go to some that I want to go too!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stages of our life.....

I just got this in an email and thought it was freakin hilarious. So I thought I would share it. LOL

Um, sad but true some of these hahahaha!!! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

My little man is 4!!

Not Quite, but in about 2 weeks! I jumped the gun on his birthday pictures because I wanted them back by his bday. All of them turned out way cute! :)

Little cutie! I love this one.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mommy Day!

I have the cutest son ever!! I was working Mothers Day but picked Zach up from Jake's after I got off. He handed me a present and explained he wanted to get me a big girl toy and a little girl toy! The little girl toy was a figurine of Belle from Beauty and the Beast lol... and the big girl toy was 2 rackets and a birdie so I could play with him!!! He also wrote me a card. He is getting so good at letters, he did it all himself.

We went to my aunts house and he wouldn't tell anyone else HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! he kept saying "But, you're not my mom!" :)

I am so lucky to be a MOM. I hope one day I can be a MOM again. Jake & Trisha are expecting their first baby together. And just found out its a little GIRL!!! I am so excited for Zach to finally get to be a big brother! When Jake called on the phone to tell Zach it was a girl his response was "Daddy.. I Knew it. I knew it was a sister.. MOMMY I GET TO HAVE A SISTER, THATS A LITTLE BABY GIRL!!!" It was so cute!!
Here are some of my favorite things that Zach does:
*Has to kiss me on the nose at bedtime
*Is a clean eater and uses a napkin and not his shirt!!!
*Takes care of me. I know it sounds weird- but I have been sick before obviously... and he brings me water bottles and covers me with blankets and brushes the hair out of my face. Then checks on me every hour or so. When I am sick he plays by himself all day (unless he needs something) so I can rest!
*He back seat drives me constantly!
*Loves to do homework and reminds me that he has some!
*Is the most understanding child and has so much compassion for everyone. He wont ever hit other kids, or take toys. Most kids have a problem with sharing but he will wait for them to give him the toy- he wont just take it!
He's pretty much the BEST!!! & I am LUCKY!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Marilyn Monroe.

Me and my Babies...

Just Zachie with her...

Just Me with her..(I cant take smile pics if its just me holding the cam. I feel weird)

Zach & J with her..

Today Zach tried to throw her in the air and catch her. LOL, yes much like one does with a ball or even a human baby. Needless to say she scratched the crap out of Zach's hand. Later he asked "Mommy, Why did she not like me to throw her?" "Well she is a kitten, usually you shouldn't throw anything unless it is a ball.. and even then only outside." "But i wanted to throw her..." hah. yeah. apparently. :)

Jennnaayyys party!

Me and Jen!

Me and Michellie. Much to my dismay I am about to bust out of my dress in these pics, I think the saying was "if you got it flaunt it"! hahhaa... I hardly ever do, so its ok once in awhile. right???

Jen and some... um.. guys- The one on the right thought my name was Michelle, Maddy & Mischa. None of which are obviously close!

These are pics from my sisters birthday. She is 22! Weird cuz she seems so young, and thats how old I was when I was pregnant with Zach.

Ahhh EFF.

This is what happens when a diesel truck runs over a baseball sized rock and it ricochet's into your front windshield on the freeway. This is me taking a picture of what happened 2.5 seconds later.

*disclaimer. No other vehicles were harmed by the rock, nor were they in the way of my swerve as I reached for the camera!

After I replaced this windsheild, I got another chip in it like 2 days later. Its a never ending story of my luck with cars. Also, my parking tag for work was broken by the lovely company that replaced this windshield- I was unaware of this- Hence, receiving a parking ticket! Not to worry, it was only my 3rd offense. hahaha.