Monday, July 25, 2011

Z makes a suggestion!

So the other day Zach was over at my Parents house. She had painted one of those wooden displays people put their face into for pictures, for a retirement home.

Z: Grandma, Why is the lady on that holding a cigarette?
My Mom: Because I didn't know what else to put in her hand. She is a saloon girl, and saloon girls smoke those long cigarettes.
Z: (SIGH) Grandma........You can put anything else in her hand. You can put a Ball, or some food. You can put a flower or an animal. You can put a slingshot or a piece of carpet.

LOL!!! A piece of carpet. Did they have carpet back then? ha ha ha. ZACH! He is so hilarious. So my mom took his advice and painted over the cigarette with some playing cards. She liked his suggestion to change it!

She obviously didn't go for the carpet suggestion though, Probably a good call!!! =)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What, did. I. Just. Say?!?!?!

I have a new EMBARRASSING moment that will top them all.....
Here is what being Nervous/Tired & having a very LONG weekend (not in a good way) will to do you.......
I have not had to make outbound calls at my work yet (its been 9 weeks) until recently they got a phone for my desk. GOODIE!!!! That was me being sarcastic if you didn't know! The calls I am making are to ask Architects and General Contractors about any new Addenda (changes) to the plan we are working on, And where It can be found. The receptionist writes the number/contact name down...She wrote: O'Brien/Atkins Ass: Todd Tingler...then the # (She meant Associates...obviously... but why is his last name Tingler?) So I call and this is my:




"Thanks for calling O'Brien/Atkins how may I direct your call?"
"May I speak to Ass Tingler...Todd. Todd Tingler.........."
"......................One moment please"

OMG! WHAT?!!! WTF!!! WHAT did I just say??!!!!!!!! LOL LOL!
(Luckily Mr Tingler didn't answer, and I left a VM!)

It wasn't my fault. I read how it was written before the call and thought ha ha ha. Then was flustered when she answered.
Maybe they wont let me make calls anymore!!!! =)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tribute to Cos!

I have the best Kitty on the planet! I am sorry. Yes I am that kitty mom that takes pictures of the cat as if its my own baby. Last night she was running up and down the stairs, behind the Tv, back up the stairs, behind the Tv, on the top of the couch then to the other couch then back behind the Tv. The whole time she is doing this I was sitting at the computer watching her. She starts meowing then running again. This went on for maybe 7min straight. Then she walks over and has her toy in her mouth (its a little stuffed dog LOL) she puts it down and starts giving herself a bath. I play with my Itunes for like 3 min then look at her, and she passed out!!!! All that running made my baby tired. Hahahaha!

I get up to go change the laundry and she is up.
She follows me downstairs and is sitting like a lady watching me... I start singing to her "If your mama's favorite kitty meow right nooowwwww" (ya know to the tune of if you're happy and you know it....) "Mmmmeeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww" LOL seriously she meowed and it was the longest meow ever. and so I sung it again and she meowed again. LOL I started laughing so hard I was crying!

Oh my! love her snooty ass.