Friday, October 12, 2012

Thats my Boy!!!!

So I realize I am bias, not only because he is my son. But also my ONLY child. But he is seriously the BEST!!! He's so funny & witty, not to mention handsome. I went on a date tonight with him- just him and I. And I can honestly say I love hanging out with him & conversing with this boy.
    He knows I work at the U sterilizing surgical equipment so he started asking questions about blood. I had a full conversation with him (my 7 yr old) about what plasma is & how it helps people and why you can donate plasma more than you can donate blood. I explained that every ones blood type is different. But that he has the same as me, and I have the same as Grandma. But Grandpa is a universal donor etc...

Zach: So if all me, you & grandma were in a car accident and needed blood Grandpa could help us.
Me: Yes! But he probably couldn't help all of us, because one person can't give that much blood at one time.
Zach: Well....Then he should help you first
Me: I don't know. Why do you say that?
Zach: Because then you can get better & take care of me. He is OK so he can take care of Grandma til he can donate more blood for her & once you are better you can donate blood to me.

I am blown away that he thought of all of this in this short convo. He is amazingly smart to put all of that together!

Earlier convo:

Me: How is that cute lil bro of yours doing? I want to hold him.
Zach: Yeah he is doing good. He's pretty nice & hes a good listener too.
(Baby Bro....less than 2 months old..........)
Me: What do you mean he's a good listener? (laughing)
Zach: Because earlier today he was hanging out on the floor on a blanket & I went over to him and said "Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle..yeah" & he wiggled then I said "Giggle giggle giggle giggle...yeah" (if you are not getting this, its from the song "I'm sexy & I know it" lmao!!!!) & then he laughed too. Then he got that look on his face like he was going to start crying & I counted down from 5 and he waited til I hit 1 to cry" 
Oh my gosh I was laughing so hard when he was telling me this story. I'm still laughing about baby brother "hanging out on the floor" he's 7 weeks old. That's pretty much ALL they do is "hang out".....oh my. Hilarious.

Just now:
Me: Sweets. I need to go to bed. I am tired from getting up so early everyday (5am)
Zach: Well, that's life.
Me: Yea (laughing) that doesn't make it suck any less.
Zach: No. No it doesn't. Life can really suck.

Again......Laughing. So. Hard.
Aw. his wisdom!!!! This is all from the past 5 hours. I seriously love that kid! He's awesome without trying!!!
I know he is only with me half of the time but I can't imagine my life without him anymore, I'm sure that's how all parents are. But sometimes doing things with him there I just realize how normal it is that I have a tiny human. I mean, ME. I have this great person in my life. That I created. I'm just really grateful for him & all he is & has done for me.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


So the family pictures that I wanted to lose weight for have came and gone. I did lose 20lbs then I think gained some back before the pics....UGH. Lets just say that I bombed these photos. And also that I am mad at my body. I am about to have a blog overshare so if you do not want to know anything about me please stop reading now. I think my hormones are completely off balance. I dont know where to go to have them checked, if anybody knows of a place or a Dr. Please let me know. There are multiple things about my life right now which would lead me to believe my hormones are playing hide and seek with me. Losing weight being one of them. I always say if I had 3 wishes I wouldn't even wish for a different body. I'd want my body just unable to gain weight past a certain number. YES! I want the number. I dont even care if the scale is broken, I know its broken & shows 15lbs less than I really am- and I know this. I want to see the NUMBER!!!!! Now I realize what I just said was completly oxy moronish because by wantin the number and then knowing its wrong, how is that good? It just is ok. Don't ask questions about my rationalle. Now lets take a gander at my fat ass....ahem, I mean photos.

I will not subject myself to any more torture. OMG I am humiliated. HATE HATE HATE!!!!! Why does it have to be so hard? Eff this!!!
Now I will show some other pics that I did like (that I was able to disguise my fatness in!)

Yes I am aware anyone would look fat next to HER!!! I am the short fat one in my family. It sucks, but I am 30 now and only caddy about it on my blog. ;)

And aren't my kids Beautiful???????
This is so HANDSOME of Zach. LOVE!!!!

And so PRETTY of Zoey!!
Guess I will continue to work on myself. ARGH!!!! :)