Sunday, November 28, 2010

His Award.

The certificate says: Zachary is a very pleasant student with a positive attitude. He obeys the rules and listens to the teacher. He is a friend to all.

Not to toot my own horn here. BUT THAT IS MY BOY!!!! Im so glad he is a good boy. I mean of course I taught him to be, but you never know with kids. My parents taught me the same thing and I was a pain in the royal A in Kindergarten. I am not sure what happened but I would leave my house and turn into a terror...I am happy to see that Zach doesn't do this.... hahaha!

Haha! He held that upside down the whole time. Silly Zach. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Zach got an AWARD!

I am a proud Mommy!!!!
Zach just got the "PRINCIPALS PRIDE AWARD" from his school. He got it for being in the top of his class in Kindergarten :)
He gets his picture taken and his accomplishment on the display wall on the bulletin board by the principals office for a week! His name will be announced over the school news and he will be called to the library to recieve a certificate and an award!

I GET TO GO TO THE PRESENTATION!!!! Luckily it is my off week so I will not miss it!

I am so proud of him and how well he is doing in school... He is sounding out words so well!! I sure love that kid! :)


Monday, November 15, 2010

Lets be Realistic!

Realistic: interested in, concerned with, or based on what is real or practical: resembling or simulating real life,or pertaining to realists or realism.Ok I am very guilty of this. I can't even watch movies if I am thinking "What? That would never happen....." I have a very hard time with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Avatar. Because for 1) That would never happen. & for 2) It doesn't make any sense. and for A) WHY? and B) WTF!!!!!! is that creature, and why do they know english?!
Unfortunantly for my son he is the same way. (or maybe fortunatly for him...Depending how you look at it) He is always trying to make sense of things & I love listening to him do this.
Zachie singing:"Well I stuck my head in a lil skunks hole and the lil skunk said Oh bless my soul. take it out, take it out, take it out, take it out. Remoooveeee it." MOM WHY WOULD SOMEONE STICK THEIR HEAD IN A SKUNKS HOLE?? HOW DO YOU EVEN FIND A SKUNKS HOLE?? SKUNKS LIVE IN HOLES??!!!

2 peas in a pod! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010


I am sure unbeknownst as to why, everyone has argued with their small child. I have argued with Zach about why he cannot have cookies before breakfast. For breakfast. I have argued with him about cleaning his room. Why he cannot wear what he has put on himself. Why he has to get his hair done. I have argued with him about how long he can watch TV and why. Why he can't watch certain movies. I also argued with him about why he cannot drink coffee. This is the argument I just listened to him have with Zoey...

Zoe: You are way bossy
Zach: SO are you.
Zoe: You are mean. You know where mean people go?
Zach: No
Zoe: They go to live with the devil. and you will go there because you lie
Zach: No I do not lie. The devil is a spirit. its not even a person. I am not even dead yet.
Zoe: SO. When you die you will go there. You hurt my feelings
Zach: Why does that matter. Im still not going to live with the devil.
Zoe: you hurt my feelings. You need to say sorry
Zach: ok. sorry. Zoe: Brooke! Zach is being mean. The devil is not a spirit, is it?
Me: Um. I dont know. You guys need to get along please.

LOL!!!!!!! My boy is a sassafrass. No! He didn't get that from me ;)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


