Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weird Phenomenon...

This is annoying. And True. WHYYYYY?????? Everytime I make coffee I would make 2 cups. I would not drink 2 cups I would usually only drink about 1. And the rest would go down the drain. But I made 2 so I would have enough if I wanted more. I decided this was wasteful and made 1 cup.... I wanted MORE, WHY? Because I didn't have any more.
This is also true when ordering coffee... If I get a grande' I throw 1/4-1/2 of it away. But If I get a Tall I am wondering WHYY I didn't get a Grande'??
I hardly ever have Cash on me & still mostly use my card even if I do have cash... But the other day I had some cash and thought I would buy my breakfast with it. Well (im sure you know where this is going....) The person in front of me in line was short 10 cents. So I gave it to her. Then guess what??? I AM SHORT EXACTLY 10 CENTS! I had to use my card.....
"I think I have enough gas to get Zach to school. After I drop him off I will get some..." Well pretty sure this is the day their is a 5 car pileup on the freeway & I am forced to exit early to get to the gas station. Are you serious??? If I had filled up my car those people would not have crashed. Its just the way it works!
At work I have certain things I have to do for my shift. At the end of my shift I always go pick up my samples that were checked out of storage for the day and put them where they belong. Well pretty sure STORAGE always faults, is down, is broken... at this exact time. Forcing me to STAY LATE!!!! I realize its going to happen so I decided to pick my samples up an hour before I am off... But something always happens. I am always late leaving!
Lastly, My boyfriend teased me ONE TIME about him being a better cook than me. I was bugged by this because, No im not a gourmet chef, But I do alright! Well, Since this convo... everything I have tried to make for him has turned into complete and udder turmoil. LOL Its like In my head or something... I seriously burned rice the other day. Im pretty sure If I were cooking it for Zach & I that I wouldn't have. ;)
Its so crazy. If you are ever in a hurry thats when their will be the biggest traffic jam ever. But when you leave early to avoid traffic jams its like everyone is at home knitting and you get there 30 min early!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

♥Missing My Zachie♥

My Zach is so cute. I am missing him like crazy right now :(
I am glad that his daddy is a big part of his life... But what is he doing right now?? Is he eating good? How was school this week?? Did he get hurt today? Does he miss me and want me... or does his step mom feel that void when I am not there?
I sleep with his Blankie when he is with his dad.
I wish I could kiss his cheeks. I like to do it ever 5.8 seconds, I usually push kind of hard into him and make the MWAH sound. He hates it, but humors me. I Love when he lets me watch movies with him & cuddles with me. Or when he comes to wake me in the morning... I know he is up bc he watches movies for at least an hour and lets me sleep (even though I hear him, I do not get up. haha) his little hand on the side of my face & cute voice "Hi momma"
Actually... I do know what he is doing RIGHT NOW..... Watching the Jazz Game! HE's so stinkin C.U.T.E!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Before & After

I just found these before and after pictures of my nose job. Man that 3,000 was worth every penny. Why did I have such a Honker before?? No wonder I couldn't get a date in High School....

It was so Bulbus before....

I am so happy w the end results!

Um incase you all didn't know. YES I AM KIDDING!! Ive never had any work done... LOL!!!! I was just laughing so hard when I edited the pic to make my nose look huge, I thought I'd post it! ;)

Also I apologize for the hand held cell phone pics in this post! Its what people do sometimes!

Soccer Mom!

Not really sure where that Phrase "Soccer Mom" orginates from... Maybe their are way more Soccer games than any other sports games? But my Zachie has started Soccer, So maybe I will find out!

The countdown was actually more for me than it was for him... He kept asking how many days til I get to play? When is Sat?... He was driving me crazy. So I made the countdown for him so he can figure it out!!! :)

He did a pretty good job. Only cried once at the first of the game! haha. I think he was overwhelmed & nervous...
His uniform/costume/outfit... (im such a girl... haha) was huge on him... He was complaining that it wouldn't stay on. We told him it was his fault, and that he needed to grow faster ;)
His coach is the same guy that coached his Tball last year.... SO thats good, He knows 1 kid on his team... The coaches son!
Anyway, I think he will have a good time playing! He so far has loved ALL and ANYTHING sports!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Project Beanbag... Part 1.

SO I got a beanbag for free from my lovely friend LINDS!!
This is all good & well... I think she washed the cover and put the foam into garbage bags. But I needed to take the garbage bags out of it so it didn't make so much noise when Zachie jumped on it. The garbage bags had broke open LOL.....
Dont try this at home like I did....

Uh oh....

LOL the foam is static. Go figure....

There is raquetball racket under there... Plus my shoes everywhere... Hopefully I didn't put valuables into the beanbag...!!!!

The Aftermath....BIG HELPER!!! He helped me the whole time... After I got this cleaned up I realized my vacuum bag needed to be emptied... I dont have any REFILLS!!! LMAO!!!!........ So my apartment is in turmoil til I get some. I pulled the beanbag outside onto my deck... Which was most likely hilarious since I can barely lift it. Zach was laughing at me. I was breaking a sweat! My neighbors I believe were working... Thank goodness for that!