Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The 3 P's.

*Parenting *Punishment and of course *Pee!!!!!!!!
On a scale of 1-10 for strictness in parenting. 10 being super strict and 1 being so lax that your kids control your life, I would probably rate myself at a 6. Ever since Zach was as little as 1 year old he has had regular time outs and punishments for whatever behavior he displayed. Ive been through putting him on the stair (for Time Out) and having him run away and putting him back on it OVER AND OVER. Putting him in his room and listening to him scream and kick the walls repeatedly OVER AND OVER. And sadly but surely I have been SO annoyed with him before that I have left him in his room long enough that he has fallen asleep during a punishment. All of this said and done he usually is a pretty Awesome, Funny, Smart Kid!
That being said.... emphasis on USUALLY and emphasis on KID. I realize he is a 6yr old little BOY and he will do boy things....Although I dont condone the phrase "Boys will be Boys" That is the stupidest saying I have ever heard. Just because someone is a BOY doesn't automatically grant them the honor of acting in certain ways nor does it make it OK. So, last Sat we were at home. Me, Zach, Joel & Zoey. The kids were playing downstairs. We have 1 bathroom it is upstairs. There are 3 levels... The kids come upstairs and Zoe informs Joel that Zach has gone to the bathroom in the litter box #1 & #2....and that she tried too, but couldn't go. UMMM. WHAT!!!!! WTF???? I am at a loss for what to do. The punishments were as follows: No Wii, Netflix, Movies for the rest of the weekend and No Bike. Zach cleaned the litter box and Zoey had to clean the upstairs toilet since she didn't "Use" the litter box. Unfortunately the kiddos were going to their other parents house Sat afternoon. Jake carries out my punishments so Zach was still grounded but Im pretty sure Zoey got off Scott free.
Zach was acting way sorry and wanted his stuff back so bad, he got it all back on Monday. I get a call on Monday night from Jake informing me that Zach has been peeing in the corner of his bedroom since SATURDAY. WHAT THE!!!!!!! Saturday is when he was punished for peeing in the litter box...Apparently the punishment didn't sink in!!!!!! So not only did Zach pee in the corner of his bedroom 4 times (that he admits too) he tried to blame it on his sister Victoria, who is 1 yr old, and wears a diaper! We dont think this behavior is an attention plea. He said he didn't want to use the toilet because then he'd have to wash his hands and he didn't want too. Apparently he doesn't understand that you still should wash your hands when you pee even though its on the carpet. LOL!!!!!!! His punishments for this time are as follows: 10 jobs chore sheet done before doing anything else in the morning, early to bed, No story time at bedtime & if he wants to play certain things in the day like ride his bike or the Wii he must do extra chores to "earn that" back. I told Jake to put a diaper on him. LOL if he doesn't know how to use the toilet he needs one. Now I am more concerned about him LYING than I am about his choice of Bathrooms. Its probably because we have been kind of strict with him, and now he is scared to TELL THE TRUTH because he knows he will be in trouble! Ahhh, how I remember lying to my parents. Lmao, it never works out the way you intend it too, plus its kind of hard to keep straight who you told the truth too and who you told the lie too, and what lie. Jake says the apple didnt fall far from the tree because when he was a kid he peed into the heater vents. WTF? Im so glad he is not my kid!!!!!!! and I guess it proves right about the apple again because I lied all the time as a kid. I guess both of us totally deserve it. LOL!!!
Anyway I feel sad for Z. He has been walking around kind of sad for a few days. If he keeps up the good behavior he will get all of his stuff back and be out of the woods in time for the 4th of July! It is my year to have him and actually this is my FIRST 4th of July having him. EVER. I know SAD!!! but I have always had to work!

Here's hoping for a POTTY TRAINED, Fun, 4th of July weekend for me and my Family!!! =)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FunFacts 101

​Things I know, That you should probably know too....

1.White should really not be worn after labor day and before memorial day. Seriously.
2. The term X's come from metaphorically crossing someone out. Not from marking the spot.
3. 5 day work weeks are of the devil
4. Sext messaging is really the best, OK. yes I said sext.
5. Using someones name or age as an excuse for certain behavior is really not OK. (Ie: "Yep that's Mallory for you...") Excuse me, Just because that is Mallory doesn't mean she can act like a total ass.
6. Teal is the best color invented
7. My wedding ring has 2.5ct worth of diamonds on it and it cost entirely too much money =(

8. When you are turning right, please just turn. Are you stopping or turning? WTF
9. Music can change your mood!
10. My son is turning 6 tomorrow. 6!!!! CraZy! & he did this pose by himself. LOL

11. Post it notes were invented to remind your significant other they are sexy..Not to remind you to buy milk.
12. Beyonce really did have the best video. LOL even though Kanye really is a D bag.
13. Pedicures are worth every penny!
14. Waking up on your own account is PRICELESS, no children/alarm/pets in the way!
15. Don't tell someone something stinks "smell it" Really?
16.Do not buy black cars. Just don't do it. It will never be clean.
17.Jagged Edge is releasing their new album June 21. =)
18. Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional <----Whoever wrote this quote I will punch them in the face. I hate grown ups that act like children.
19. Cooking blogs really are the best thing since sliced bread! Oh my. I love reading about how to be domesticated LOL
20. Men are the sexiest in pink & purple, flip flops and hats. Sorry, They are.
21.Everything isn't a competition. I wish everyone would stop being so damn competitive all the time.
22. Copying someone really isn't the highest form of flattery. Knock it off.
23.Ritz and Peanut Butter!!!!!!!
24. Without the Internet I would not have a job. I don't know weather to thank 1992 or curse it.
25. Myspace really is the worst site ever invented.... Even though I met my husband on it.