What I would like to do with $10:
*Buy 2 Coffee's
*Wash my car
*Get a redbox movie (Because lets be honest, this is how much it really costs me!)
*See a movie in a theatre.. Even better
*Take Zachie to subway & watch him eat a whole 6inch + Chips
*Buy cheap Wine
*Put 1/4 tank of gas in my car that I hate
*Buy a new Ipod cover
HOWEVER....This is what I did with the $10.....
I wanted to get my nails done. It has been almost 2 years since I have, and I feel like I deserve to have them for a minute. I go to little China (No it is not really called that... Obviously...) to get them done because Asians are the best at this. I go in & am not awknowledged by lil lady for over 3 minutes... This should have been my first clue. Finally I ask her (she is the only one in the shop.. and she is sitting in a pedi chair watching Tv...) "ARE YOU OPEN???????" She walks over & some lil man comes in from outside and says "you siii her"(you sit here?) lil lady says 'mawiquo'(manicure?) I nod and tell her "full set" I can see she is not understanding because she is filing my real nails tip, She would not be doing that if she was planning on covering them with a fake tip. I ask her if she is going to do Tips for me? She says "yes yes"... I can see this is not going to happen when she starts lotioning my hands. I am getting severly annoyed with this woman. I point at the acrylic and tell her "I want this... You use this?" I am trying to talk english she might understand. Apparently she thinks I like the color? She tells me "k, wah you hans" As she is pointing to the sink. FINE. I AM DONE WITH THIS!!!!!! Afterwards she paints tips on my real nails and puts the pink color on the top so it is darker. This woman has annoyed me more than anyone in a long time! I am sorry but she lives in America. It would be benificial for her to learn some english. Especially when it pertains to her line of work. Seriously, So arrogant. I didn't want to pay the $10 but I knew that I wouldn't be able to explain why!!!! "Teh Dolla" I paid it. Then I felt like a huge ass for not tipping her... Because she is stupid~ excuse the french ;) She didn't realize she did anything wrong. I felt like I was punishing a small child. She looks at me, looks at the reciept, looks back at me. She should have been able to feel the tension in that room from my glare though. You could have cut it with a knife! THERE IS AN ELEPHANT IN HERE BUT LETS NOT TALK ABOUT IT mostly because she wouldn't understand me!!! Oh my....... I was so damn pissed!
"Yo cah bak marrow. no prin recit..." I DONT NEED MY RECIEPT. GET ME OUT OF LITTLE CHINA!!!!!!!!!!
Here is the finished product.

What was she thinking???? Well we all know what I was thinking.
Have a nice day and do not visit China on 7000 S Redwood rd. It is No Good.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Groovin Baby!

About to get my groove on! Albums coming out within 2 months:
1.Rihanna. Nov 16th
However I do not like her new album cover. Or the fact that I can't preview any of the songs on it on Itunes. Cmon. Really?
2. Jagged Edge
I do not know when this is coming out. It was suppose to be Sept but it didn't get released and all the info I can find just say 2010 :( It is Part II of The baby making project. THE REMEDY Uhhhmmmm HELLO!!? All the reviews on this album are lacking. I loved this album. It makes me want to....... Make a baby!
3. Neyo
Yes Please. I love me an artist that writes all of his own music + other good music that popular artists sing. L.O.V.E!!!
4. AVANT!!!!!!!!
Oh my. I ♥ HIM!!!!!! He is my favorite. DEC 7th! THE LETTER! I will be the crazy ass at the store at 12:01am to buy this (ok not really bc I will not leave my house at midnight to go to walmart) But that is how badly I want this album!

Disclaimer. 2 of the artists on this list have callabirated and are doing shows together. WHY ARE THEY ALL IN THE SOUTH??? I would kill to go to a JE/Avant show. Whoever I was with would pretty much be made love to, AT THE SHOW! TMI? yea sorry about that. This is actually the show I bought tickets for in HOUSTON TX earlier this year. It was called Ladies Night Out. I am already overheating. Bahahaha. I want go so bad!!!! anyway.
WOO HOO for new R&B albums. I am in love!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallows ween!!!

This was Jakes year to have Zachie, and I heard he got soaked trick or treating this year. Stupid weather in Utah, Go figure. He was a ninja turtle, and I am waiting to see pictures... I have to wait til they are emailed to me :( The only one i have is this one...

Its from his school class when I peeked into his room after the parade. The parade was cute except for the fact that the kids thought it was a race through time, because this was the only pic I could get of that...

Zach didn't want to wear clothes under his costume!!! Not to worry, I won that argument.

I was planing on being a leprechaun and that didn't work out so well. This was decided after I had bought green things. Ie: eyelashes/tights/earrings. So I used them and became a christmas elf. I made my whole costume myself. I think it is cute!

Drunken Tale time:
Joel locked his keys in the car. We called my friends hubby to come get us. 2:30am We piled all 5 of us into the car. I layed across the 3 in the back. The middle girl in the back got sicken, and puken. We stopped the car and all of us jumped out as if it were on fire & ran around a little, Then I helped clean some of it up. We were 1 block away from home! None of it got on me. Or so I thought... Lets leave that one alone. I wasn't sick, nor did I fall into any bushes/coffee tables or gardens. Those that know me, This is a good thing!!!
We had a good time! :)