Friday, January 4, 2013

My Mascara Testimony!

SO not to be WEIRD or anything. BUT , THIS MASCARA IS THE CATS PAJAMAS!!!!!
It is my favorite.
Ive used this since  I was a Jr in HS. Which lets recap on that....12 1/2Yrs. Sure, Ive tried other Mascaras. And recently my Mom gave me 3 different Avon brand Mascaras in my stocking. I thought 'what the hell ill try them' Well, What the hell is right. I HATED all the other kinds. 3 of my Friends have also changed to this Mascara after using it. I'm serious right now. I am a poster child for this mascara. The pic is Waterproof but don't do that. It is the normal kind!!  I just went on a tangent to my poor husband about this mascara & he didn't say ONE thing. Hmmmm...??? GO figure! hahahaha!!! So I told him "Fine, Im going to blog about this" I think he needs a beer because of ME!!! :) Here is why I like it:
*It doesn't make my eyelashes stiff. when they get stiff like that you can scratch your eye & eyelashes fall out. No bueno.
*It washes off easily with Dove soap. My husband likes Dial & I secretly want to punch him for that. But it even washes off with Dial.
*Its Only $6. I'm not sure why some Mascara is more & then doesn't even work that well.
*I use 2 coats & it looks like I spent a ton of time.
*I curl my eyelashes with my first coat ON & it doesn't clump together or stick to my curler....making a nasty gummed up mess. OR PULL OUT MY EYELASHES!
I encourage all of you to try it & if you don't like it, you can dress my cat in real pajamas, or punch me in the face! ;)