Friday, October 12, 2012

Thats my Boy!!!!

So I realize I am bias, not only because he is my son. But also my ONLY child. But he is seriously the BEST!!! He's so funny & witty, not to mention handsome. I went on a date tonight with him- just him and I. And I can honestly say I love hanging out with him & conversing with this boy.
    He knows I work at the U sterilizing surgical equipment so he started asking questions about blood. I had a full conversation with him (my 7 yr old) about what plasma is & how it helps people and why you can donate plasma more than you can donate blood. I explained that every ones blood type is different. But that he has the same as me, and I have the same as Grandma. But Grandpa is a universal donor etc...

Zach: So if all me, you & grandma were in a car accident and needed blood Grandpa could help us.
Me: Yes! But he probably couldn't help all of us, because one person can't give that much blood at one time.
Zach: Well....Then he should help you first
Me: I don't know. Why do you say that?
Zach: Because then you can get better & take care of me. He is OK so he can take care of Grandma til he can donate more blood for her & once you are better you can donate blood to me.

I am blown away that he thought of all of this in this short convo. He is amazingly smart to put all of that together!

Earlier convo:

Me: How is that cute lil bro of yours doing? I want to hold him.
Zach: Yeah he is doing good. He's pretty nice & hes a good listener too.
(Baby Bro....less than 2 months old..........)
Me: What do you mean he's a good listener? (laughing)
Zach: Because earlier today he was hanging out on the floor on a blanket & I went over to him and said "Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle..yeah" & he wiggled then I said "Giggle giggle giggle giggle...yeah" (if you are not getting this, its from the song "I'm sexy & I know it" lmao!!!!) & then he laughed too. Then he got that look on his face like he was going to start crying & I counted down from 5 and he waited til I hit 1 to cry" 
Oh my gosh I was laughing so hard when he was telling me this story. I'm still laughing about baby brother "hanging out on the floor" he's 7 weeks old. That's pretty much ALL they do is "hang out".....oh my. Hilarious.

Just now:
Me: Sweets. I need to go to bed. I am tired from getting up so early everyday (5am)
Zach: Well, that's life.
Me: Yea (laughing) that doesn't make it suck any less.
Zach: No. No it doesn't. Life can really suck.

Again......Laughing. So. Hard.
Aw. his wisdom!!!! This is all from the past 5 hours. I seriously love that kid! He's awesome without trying!!!
I know he is only with me half of the time but I can't imagine my life without him anymore, I'm sure that's how all parents are. But sometimes doing things with him there I just realize how normal it is that I have a tiny human. I mean, ME. I have this great person in my life. That I created. I'm just really grateful for him & all he is & has done for me.


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