Thursday, May 2, 2013

Child Support.

NO. I don't think the horse is dead yet. I'm going to beat it a few more times, first. LOL!!!!!

So I am going to be keeping track of all expenses for a few months. Expenses Zach. Meaning every cent I spend on the boy I will keep a total of. I am doing it so I know how much I spend every month in Lou of Child Support. Obviously I cannot count FOOD because I'd buy groceries anyways and he's not an infant. Obviously I cannot count GAS for my car because I would put gas in anyways. Obviously I cannot count Utilities, Rent or other Bills. I want to know how much it costs for him. Clothes, Activities etc. The reason I want too is because I think what Joel pays his X is TOO MUCH. And she claims IT'S NOT. I want to prove her wrong!!!! It always comes back to the fact that I don't get much from my X & that's not her problem. UM It's not my problem either because I want to support my own child. The fact that she doesn't think its her job to support hers, IS MY PROBLEM. Not the fact that I don't get very much.
  Zach's Birthday is coming up too, which will make the total expense higher but  I guarantee it will still be probably 1/3 of what Joel has to pay a month. Its going to be interesting. Not that what I spend is equivalent to what she spends, obviously. Because I severely UNDERSPEND. This is more for me.

   Anyway we are in the process of getting a lawyer to get everything changed. As if having 2 kids isn't stressful enough I feel like I have a selfish monkey on my shoulder dictating how I live my life, how I am with the kids & how I am in my relationship with my own husband. Literally, I hope this works out in our favor because Joel and I are due for a break. I want to feel like I have the money to spend on the kids. Be able to go on Vacation as a family and make those memories with our family. Joel's X might be Zoey's family & my X Zach's. But OUR FAMILY is Me, Joel, Zach & Zoey. I want to have our family. No one else. Just us!!!  So we are taking the strides to make that more possible. I am sick of how caddy and manipulative, selfish and childish she really is.
I think it is time for Graduation. I mean seriously. I try my ass off to not be "that girl" "that X" that anything, And honestly I think I'm going to graduate with "honors"!!!!!