Friday, February 19, 2010


Ok. This falls under the catagory of things that must go. I do have a love for tattoos. It is true what they say, they ARE Addicting. I think I will get 56, It sounds like a good number (um being sarcastic, if you cannot tell...) I just got my 4th one. I will post pictures as soon as it heals.... But I found this and read about this girl... I love nothing about this. except for that its on her face!!!

HAHA. Apparently she wanted 3 stars and fell asleep (During a face tattoo of 3 mini stars. How long was this process taking??) And woke up with 56 stars. Later she said it was a lie because her dad freaked on her when she got home. LMAO.
Then I saw this....

I love Jimmy Fallon. Im having a love affair with him. I just think he is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! hahaha.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A L.o.V.e Story!

I just fit into my skinny jeans. AND they are kinda loose at the top! I loveee when dieting finally pays off! It seems like such a long road of no progress at all.

Valentines day was truly filled with ♥LOVE♥ for me because that is when this happened.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back that thang up....

Or maybe Pull it forward.....

Can someone tell me what this crazy woman is trying to do???

Ok I know that she is trying to move. But 4 other apartments need to use these stairs to get to their domain. Excuse me, this is not a parking spot... IS SHE FOR REAL??? For the last 3 days she has done this. BLOCKING Zach and I from using the stairs. Yesterday she was in the truck arranging boxes and she said "hi" to me. I stood there. Holding library books, Zachs backpack and 2 jamba juices and she didn't offer to move her truck for me.
I said to Zach "Um ok. I guess we will climb over this!!!" thinking that would then trigger her to apologize. but NOPE!!!! I am fed up with her. Tonight it was the same thing. Hence the pic being at night. But... seriously.
When did people lose their manners? I know I am too nice. But a little kindness isn't a bad thing. I can't wait for her to leave. I hope she is the Opera Queen so I dont have to hear it anymore!

Army FAIL!

So I have been finding these delightful army guys EVERYWHERE! a few places are:
*In my bed
*In the refrigerator
*Under all the rugs I have in my apartment
*In the lamps
*Washing Machine
*Set up for battle around the bathtub
*Down heater vents... etc
You get the point. Well a few days ago my garbage disposal stopped working. I took all the food out of it and it still wouldn't work. I had to put in a maintenance request for it.
Today they came to fix it... After taking it apart they realized 3 army guys were lodged into the disposal and it just needed to be reset. The guy is handing them to Zach as he pulls them out of the blades and Zach is saying stuff like "What Tha??" "I have green ones too...." "HIS LEG IS GONE!!!" I guess thats the price you pay when you are at war.
Anyway, I am happy my disposal is working & that only 1 leg was lost during battle!