Saturday, March 26, 2011

The big K!

Zach is almost done with KINDERGARTEN! I am so excited about the fact that he is almost in FT school. Not to be a bad mama... Kindergarten has been good! Zach says he liked Preschool better because they had snack time! haha!
This week he had to dress like a clown one day. It is so hard to find a clown costume when its not halloween. Who knew? I tried to buy an oversized girl shirt at the DI that had colored polka dots on it to make my own costume but he wasn't having any of that "GIRL CLOTHES..Bleghhh"! Turns out we turned him into a "Sports Clown" and he loved it! He looked so cute!

Silly Monkey wore that wig all day! Haha.......
The next day was Crazy Hat day. I had him color on paper and made paper airplanes then just pinned them to his fadora hat. He was stylin!

It was super windy that day... and on the way to the car one of them blew off of the hat and flew away. I thought it was hilarious but he almost started crying. His hat was ruined. I had to fix it before we got to the school!!!!
I love how Smart my lil man is getting!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Job!

So after my job debacle last month at ARUP where I was FORCED to resign. I had 2 interviews and got hired on at Myriad Genetics. I start tomorrow! Man, that was almost too easy. I am very blessed to find a job so quickly in this economy. ARUP is paying me a severence of 40hrs. Therefor I will only miss 1 week of pay! Haha!
I am so nervous to start this job! I haven't started a new job since 2006! And it will be a change for me because it is a NORMAL job. NORMAL hours. I also haven't worked NORMAL HOURS at a job since... 8 years ago! I am super excited. I will have weekends off. This is the first job ive EVER had that I get weekends off!!
The job gods must love me.