Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Paint my Pumpkin!"

We (Me and my bestest Michelle) got our kids together to paint pumpkins... no clothes allowed really... for obvious reasons. Zach loved it!!! :)

All the kids & their masterpieces.... actually not to bad!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What the Hell???

So Jared my Boyfriend, is way into politics (that I am not!) and likes McCain (whom I do not!) But keeps joking that I look like Sarah Palin..Who he thinks is "HOT" (whom I didn't!) So I did this to prove him wrong... but lol.....he is right..... shit. Its not that she's not pretty.. but... wtf, she is like 40.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!

This is officially Zach's first haircut without crying/temper tantrum/ornery/sassiness. I am officially amused. Once when he was 1 he actually threw up on me at the salon because he was so mad!! Look how far he has come! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meet My Obsession...

Thai Iced Coffee Pictures, Images and Photos
So I love coffee, But in the fall & winter I love it even more. Right now my new obsession is starbucks Iced Marble Mocha with Soy. Mmmmmmmmm. its so good... It has chocolate syrup & white chocolate syrup, but they dont mix it so its pretty too!! Its good hot too, but my all time favorite is a Vanilla Latte w/ Hazelnut!! hahaha.... One day Ill stop being lame and buy a coffee maker for my house so I can save money and learn how to be high class by making fancy coffee!! Until then, Starbucks is my fav but I also like Beans & Brews. Last winter I made Chai at home, it was hella good- Ill have to do that again.. :) Um, and yes I realize this is fattening people, I told you it gets worse in the winter......bring on that hoodie sweater . hahaha.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I put the FUN in dysfunctional!

I am a puddle of dysfunction!
I have what I like to call "Grass is Greener" syndrome. Where No matter what the hell is going on I ALWAYS think its greener on the other side. When Im in a relationship, I wanna be single. When Im single, I wanna be in a relationship. I think another job is gonna be better and am constantly searching the classifieds. I want another car, pretty sure if I had another car... I'd want another car. If I order a turkey sandwich.....I think I should have ordered chicken. This is on my mind right now because of my current relationship. I entertain these thoughts because One time i had them when i was married, and the grass was greener!!! Ok, so my current beau is waaaaaayyyyy perfect for me. He does everything right. I told him i was still waiting for him to be an asshole. So why in the hell do I keep thinking I should break it off? is it because I should in actuality break it off? or because Im scared?! We have talked about taking things to the next level a lot of times. I feel peace about this. SO why everytime I turn around am I having these thoughts?? I dont hate being single. Its been a ton of fun, But at the same time I am looking forward to starting the rest of my life... I want Zach to have a brother/sister and I want to buy a house. These are obviously things I cannot do alone, and Im not getting any freaking younger. So is that why im jumping the gun on my current relationship.....Because I want what i want?? I do NOT WANT to get another divorce. This whole thing is retarded. I've talked to a few people about it and everyone says "just wait and see" is the problem with that.... In my family It is unheard of to live with someone before being married. I feel like Jared and I are to the point where we either move forward with things or break up. I cannot just wait around and see what happens, because something needs to be done. Can I live without him? yes. Do I want to? not right now.... is that because im selfish and need attention? or is that because he's the right one for me? hahaha. I am an over analyzer. wow. I am not taking any medication, maybe I should be lol.
hahaha. i just laughed out loud at this.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Got a good one for ya....

Ok, I am thee idiot. Not An Idiot. "thee" idiot. And this is why. 2 weeks ago, I fell down the stairs at my boyfriends house. Breaking 2 bones in my hand. I did not know this at the time. And waited 2 days to get X rays to confirm this.

Here is my hand now... This is after a surgery putting 6 screws into it to put the bones back!! I can use it again, to shift my car, type, and get dressed. But im sure it would have been hillarious to watch me try to do anything. In fact i know it was, because i was laughing at myself and my left handed paperwork at the clinic. My Hand looks AWESOME here!!! :)
Here is my hand a week ago after the surgery. kinda swollen. hates life, and isn't cooperating with all....with anything!!!
this is after a few days, before my surgery. bruised everywhere. can't tell in the pic but it looked like a black persons hand. lol
I wrapped it but it was so hella black and blue. nasty and swollen. this is 5 days before the surgery to fix it! it hurt like a bitch....
And here i am, not taking any time off work, and attempting to actually work.....pour things off and pick stuff up and type. LOL everyone was picking up my slack. this pic is of my hand when it was in a splint, i put a glove on it because it was funny as hell. But it looks like a huge tumor growing in thurr...... hahahhaa. That glove was an XXL lol. the other is a small........i rule.
So I need physical Therapy on my poor hand because I cannot make a fist. So prob in a month it will be working again. But i guess the worst is over, and its kind of funny now... hahaha. Im an idiot.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My dating diary!!

This is Jared. the guy im dating now. He's really sweet. He was my boyfriend in jr high lol.....and my first kiss!! needless to say, its good to find out both of our tonsil hockey techniques have very much so improved in the last 12 years.... thank goodness!!! haha. :)

These are some of the others i have dated in the past 2 1/2 years, since my divorce. hahahaha. this is gonna be hillarious. I WISH i could remember every loser, but here are the ones i actually liked!!! hahaha. Trey. He wanted, prob still wants to be my sugar daddy!!!
Marshall. The biggest ASS ever but texts randomly to say he misses me & that he truly loved me. hahahaha!!!!

Derek. oh Derek. Cant SAY 1 bad thing about this one except he is as confusing as a women.
I still secretly wish he would call me. lol

Dallin. I dont know if we dated, or hung out. or what, but he is hot and i miss his stories. hes a talented musician on tour! Best of luck in CHINA!!!!
Benjamin......... lol. such a good friend of mine, yet funny... he is so vain. obviously. but always told me he loved my face, which- what a compliment!!!! hhahaha.
Mikey. wow. we went through a lot together and he recently told me he didnt want anything else. he lives in idaho, and is keeping it that way. Ill always wonder. but owell i guess! movin on & on....... yea, JEN. THEY WILL REGRET IT!!!!!! HAHAHAA!!!!!

i will leave Joey off of this because if you read my last blog we all know i hate that boy, and am trying to forget his stupid face lol