Saturday, January 30, 2010

Im breaking up with you.

Dear Apartment,
It is 4 months away from our one year anniversary. Although I do Love thee. It is time for me to see other apartments. Don't be dramatic, Im not leaving you yet. Im just seeing if the grass is greener on the other side.
-Your living room is a little small.... Size does matter!
-Your windows are old and I am freezing. I need one that can keep me warm at night!
-Your water pressure is not up to my expectations, You should probably work on that.
-Plus you make weird noises. Please knock it off.
Also, You have allowed someone who sings Opera to reside here as well... She is driving me to drink!
Im sorry to tell you in a letter, But I feared you wouldn't be able to hear me over the Opera tirade next door :(
-I do you, and I wont forget you!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Zach LOVES Tanks! He has been playing the Wii at his dads, And apparently this is the tank game...

*Mom do you know how to use Tanks? Im better than you!
*I got to play tanks for a long time!
*Maybe tonight I will dream about Tanks...
Zach's Prayer last night at my parents house for dinner:
"Dear heavenly father, Please bless that we can be safe and I will get to play Tanks when I get home to Dads. Bless the food and tanks. Amen"
LOL I am not making this up!!! Maybe I have a soldier on my hands.

Ps. I love Tanks. ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snuggie me!

So I have been taking a lot of shit about wanting and getting a snuggie for Christmas. Then I saw this on LAMEBOOK.COM and loved it.

I guess Snuggies really are a problem. I will try to put mine away for now LOL!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

All Better!

My toe is purdy for the first time in 11 years! It is neither BOTCHED. or CROOKED!! You cannot even tell now! Except for the other night when I took my sock off and the fake toenail flew halfway across the room!
Not to worry, I found it and glued it back on!! hahaha. My toe looks so silly without a toenail. Ill have to get use to that now.
Ps Dr Tyler Collins, Thanks for making my feet even more awkward than they already are. I can never thank you enough, Although my $379.56 payment should show how greatful I am.

Who knew It would cost me an arm and a leg to get a toenail ripped out? (with Ins) I am slowly adjusting to life without my arm. and leg. thanks.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


For the first time while in a relationship I am NOT...
*Texting other boys
*flirting with other boys
*Being embarrased to tell people I am with someone
*looking at everyones cute pics with their "significant other" but refusing to take any pictures of my own with who im with. LOL
*Wishing I was dating other boys
*Wishing other boys wanted to date me
*Keeping my options open
*Talking in the mirror to myself about why I dont like them... YES! I do this...
*Making plans on the weekend that don't involve them...
*Ignoring their phone calls
*pretending Im asleep when they text at night
*Lying about where I am cuz I am pissed they are asking...
*Asking Zach's opinion and going by it..
*Having one foot out the door
*Not caring if they break up with me
*Looking for reasons to break up with them
*critisizing every little thing they do
*hiding my phone so they can't look through it!
*starting fights because I am bored...
Yes I have a Boyfriend, and Im happy that Im not doing any of those things, Its still new so I know I am going to catch hell for this post (from my sister... Sorry Jen!!!)
Anyway he has a daugther Zoey, thats 5, and Zach told us "I didnt think I was going to like Zoey but I really do like her!" when asked why he thought that... he said "Because she has such a cute face!" LOL ZACH!!! I guess he has learned early that cute girls are usually trouble....
She isn't the only one with a Cute face... I think she takes after her Dad!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BaTh TiMe!

Santa brought Zachie bath toys! He loves them... Bath crayons and a Shaving Kit!

Zach writes his name sooo good. I didn't do that. It was my big boy! :) So proud of him!!!

Zach told me today after his bath.."Mommy, I didnt have time to shave today. But I will be sure to do it tomorrow..." LOL. 4 going on 19!!!

*Disclaimer... Crayola Bath crayons SAY "Easily Comes off with soap & Water" Crayola LIES!!! Everytime Zach takes a bath I have to scrub the bathtub down, and it is not fun for mommy!