Friday, October 30, 2009

BaBy VicToRiA.

Here is Zach's baby sister, That his Daddy and step Mom Trisha just had about a month ago... So cute. I guess Zach is a BIG HELPER around the house, and just LOVES being a big BROTHER!! (I will add.. kind of weird, Because he is my son... and I have no clue about this other life that he is living, or what goes on in their house, unless he tells me something... But anyway)

CONGRATS about the new addition!

What a pain in my... foot.

If you are squeemish or hate feet. feel free to skip this.

I had an ingrown toenail fixed when I was 16. But the doc botched it. Since this time it has been crooked and nasty looking. See it next to my normal foot. Not ok.

I got my first tattoo on this foot so people would see the tat and not my toe. :) (yes it worked, people really stopped asking what had happened to it. And commented on the tattoo...)
So, A few days ago I had the whole toenail completly removed. It was buggin anyway, AND had another ingrown on it. REALLY??? Not in the MOOD...

This is the toe after the surgery which was far from pleasant. I hate numbing shots. They are the worst. On top of this, the doc was holding my toenail with pliers that he had just ripped out. (Yes I was numb. But it was still way gross and traumatic....) he asked me..."Would you like to keep it??" As he is holding it over a keychain sized little container. Ok... Um... GROSS!!!! He has a container because people actually keep things like this. As if keeping this part of me in a jar isn't only creepy its also parallel to those who keep hair in plastic bags! This just states 'jump in the sack with me...' Hello? Like this is attractive/normal or ok on any level.
So anyway... After leaving the toenail in the trash and going home My toe is so NASTY now. Like even worse than before.... (perfect for halloween.. haha.)
Im hoping it will look semi normal after the healing process, but im not counting on it!! In other news I was walking funny around the video store because of this, and a creeper with tattoos all over face and neck was following me (appeared to be)... I went on my merry way, but he really was standing awfully close to me. Zach was with me.. and it was really not ok. He follows me into the parkinglot... limp and all. Asks me if he can buy me a drink sometime?? I told him I had a BF. (Which is the best lie ever, No ring required) and he said he was not surprised because I am simply stunning. OH. MY. AWKWARD. Just thought it was hilarious because I was in yoga pants and a hoodie with a bun in my hair and hardly any makeup on. Maybe it was because he could see my face, and he's not use to seeing his own! But on top of this, HELLO don't creep around a video store and stalk single mothers who are there with their children.

The End.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fashion Victim.

So The other day I was in a tank and scrub bottoms, wandering around the house. Me and Zach were going to go somewhere and I told him I just needed to change and we could go. After I did change and walked out.. he said "Mommy, you're dressed fine!" I replied "Thanks, Baby." at which point he said..."*sighhh* I didn't say you were dressed GOOOODDDD!!!!" Hahahaa.... Ohhh Ughhh.

LOL! BEST! haha. I wonder where he gets his Sassiness from?!?!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yes, Up until this time (4 MONTHS AND COUNTING) I have managed to *use* other people, for their Washer and Dryer. This week I had to go to the landromat. It was my first time, Here is MY INPUT....
*It cost me $9.00
*I did 3 loads at once
*I was pissed trying to pack 5 weeks of laundry into my car. (I refused to take 2 trips. Trust me you would have loved to witness me dragging it across the apartment parkinglot!)
*Those places are G-h-e-t-t-o
*It took me 2 hours and 3 min
*It was next door to a DESERET INDUSTRIES, I took a gander and think I am allergic to 2nd hand stores. I was sneezing the whole time.
*I left my X boyfriends shirt in the dryer on purpose upon leaving.
*Heavy duty washers made my stuff seem cleaner!
*I was in fact... bored to tears sitting......and waiting.....

*I took pictures...(sue me)
*Some poor sap lost $6.25 in the dryer I happen to pick
*So It actually cost me $2.75!!
*I folded my stuff there, so it wont be sitting around my apartment getting wrinkles while my lazy butt looks at it for 3 1/2 days!!
*All in all it was much worse in my mind than in reality


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping Warm...

So I just LOVE THIS!!!
I have been freaking out about how cold it is in my house, The S.t.u.p.i.d AUTO temperature setting does not like me. I have a space heater that I can set a temp on for Zachie's room so he is not suffering from this "Old apartment glitch" either that, or "Operator error glitch" (Most likely the LATER...) Either way. I am FREEZING MY KEESTER OFF!!! And on top of this, I realized I left all 20 or so scarfs, at my old place (Where I tried to co-habitate with someone awhile back, some of you may remember....)
Anywho, You live you learn...Now I live in Iceland!! So I did NOT have this persons phone number anymore- I had to go through friends to finally get it. At which point he freaked on me for deleting it, because "the breakup wasn't that bad" anyways.... I told him to put my plethera of scarfs outside and I would pick them up. He DID....


But, also put a SPACE HEATER with them. Said he thought I could use it. :) (He must remember what A baby I am in the winter. It was wayyy nice!!!) I am so overly amused about this development!!! In fact, my room is getting nice and warm for me right now... I think I will go be cozy in there! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Confessions of a Mommy.

*I let Zach do whatever he wants in the mornings so I can sleep in.
*My dishes from Thursday finally got loaded into the dishwasher TODAY!!
*I give Zach healthy snacks (Apples, Yogurt) While I eat chocolate behind his back!!!
*I threaten Zach with naps if he doesn't pick up the pillows that he throws all over the living room, daily!
*I love when he DOESN'T have school cuz I dont have to drive him. (I live 25 min at least from his school....)
*I tune him out sometimes while he is talking non-stop about sports!
*I section his food into what he "absoultly" has to eat. and what he can eat if he "wants"....
*Everynight we talk and laugh about one thing or another.
*He doesn't have a bath everyday...
*Sometimes I freak out on him. When its something thats my problem and not his :(
But he is such a sweetheart all the time. All the stuff he puts up with from me. He is the true example of forgivness. The second I say I am sorry for anything he is all hugs and loves... Where if he were following his mothers example he would be mad in his room for a while and pout for awhile after that, then refuse hugs and loves after that LOL!!! I should probably learn from him.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Its Halloween time!!

We deocorated, and Painted pumpkins the other day. We do this every year, and I forgot my camera :( SO that pic is a mobile photo. Owell. Zach is excited for it. He's being a NINJA. hah!!

Zach told me to put the spider webs on his hoop. it actually looks ok. And its still functional. He's been shooting hoops through it!!

Happy FALL Everyone!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Sorry to do this.
But 2 things....
WTF is up with X husband trying to have my son all the time. I dont care if his new wife is a SAHM now with their new little baby. Zach is not HERS. Its not HER visitation. its HIS. He acted like he was doing me a favor by having her pick up Zach from school on my OFF WEEK since they live closer than I do. UM IM NOT WORKING EITHER! D-BAG. Zach is my ONLY family. Take your little fam and spend time with them and leave me with mine on my TIME.
Secondly, WTF is up with my old landlord throwing out an antique windchime that I accidently left there? She has my phone number. No common decency to ask if I wanted it??? Just chucking it without a care. I know she hates me, But I didn't do anything wrong. My grandma gave that to me, and now im super super SAD! :(

Mmmmmmmmk I feel better, a little.