Thursday, August 25, 2011


I had this great teacher in young womens, back when I was probably around 13. Im not a religious person and I dont think she is either, which is why she was so awesome for me! hah! But she had this theory that has stuck with me throughout the years. She had 2 boys and said everytime they would start arguing she would have them go say whatever they were going to say to each other to a plant she had in the kitchen. She had 2 identical plants next to each other on the counter. One was the negative plant. One the positive. Her boys would go cuss at it and say all sorts of rude things to the plant. She watered and took care of the 2 plants the same. Eventually the negative plant wilted and died. I love this story because negativity does affect you in actions, health and attitude. I think of this story often and want to implement it with my own kids. Problem is I dont want any of my plants to die.LOL. and weather or not that is why, Im not willing to risk it! We have been trying to blend a family together for a year this month. Oh man. I got married young the first time around. Then divorced and was single for 5 years, living alone...and blending a family together with 2 completely opposite parenting techniques is easily the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. I curse the Brady Bunch because it is NOTHING like this. Favortism. Coddling. Discipling. Buying toys, Clothes, Bedtime rituals. Bad habits. Things I have never even thought would be an issue. Has been an issue twice, or three times! Seriously so ridiculous. I am only 1 person!!!! So awhile back I found these seeds and planted them. I love them. Apparently when the seed sprouts it comes out of the dirt and you can read the word still. I can't wait to see it!! Im so excited!

Maybe the plant will help!!! It helped my young women's teacher all those years ago! The seed says FAMILY on it. Hopefully this plant grows stronger with time, & hopefully my family will continue to as well!