Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just sayin....

I am in love with this 75 degree weather
I am wearing a sundress
I just watched Zach run the bases & Hit a baseball over the fence!
I can't wait to go camping...
To the lake...
To the Pool...
To finally have a tan. Im sick of looking like the abominable snowman.
I ♥ Summer!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Caffeine Overload

In the last hour I have
*Repainted my fingernails and toenails
*Cleaned my tub
*Moved all my laundry into my living room
*Avoided my laundry, didn't do any of it
*stubbed my toe on the basket
*Started a book
*Googled Toni Braxton
*Cropped a photo taking only a few centimeters off of each side!!!!
*Changed it to black & white. Sepia then back to how it was and left it.
*Watered my plants
*Moved one plant to my bedroom
*Moved it back into my living room
*Tried on 3 outfits for my picture session tomorrow
*Hated all of them, So probably going to do the same tomorrow.
*Made my bed 30 min before getting back into it.
*Took a pic of my matching Pajamas with my phone
*Deleted it...
*Arranged 1/2 of Zach's movies in alphabetical order
*Got annoyed & stopped
*Drank more coffee.
*Looked at expiration dates on all my creamers...
*Blogged about nothing....................
Hmmm Its after midnight. maybe I should check on Zach & try to sleep now.
Or read more of my book since I stopped reading it on page 3.....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Everything will be ok ...

In the end... IF its not ok, Its not the end. Well thank you whoever said that. Because This is just some stuff I found online that is NOT OK.

WTF is this?? A necklace of a test tube cherrub baby???????

bacon, anyone??? Lets not.. Mmmmkk.

WHHHYYYY???? Why would you wear a Rodent or 15 rodents?

Lets wear jewelry that appears that we are cutters. It will be emo hot. OK What is going on with this??? an anorexic 14 yr old tweaker being a model for pro cutting jewelry?!
AND Naked material babies falling off your hat is the new Black. And not creepy at all....

Howabout Noooooo. You crazy DUTCH Bastard..... (haha... yep... Austin Powers Goldmember....) There is nothing else to say here!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Phone call from cutie!

Z: When do I get to come back to your house?
Me: Soon. Not tomorrow. Not the next day, not the next day but the next day.
Z: So in 4 days?
Me: (laughing...) Yes, 4 days!
Z: (sigh)Why didn't you just say that then????


"My Soccer coach says I am crushing it Mom. Im sure getting good, Aren't I???"

Stinkin Cute!

He also told me the other night "I wish I could stay up with you cuz you sure do look cute today!" Oh my!!! What a Charmer. (Um. He went to bed, right then!!!!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

My top 10

Top 10 reasons I love living alone....
(because lets be honest... It is NICE sometimes)
10. I dont have to cook dinner unless I feel domestic.

9. I can wear mismatch Pj's to bed if I feel like it!

8. I dont have to worry about anyones laundry but my own & Zachs!

7. I sleep in the middle of the bed & all the covers ARE MINE!

6. I can wake up when I need to wake up to MY own alarm clock. & If I want to sleep to 11:30 I can without feeling judged and lazy!

5. I can decorate how I feel like. Without asking anyone what they think...

(point made, Marilyn Monroe in my bathroom behind all my favorite scents..Love this!)

4. When I am up at 4am I can blast Michael Jackson and NOT be quiet.

3. I can rent whatever chick movie I want & not feel bad when nobody watches it with me!

2. Nobody messes with MY stuff! Because lets me real about it...Zach isn't old enough to care what I have. & Nobody that comes over is going to go through anything!

1. Because I CAN! I did it!!! Its not always easy for me to pay my bills on time. Or to BE alone, But it feels so GOOD to have made it this far! Im happy with how things are right now! & excited to see what the future brings me & my #1 man, Zachary! :)

This made me Smile....

They were on the grass right outside my apartment! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brotherly Love!

Zach (as most of you know...) has a little sister through his Dad & Step Mom. She is the cutest little thing. I just love her! Lately she has been playing the game where she comes to me. Then goes back to her mom. Then back to me.... Jake has always said she looks like Zach. And I didn't really see it... well I looked at some pics of him as a baby and THEY ARE TWINS!!!!!! OH MY!!! NO wonder I love her. HaHa!
Here is a picture of Zach as a baby... 9 months old here...

