Sunday, December 30, 2012


I don't know about everyone else but The NEW YEAR always seems refreshing to me. I'm really excited to accomplish some goals & be a better person. As for 2012 it was a lot better than 2011. Wow that year was a year in history that better NEVER repeat itself. Here is a little of what happened in 2012 at our house!!!!
In March we went to California with the kiddos. It was a blast but Next Vacation, we are leaving them home.
 Awe I love this picture!!!!!
 Zach lost 4 teeth in a 2 week period. This picture doesn't even show his other one. Im super happy about how straight his permanant teeth are coming in. Its always so awkward for kids to sport crooked teeth for 5 years. Im hoping he doesn't have too!!!!
We moved into our first house as a couple. We are loving it so far, but we would like to buy in 2013. 13 usually isnt a very lucky number so I'm hoping that doesn't transfer over to the entire YEAR.

He played Baseball, Soccer & Basketball in 2012. He did very well at all 3.
I started a new job working at the U Hospital, and love it so far!!! Im about to switch to Graveyards so we will see how that will go!
 His Dad & Step Mom had a baby boy!! Benjamin. He's so cute & Zach is a good big brother to him & his half sister Victoria. :) I love seeing him with them.
 And Zach & Zoey are still very weird.... Hah. Happy New Years.