Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas was way fun this year. These are the gifts I made... The quilt for my boyfriend, and the tile picture for my grandparents....

Zach made this gingerbread house at school, it is so cute. I just loved it. He did a way good job...

We took Zach Bowling.......He had been before with his Dad and loved it!! Um Pretty sure because of my hand not being back up to "full mass" hahaha.... I sucked!! I suck anyway. But this was BADDD. Zach Beat me... 63. 61. LOL

I had a way fun Christmas this year, and looking forward to the new year!!! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

photo cube

I made this and really don't know what else to do with it. haha.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I forgot to think of a clever title here....

This is just something that I find myself laughing hysterically over. & thought someone else might like to laugh too. My X... forgets everything. It always seems convenient for him that he just "forgot". It bugs me soooo badly. After we split we decided we would for now, get gifts for each other at appropriate holidays from Zach. So last Xmas I spent $40 on something for him because I couldn't find anything cheaper that he would like. On Xmas he said "ohhhhh, i forgot your present at home. Ill get it to you." UH huh. Well a year later, he still hasn't gotten it to me. LOL. So this year he "forgot" my birthday and didn't even say happy birthday to me... I realize the fact that we are divorced... But I am in his life in a big way because of Zach so I just think he is an ass. I still told him Happy Birthday 4 months after mine had passed, and when I did he said "Ohh, I missed yours huh. I forgot, im sorry!" So, the point of the blog... I said to him the other day "Um, Since were obviously not doing gifts for each other... Dont get me anything for Xmas, I wasn't plannin on getting you anything after I did last year, and you never gave me anything..." his response "WHAT??? I gave you something didn't I?" ..."No, you said you forgot it at home, and it must still be there..!!!" ..."Ohhh yea I did forget that. It must still be at my house." LOL...... Really???? Is he serious??? lol, wouldn't you most commonly put gifts under your christmas tree that you took down last January??? hahahahaha. I didn't say anything else, Because since he FORGOT its ok. LOL
forgetful Pictures, Images and Photos
Every year he asks me "is Zach's Bday on the 7th or the 8th, I forgot!" Well I forgot to stay married to an a-hole.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

oh for the love.....

When It Rains It Pours Pictures, Images and Photos
YES it does!! And I hate this expression because its true. After saving a ton of my tax money I was sittin pretty for most of this year. I had some issues, and i've blogged about some of them.... ie: broken hand, douche bag men... Seems like when I have money everything else doesn't bother me. But the opposite is the opposite. I dont have money right now... So everything is bothering me. My lame ins. denied all claims on my hand and I've been calling and harrassing them, my claim is pending again right now :( On top of that all my Christmas shoppin has to be last minute cuz I need to wait for my next paycheck that I get 4 days before xmas........On my on week where i will be working graves and trying to get up early enough to be productive! Then today, I got pulled over by a cop going 50 in a 40. IS HE SERIOUS??? I was speeding cuz Zach was late for school. Needless to say, he was Late all right. I am hella stressed!! Im gonna be pullin my hair out soon if something doesn't give. Also, Zach's tuition is due (its not a lot.. but still I could use that money on xmas!) and its Jake's month to pay it. He conveniently "forgot" to do so, on tues... so now I have to do it today! Are you kidding??? I loved it about 8 months ago... I told this guy I was seeing at the time..."I don't have one thing to complain about. Everything is great!!" HAHHAhhahaha...... hahahaha. hahaha. haha. Maybe It will be like that again after taxes next year! heres to hoping!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian!

I am SOOO buying one of these......

Here is my tree that Im obsessed with. Its way little and because my apartment is so small as well, I had to crop out my stove that is next to it ruining its spirit.hahaha.

Next tues when my off week starts Im hittin up the stores baby. But one last thing, why is it that every holiday (christmas, 4th of july, thanksgiving, halloween etc....) that you go to the store, people are there that look like they crawled out from under a rock. Walkin around in oversized T shirts that say stupid things on them like "I Didn't Do It!" Are they serious?? They usually park by you so close that im not sure how they even got out of their vehicle, and stare at you. I would like to stare at them but im a bit nervous. I most commonly notice them at Walmart but during the holidays they venture to the mall...... i kind of wish they wouldn't!! But, BRING ON THE SHOPPING!!! I ♥ GIFTMAS!!!!!!