Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Mommy Im stuck!"

So my son is a total drama king when its time for bed and he will do anything to get out of going... but once he is in bed he is good, and goes right to sleep. Last night I told him to go to the bathroom and then tell me when he was done and I would help him put his Pj's on. A few minutes later he was calling me from the bathroom "mom help me!!" I ignored him. "mommmmmmm helppppp meeeee... im stuck mommy. help im stuck!!" hahaha. So I went in the bathroom to find that he really was stuck... IN THE TOILET! I was laughing so hard, I had to take some pics. These are the only good ones that you can see the torment in his face! oh my... gotta love parenting! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Celebrity Boyfriend......

Ok, yes I know this is weird that I am blogging about this. I am just excited because his 5th album is coming out in like 18 days, I have LOVED all of his albums so far, because he is soulful and romantic. He sings about love, respect and loving women. He is sexy. Avant is my celebrity boyfriend. Which by definition means, I can sleep with him if the situation ever presented itself with no consequences to my current love life, hahaha. Check his sexiness yes please!! ;) look at his lips, yea, A kiss would be just fine.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can't we all just get along??....

So I never thought of myself as a nieve person. And I still don't know if thats the word. I guess I kind of thought that after all the 'excitement' from my divorce fizzled out that I would just meet someone, and it would go off without a hitch. For years I wasn't ready to date anyone on a serious level. Now I am dating someone on a serious level. He's great to me, and my son (Which I realize is the most important)
But last night we went to Wendover with my 2 bestest friends in the world......
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Pretty sure they all didn't 'just get along'........It was the biggest drama ever. Can I stay with someone that my friends dont like?? or someone that doesn't like my friends?? How lame is this.... Why are my boyfriend and my good friend butting heads?? My boyfriend says "Im sorry babe. Im an asshole, Ill try to do better." my good friend texts "Sorry, ill try not to be an asshole anymore" ok, seriously... I know that they all want me to be happy. But I can't be happy when we all can't go out and have a good time. On this note, His friends don't like me either. WHAT THE HELL??? his roommate acts like Im a bitch because I won't talk to her. But in the meantime she won't ever talk to me and refers to me as "the biatch"..... yeah, pretty sure I never did anything to her.
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So am I Nieve in thinking that everything would be perfect?? Im an idiot. Maybe there are many signs, and this is one of them that he's not right for me. Or maybe I'm a moron, and life isn't a fairytale?? (i know its not... but im annoyed about it!!)

On a lighter much funnier note... MY son is Sassy. oh my...... is he sassy. The other day in the car he was talking way loud over me and the boyfriend. I said "Zach, if you dont stop, imma beat your butttt...." He says "You can't beat my butt.. because I am sitting on it!" LOL It was awesome. It took everything I had not to laugh!!hahaha.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I was Tagged.....


*My son
*My off week...
*Movie night!!


*Spiders (because the only place I ever see them is on my couch.and thats just creepy!)
*Losing someone I love
*Being fired from my job lol


*Attempting to fill my gas tank to an even number (and really, I NEVER can haha)
*Chocolate Cinnamon Bears
*Never over-sleeping. I set 3 alarms... always getting up to the last one, which means "EMERGENCY you should leaving the house by NOW...."
*Checking my cell phone for missed calls or texts.. um constantly... hahaha. I need to knock it off!!


*I wont sing in front of anyone... and I mean ANYONE.
*I still worry about disapointing my parents!
*I carry all my groceries in at once... this can get tricky haha.


*My family
*Keeping my apartment clean
*Spending time with friends...
*Hats on lazy days!
*Not bad mouthing my X in front of my son!
*Plants..I have 10 in my small ass apartment lol :)


*"Move it or lose it!" (to zach haha)
*"I love You"
*"Wait.. for real?"
*"I was being sarcastic..."


*Write a memoir
*Have more kids!!
*Visit Venice Italy
*Go back to school....
*Learn how to paint 1/2 as good as my mommy
*Start my own business!
*Win some kind of contest!!
*Grow my hair to the top of my butt & have it be healthy!!!


*The grass isn't always greener!
*Most people deserve a second chance
*Talking is therepuetic.
*Listening to others is the most important tool a person can possess!
*It's okay to cry!
*Children are WAY smarter than we give them credit for!
*Family & friends are my anchor
*Love can get you through anything!!!

I TAG EVERYONE ON MY BLOG (except Linds, cuz It came from her) lol... I DONT HAVE THAT MANY PEOPLE THAT READ THIS!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here is some pictures of our halloween. Zach had a ton of fun being a cop. Or as he would say a "police ment"..... hahaha.That boy has been on a 4 day sugar high. Notice in the first pic.. he was eating his candy & jumpin in the leaves at the same time. lol... And this was my attempt at bein a greek goddess.... uhh...

This is a video of zach explaining what his "tattoo" is. lol... my X told me to stop putting tattoos on him, but seriously, its cute. ok. the video isn't the best, but him talking his sooooo cute!!