Sunday, November 29, 2009


Due to the fact that I love OUTING people on my blog or anywhere public. I will tell a little story, Due to the fact that it is directly corilating with why I am posting this BLOG. So Once Upon a Time there was a guy. I have known SAID guy for about 2 1/2 years now. Lets call him DB (for D****E BAG) DB hasn't always been like that. But he has his moments like anyone. When I was getting out of my last relationship he was willing to help me move all my stuff (it didn't end up happening bc my BF at the time was throwing a mini tantrum that anyone even knew I was moving out. So he helped me....) anyway, DB would say things like "I would cancel Christmas to help you." "I just want the best for you" "You are crazy Beautiful, Im down for you"... So DB and I have been on 4 dates probably in the whole time we've known each other. The reason for this BLOG is I just got my OWN washer and dryer.

*Aren't they Purdy!!!
I got them for free!! My aunt just remarried and these are her hubby lovies old ones. I am OH so happy to not have to tote all my clothes/towells/blankets/zach's clothes/blankets to the Laundromat this winter.
SO back to DB.... I asked him if he would help me move them into my place (Because he is a body builder, and pulls diesel trucks as a recreational activity) plus he owns a truck. Of course he "Would love to help. Its no problem... we'll get it.." Yadda Yadda. So he says we should get together before I need his help with it, Since my family would be there and we didn't really have a groove together since we hung out like 3 times prior. So the day of so called Hang Out, he is getting out of class at 730. I haven't heard from him all day long. So I text (these are...quote unquote. exactly what was said.... BECAUSE I LOVE TOO!) "Hey ___, Haven't heard from u. Did u still want to get togeth or ur waiting for me to say somethin?" DBs response "If you're going to start that shit with me, Dont. Ive had a really long day and I dont need to hear any drama from you" UHHHMmmmm WTF. "Whateve. You always turn everything on me" "You're right, Lemme turn this on you. Lose my number."
LOL!!! This is the dating pool that I am dealing with here folks! ;) If ya'll know anyone. Please set me up. Because this is ridiculous!!! Anyway so I did lose DB's number and obviously my washer/dryer are into my apartment now. Drama Free!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas is coming...

You've probably seen these. But I laugh everytime, Inappropriate. Yes. Funny. Yes.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

No, I will not dance with you.

Ok A) I have a dancing PHOBIA. I cannot dance in public. Ive been out a few times to clubs since my divorce, and it really isn't my scene because I just feel so awkward. Its not that I can't dance... I really can. But on a dance floor in a crowded place I feel like my shoes are cement. I know how lame this is, But I cannot get past it. Everyone at the club is drunk anyway, right?? I DONT KNOW. Because I look at people dancing and think "OMG That is WHY I dont DANCE...." But why don't they care?? They are better off than me. They are at least out there.
I went to SANDBAR last night with work friends. It was fun, But I couldn't dance. I went out there and looked and felt like a total retard and that was the end of that. Im sick of the critisism. "Nobody cares" (Yes I know except ME, and im the one that matters in this...) "Just do IT" (Yes I would love to. But you dont understand......) "You need to losen up" (Pretty sure its not because I am uptight. I have a serious problem with this.) "Drink more" (ok this is not ok for many reasons... Getting totally wasted is only going to make me start crying when you tell me to do something I dont want to do.. Not only that, Im very touchy and I dont want to be touching on anyone that I work with... Let alone.. Thats not why I have this problem in the first place people!!!)

A guy that was friends with someone that was a work friend of mine. Kept asking me repeatedly to dance. I told him "no thank you" "its not you. its me" "I dont dance with anyone..." "No, really... I do not want to dance" For 1. I didnt want to DANCE. for 2. I really didn't want to dance with so called CREEPER. The last time he talked to me about dancing he said "Well, you might be cute, but you're extreemly Rude and kind of a bitch" Thats fine, I told you the truth, apparently this is bitchy of me?? Excuse me for becoming irrated with your annoying self asking over and over and in my personal bubble far more than I would appreciate to begin with.
*Why do they care if I dance or just mingle around??????
*Why do i feel attacked by everyone everytime I go out?
*This is why i do not go most of the time.
*Note to self: Stay home next time or buy a fake wheelchair. That way nobody will give me any shit for not dancing LOL
Anyway it was fun, And i love my friends. I just sick of the drama directed at me. Im really fine just sitting and people watching. Thats the best anyway!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Whats really happening?....

The following is a montag of photos. Above the photo is what I would write normally for a blog. *underneath is the disclaimer of what really was happening in the photo.

My Ninja and I decided to make cupcakes!

*It was a last attempt to keep my sanity for the night. And he refused to take off his costume. After this pic, I picked 5 eggshells out of the batter!
Since he is a big boy he is doing it all himself...

*It is 8pm. I do not have time to let him do this all himself! Mini argument between 4 yr old and I about not making a mess and spilling on his ninja costume. but he of course .."I WONT SPILL. IM A BIG BOY. I AM 4 MOOMMMM"... ughhh...
Big Helper...

*Right before this picture I said "YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!"
Decorating his cupcakes....

*Me wondering why every piece of candy we own is going onto 1 cupcake. Zach singing Free fallin by Tom Petty. (yes, really, Which was cute actually...)
Little cutie making a face, with his cupcake face.

*Honey please just hold it up so I can take a picture of it... ok then.
Zach showing his finished product...

*Please dont drop that. Hold it with 2 hands... 2 HANDS.... mini anxiety attack. Its 930pm. BEDTIME!!!
Halloween was fun, I dressed as a Vampiress and Zach as a Ninja Lord.

*Pretty much all of these photos the same thing was happening. Him freaking out that he didn't want another pic, and me forcing him. Pulling a face helps sometimes. But usually doesn't have the best turnout of pics.
Happy Hauntings!