Monday, July 27, 2009

Picture Perfect! :)

My Lovely and Talented Sisty painted a picture and had nowhere to put it! She knew my obsession with birdies and gave it to me. Im pretty sure she is off the hook for christmas or something. Its Beautiful, and without even knowing it matches my comforter perfectly!!!! Love you Jen! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

We Think his tractors sexy!!

It really turns us on... hahaha.
This was my 2nd Concert event. KENNY CHESNEY! The first one was LAME. But this one was fun, I think I like Country concerts and will be going to every single one now!! My Bestie Michelle got the tickets and it was at Rio Tinto stadium... By Jordan Commons. We parked there and the cops asked what we were doing that evening? (if we were going to the concert, it was $10 to park there...) Im so afraid of the Law if you know me at all... I never would have done this. But Michelle said "We're seeing a movie..." Hahahaha. Then I got scurred, and we payed the other cop! I am a huge baby. But for the love, I had a cowboy hat on. They aren't that stupid.... well, that could stand a debate, but.... anyway, here's some pics of the show!

It was freakin so hot!!! When we got there it was 100 degrees outside. My hair was stright, but because of the heat and humidity by the time I got home was half curly and in a fro. haha.

This woman sat in front of us. It was a grandma and she came all alone, but danced the night away. We loved her!!! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thee Blue Balloon.

Now. My son is 4... So it's normal for him to have a fascination about what is going on Down There... But he is pretty funny about it. And I dont want to overstep my bounds by saying to much that will embarass him in the future. But the other day the cashier at Albertsons gave him a balloon and she slip tied it around his wrist. Im sure you all can see where this is going.... After his bath he had slip tied it Elsewhere and was jetting around the house with it trailing behind him. I was trying not to laugh to hard... But asked him not to do that. He proceeded to continue this behavior for a few more minutes. At which point I said "Zach, Take that balloon off. You can't tie things to that. Or it might fall off!!!...."
hahaha. I think that made him nervous because next time i saw him he was in his pajamas!!! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Cake Off....

My mom is an awesome artist. For those that don't know, she paints murals at people's homes and also has stuff in Quilted Bear. About 5 yrs ago she started painting on wedding cakes, painting on the fondant so people can do extreme things with their cakes. Recently her "cake boss" Carrie applied to be on TLC's new show to air in Aug. She went to California to be in the competition and paint on the cake. She was in 1 of 3 teams competing. The theme was Air Force One and it went down on July 3rd. You all should tune in and watch my cute momma on TV. The actual show is to air Sept 28th on TLC. I cant say if they won or not, or Post pictures of the other cakes in the competition. Since it hasn't aired, we could get sued by TLC. haha. So anyway I can post pictures of my moms cake. The cake was over 5 ft tall and AMAZING!!! everything you see is edible. all made out of cake (& some rice krispies, and suckers)!!!! GIMMIE IT. I seriously want to eat this!!!
My Mom's Team....



She had a lot of fun, I can't believe she painted shading on the cake like that!! And yea, the words and eagle were painted by her. Its so cool. Im Jealous she gets to have such a fun job!!! :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

dating... metaphorically

So I just realized something & thought i would say this....

Dating is like stealing candy from a baby. Sure you want the "sucker". But once you have it its not so sweet anymore! And their are always tears involved.
My dating life has been as follows...(he in the following metophor is just every boy USA to clarify!) Oooooh! I really like this one. Hes not a texter so if he doesn't call, thats that. pissees me off so badly, and Im not gonna call, I have WAY to much pride for that. Or He is just a texter, wants to text all damn day long but never asks you out on a date. Im glad you are eating a sandwich, thanks for telling me... now delete my number. I dont know why he continues to lead me on. He leads me into this black Tunnell. once im there, he's gone & I find out he has given me a flashlight, with NO batteries... SO I am left alone with no clue how to get out, and cant see. I just get so lost there. I am so sick of dumbasses that dont follow through! I want to see the light at the end of this tunnell, and date a decent man that will give me a working flashlight. if you get what i am saying!

On another sidenote... I have not been the best Datee' either.
Here is what I do... to weed HIM out....
*Textin a little bit, and acting kinda flirty. maybe sayin "yeah we should go out sometime" when I in actuallity have no intention of seeing this person and I dont even have their number in my phone. I just recognize the last 2 digits of the number when they text LOL.
*My fav is having someones number in my phone, and when they text acting like i dont know who they are.... "WHO is this??" hahahha.
*Or Im sure some guys would say I am a huge biatch. But ya know, Its just to find out if they really want to date me, or just see me when its conveniently 12am and they happen to be in the area. Im actually a very nice person LOL

Ummmm I think i just realized why I keep gettin left in that tunnell. Probably KARMA biting me. lol Owell It just sucks because In the end, I only have 2 hands & am not superwoman. I am getting burried with finances, and splitting my time between work, zach and friends!

I miss my cat. Apparently she is mean as hell now. So maybe its a good thing I didnt get to bring her with me. Last thing I need is KARMA & a CAT biting me.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My New place...(again...)

OH. I am so sick and tired of moving!! I have had my xmas tree in my trunk for 5 months. Prob will stay there til xmas lol. I have been at my place for a month now. And im really happy with it. I feel like this is my first OWN place. Before I had an apartment but the peeps that rented it to me since it was their basement were constantly down there. I have actual privacy here, and it is sweeeeeet!!! I will add that I miss ZACH and it sucks when he isn't here because I am seriously all ALONE!
ok enough jibber jabber. here's the pics.....
My Living Room. I had to get rid of my love seat couch :( because the place is kinda small and it sucks. I dont like feeling cluttered in my own house.

My living room standing on my balcony looking into it....

My bedroom... The bedrooms are actually huge, and I love that. To bad I dont have a walk in closet, that would be the cherry on top!!!!

Zachie's bedroom!

The lovely small... yet lovely.. kitchen....

The place has 2 bathrooms... :) Bathroom #1

Bathroom #2 (the one connected to my bedroom)

My Balcony!

My Birdie wind chime for the balcony... that im in love with!

I like birds obviously... so, hummingbird feeder.

The Apartment complex has a brook that runs right next to it, with ducks and zach has loved to walk down by it!

I forgot to take pictures of this, but it also has a decent sized room with washer/dryer hookups and shelves. To bad I dont own a washer or dryer lol. It kinda sucks, let me tell you... being 27 and the first time in my life I will have to travel to a laundramat. Could be fun I guess, but im betting NOT!!! But I really love my apartment!!! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Publication of a Summer convo...

"yea baby??"
"I been thinking, and I think that.... I think its time for me to get a job!!!"


"Why do you want a job???"
"Because I want to buy a hotdog, and a rootbeer."

Oh. of course. LOL.

"You probably have enough in your piggy bank at home to buy that now. But I could buy it for you if you dont."
"I want to buy it with my own money, thanks mom!"

OH my!! he is so silly. Yet so cute!