Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Usually chopping things is a bad thing right? I mean just saying. Chopping your finger off. Having another limb chopped off. Chopping Onions even makes ya cry.
Well every since I can remember she been choppin our heads choppin choppin our heads...choppin choppin our head (haha. Thanks three 6 Mafia the original Lyrics are Poppin my colla) Excuse me I am still mad. Lets get choppin.

I didn't include the ones from my previous post. Wow. AWEN PHOTOGRAPHY.They really captured the best, Dontcha think?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Good, Bad & the Ugly...

Our wedding was PERFECT! It was such a good day! All my family and friends were there. Joel & I looked AWESOME. However you wouldn't know it from the pictures our photographer took. WORST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER!!!!!! She wasn't proactive in taking pictures, her and her husband both stood in the hallway until they were prompted to take pictures & after that she posed every pic in front of a WINDOW!! Our wedding was a brunch style wedding from 11am-2pm. Every pic is so washed out, and she chopped the heads off in the pics as well, we dont have any pics of family, grandparents, even Joels sisters. We dont have 1 pic. Not even 1 pic of Joel and I close up that our entire heads are in & looking at the camera. Here are my top 5 pictures...

Here are the worst 5 pictures LOL....(Hey at least I can laugh now. I have lost sleep and cried many tears over this....)
WHY would she send this pic????

Most pics she took she chopped heads.....

Couldn't she turn the camera? Zach face is chopped at the bottom and Joels head is chopped at the top. Nobody is even looking at the camera. WTF?????????????? plus the window? =( so amature.

What is she trying to do here?????????


I wrote her a letter saying how devestated I was and how sad the quality of the pics made me. her response was "Sorry you didn't like the pictures. I spent over 60 hours editing them (WTF??? she must really suck at editing) We are not a Traditional Photography team. My appologies" WHAT? So cutting off heads and blurring out images she didn't originally want in the pic is their STYLE of photography??? REALLY??? I haven't paid for her service, and im debating how to handle that right now. I asked her for the RAW images. I can only hope she edited the pictures to chop heads off and I can salvage some of the pics from this day. I cannot replace the damage she has done. Right now since the wedding was only 3 weeks ago I can remember how special the day was...but 20 years from now, the pictures will be all we have left. SO SERIOUSLY SAD!!!! I dont even feel like printing any to make an album. =(

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I AM!!!!!!!

I just had an epiphany. I really am Khloe Kardashian. Except for the being rich part, and the super tall part. She is under constant scrutany from the media and her mom for being "big" and so am I (media=social groups). My mom has made comments to me like "Youre not fat, just on the verge" "If you could just lose 15 lbs..." I think I just look bigger next to my sister because she is so small. Everyone in my family got the same body type and are all little. My mom herself is 3 inches taller than I am but I only weigh 10lbs (sometimes less) more than her. Its just because Im shorter. UGH UGH! Also Im more well endowed in the chest area. Im sorry but those aren't exactly weightless........just saying.
Here is Khloe with her sisters. They are all hot. But doesn't she look huge?

um. Khloe is a size 6. Her sisters are a 0 and a 2.
And here I am with my sister

I dont know what size she is but seriously........I look so fat next to her. Ughh!
At least I know other people can relate to me. I hate this. hahahaa. This shit is getting old! I always feel like Im not good enough because of my dress size. Really? Are we not past this? I haven't been in High School for over 10years.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


We went to CANCUN for the honeymoon! It was perfect! We just lounged on the beach the whole time...like really. We will be going back next year! Here is a photo montage of the honeymoon because I am entirely too busy/tired/lazy/uncreative to write about it! We had a GREAT TIME!

Ps My name is Mrs. Brooke Landsaw now. How weird is that?! Going to take some getting used too! haha. But I like it =)