Friday, September 28, 2012

Annoyed yet??

My Day of Annoyance. Seriously. Everything that happened on this day was seriously annoying.

   For starters I woke up to knock my phone off the night stand. It didn't JUST fall on the floor. And you can bet it was still ON when this happened. It decided to land halfway under my bed. I had to long arm it to even reach it. This was 5AM. I need to be up by 5:20 so I thought....its fine, I still have 20min to sleep. <-------wrong .="." class="goog-spellcheck-word" g-spell-original="kities" my="my" span="span">kitties
decided it was the perfect time to wrestle each other & that the perfect place for this was OUTSIDE OUR DOOR. Ugh!!!!!!!! Then baby Soco decided she would scratch at the door. OK i am up, 5:08.I forgot to put water in my Coffee maker, So i was wondering why the timer I had set the night before didn't work. yes this is my fault. but nonetheless ANNOYING. If i wouldn't have put the grinds in the maker before this day It would have been the time I knocked the spoon on the side of the canister and spilled grinds all over. This has happened more often than i'd like to admit. Just Sayin!!!!!!!
   Anyways so Im out of the house by 5:45am and as Im driving out of my street this douche on his morning bike ride wearing all black flipped me off when I almost hit him. DUDE...You look like a sniper in the night. I really almost plowed him because at 5:45 in the am I tend to think traffic laws don't apply to me. Whatever! He should wear white or something that has a reflector on it. or get a bike light.
I get on the Trax and Im not sure if any of ya'll follow me on twitter but im having a severe annoyance to people speaking other languages around me. Its seriously like someone is poking me in the arm. Why do they have to talk so loud? anyway- The chinese tourist convention must have been in town this day because they all sat and laughed and talked loudly about lord knows what. Worse than a morning show on the radio. I will kill morning shows. Oh yea, and my Ipod was DEAD. FML.
        I get to work and im informed i left a piece of someones BONE in one of my Neuro sets. I think this is a common mistake to be honest with you because this set needs to be double checked everytime it is built (for those that don't know I am in Surgical Processing at the University Hospital) Ok so I didn't see it.
After work I like to get the 3:28pm Trax train because the trains wait for 20min at the University when they arrive so by missing it I get home a whole half hour later. SO I MISS THE TRAIN!!! WTF.
I am waiting very impatiently for Pumpkin Coffee creamer to hit the stores. I was told Reams has it. So I decide to go there......Backtrack a bit.......Zach is acting like a 4yr old baby and crying because "he doesn't want to go to the store ..Blah blah yadda......" (he seriously was CRYING over it! Omg....UGH). I drag his ornery butt to the store hoping to find my creamer. Well they didn't have it. I also needed kitty food so I go get some. The brand my cats are on is $9 for a smaller bag than I usually get for $10........I didn't want to take ornery butt to another store nor drive there. So I paid for it. Now for the sake of annoyance they had one of those dancing Halloween skeletons right by the register singing and dancing in a top hat. They have that, but no pumpkin creamer????? THIS IS A GROCERY STORE and Halloween is all about PUMPKINS. GET YO PRIORITIES IN ORDER. yeah, they had Pumpkin Beer too.
 The kids are playing outside and this bigger kid comes over to play. Zachs step mom comes by to chat because she saw us outside. This boy tells Trisha that he stole one of Zachs toys out of their yard earlier. WTF? Whos freakin kid is this and get him out of my yard. LOL!
Seriously good thing it is Friday!

 oh, its THURSDAY!!!!! 
Luckily now it is the weekend. :o) Rant Over.