Here is a picture of Baby Victoria...7 months old here...

If i didnt know better Id think they were both my kids! Or the same kid. Zach looks more like me than he does Jake. So... How does Victoria look like Zach?? LOL... Genepool craziness!
Zach loves Victoria. He refers to her as "my baby" He says he is never going to hit her or be mean to her because she is his baby. He says I need to have another baby in my tummy because he loves his baby and wants another new baby at my house. He is the cutest big brother, and always helps out! They have Zach watch her downstairs while they do other things around the house and he is a good babysitter. He doesn't pick her up and drag her around. And if she is crying he makes her laugh. It is so cute!
Here is them together.....

Sorry about the bad pictures. I had to take pictures of pictures because they were all prints :( But you get the idea!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Momma Day!

I had a Great Mothers Day! Despite the fact that I had to work... I purposly slept in & My sweets brought me these at work for me.... :)

After work I went to pick up my little/not so little man from his dad. And he opened the door ready to tell me HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
He made this C.U.T.E present for me at school with his handprint! I Love it!!!

And also gave me this CARD:

He told me what all the things he drew were. haha... with the following comments:
"I gave you really long legs didn't I?... Why did I?"
"You only have fingers on one hand...thats silly of me huh?"
"That Pizza really looks like pizza, Doesn't it?"
"Thats the earth but it doesnt look very big!!"
SO CUTE!!! Not sure about the garbage can.... ha!

LITTLE ONE IS SO CUTE!! he told me "im not going to be sassy or tell you NO today. But maybe I still will tomorrow....." LOL!!! Thank you Zach for being such a good boy for mommy! & true to his word he started to say NO but then said OK. It was kinda like "NNaaaOOOK Mama!!" :)
I then went to dinner with family and sat in the Hot Tub to relax with my beau (Not Zach. My other Beau!)
I would also like to Thank my own Mama...

For always listening to me VENT when I need it, and giving me advice. and being super patient with Zachie. I try really hard but she is 10x more patient than me! Her and I have opposite personalities so you'd think we would clash... and sometimes we do. But I wouldn't change her, and am glad we are friends. She is the most caring, sensitive person I know & very talented. Love you!

Hope all the MOMMYS out there had a great day with their kids & Families!! :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A for Avatar/Awesome?

Ok. I finally watched Avatar... It was OK. I thought I would hate it and I spent more than 6 months avoiding this movie with every inch of my being. But Are they serious??? It was 3 1/2 hours long... They could have done that same movie in about 1 1/2 hours. Why would he change into a "real" Avatar at the end? It reminded me of Planet of the Apes when he kissed that girl Ape at the end...?????? Really? The best thing about this movie is the fact that Zach got a Avatar figurine in a kids meal.. that lit up when you made noise or talked to it... I showed him by putting it right by my mouth and making a dull "uuuggghhhhhhhh" sound into it....Well he found it the other day and I woke up to him "Uhhhhhhh" "ughhhhhhhhhhh" "ugh" "uhhhghhhh" I Laughed out loud because he thought you had to make that sound in order for it to light up! Dear Avatar, I am more amused by the light up figurine of you, Than the actual show.. I mean get real! On top of this, Their is an online support group for people who think/wish AVATAR is "real" and they have discussions on the movie and how it can really happen. Once again... Seriously?
I should find the website! This movie was such a hype. All I have ever heard was that its the best movie ever and the special effects are awesome. Well... Its a green creature riding a bird in the jungle and getting shot at by helicopters. Oh they are right... Awesome. Hahaha! It really is the adult Ferngully. I think ill stick with the cartoon. Thanks bye.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hair.. Dont.

Maybe if someone shaved my hair off they could use it as a mop top.


Why is my hair so nappy? If i didn't know better I would think I was half african american with this fro.
I cant contain it. My hair is either:
*Clogging the shower drain
*Getting caught in the back of the blow dryer
*Shedding everywhere like a dogs
*Tangled in a hair clip (I have to cut them out sometimes)
*Getting stuck in my gum or my boyfriends
*This morning it was in Zach's cereal... :(
Time for a cut??!!!?