Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Memory Lane...

I am recalling some of the stuff from the past 5 years. I found a journal cleaning up and loved to visit my past... the sad. crazy. happy. Here are a few things that I rememba:
*Side swiping my X husbands entire car backing out of the driveway. His new car :) We were trying to be seperated & living in the same house at the time. I went inside at 6AM and yelled "HIT YOUR CAR..." then slammed the door and went to work LOL
*Wrote about feeling sad & undesirable after my divorce. The next entry was about having a breakfast date, Afternoon Coffee date & dinner/movie date all in the same day!!! Yes, I believe I kissed all of them Hahahaha......
*One day about 3 1/2 years ago I called in sick to work all week long & went on an impromtu road trip by myself. I went to Vegas. But did not tell anyone I was going. This is the first I have said of it. I even called my mom during this time period and talked about the weather...to which I had just looked up online.(Now. I am not the only one who runs off to Vegas. My X did this also coming back Married & forgot to mention it to me for a week.)
*Turned left into someone on Zach's 1st Bday... Also, the day I moved out of my house with my X. Totaling my car. With all my stuff in it. So not only did my dad have to come get me & Zach. He also had to unload my life and reload it into his car :(
*One night a friend of mine said he wanted to intro me to his friend whos nickname was "Strange"... I thought ok. thats weird. But ok. So Strange comes over with my friend, wearing pants with holes in them. A Tshirt that says "I DIDN'T DO IT" on it...Long nasty hair.. & a FANNY PACK!! as if this is not enough. He doesn't say 1 word to me. All the sudden pulls out a pencil and a piece of paper out of his fanny pack & starts to draw me. See pic below....

He was kind enough to allow me to keep his artwork!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???? LOL LOL LOL. I had forgotten. Haha. Im so glad I saved it.
*Made a bet with a co-worker @ Plasma Donor Center where I worked that I could get more "donor dates" than her. I won.
*Met a guy @ the first club ever I had gone to... He said his name was Aaron. 3 weeks later he confessed his name was actually David & everything he had told me over the past 3 weeks was actually his twin brothers life & not his!!!! Clubs=Deciet.
*Lent a "friend" $400. NEVER DO THIS!!! When I ask about the money he said if I served him papers he would kill my son in front of me. I still do not know how to take this. WHO THE HELL SAYS THAT? Needless to say he still owes me the money & I didn't talk to him EVER AGAIN.
*After working a graveyard shift rolled my car into someones. Didn't go through my ins. Paid out of pocket....$400. (isn't it funny how that works??)
*Flew to Idaho on a 4 seater plane. & Had breakfast w Mr Walton! Whom I was dating @ the time.
*Took naughty pics. Forgot about this development. asked the worker at Walmart to help me with my Xmas card... that was next to the other pics on my SIM. LOL you should have seen her face!!!!
*Lived in 4 different places in a 4yr period....& looking to move again right now.
*Drove to Vegas. Fell asleep on the way home.. taking my car through a fence off the side of I-15. IN AMERICAN FORK...15 min away from home. Really Brooke??? Totaling the car. I had just bought it 2 weeks earlier.
*Lived at home with the parentals for 6 months and was given a "Contract of Peace" which entitled I attend church on sundays and be home by 11pm on weekends, and not text or talk on the phone after 1130pm & no showering or listening to music after midnight!!!!!! I WAS 24 & obviously had my own child... LOL!!! Hence why I could only stay for 6 months. It was no BUENO.
*Drank alot Sat night. Hungover all day sunday w a 1yr old...Working 12hr graveyard shift on Sunday night...Up with 1yr old all day Monday. Working another 12hr shift Monday Night...Again having Zach all day Tues. And working Tues night another 12 hours. I remember specifically getting 8 hours of sleep in a 4 day period when that happened :( :(
*Got a credit card. First thing I bought was an IPOD. Pretty sure I have yet to pay off that credit card lmao. I have been paying intrest on my IPOD for 4 years now LOL LOL!!!!
*Called poison control when Zach brought me an empty benadryl bottle and said "Mama All gone...." He had just dumped it & didn't injest any!!!
*Doing the HCG diet. losing 28 pounds. I need to do that again!!! :)
*Posting a long blog about stuff nobody wants to read. But I wanted to remember it. My journals are BURN worthy. I have way to much JUICE in them. They are not the kind that you "pass on" to your children! I would prefer Zachie NEVER reads them. Hahaha....

Friday, June 25, 2010


So today was not a good day for me... Well let me rephrase that. It was a good day. I went swimming w Zach & my Bestie and her kids... Got tan/sunburnt. Before this happened (And i put this on FB... but im reputting it here) I went to Einstein Bagels & a "nice" man maybe 55-60ish told me "ladies first" & insisted I go before him in the line. How nice I thought.. Chivalry is NOT dead. But much to my demise he started tracing my tattoo with his fingertip...This one....

Yeah.. Not ok with this.
for 1) Dont touch strangers. I always thought it was a bit creepy when I was expecting and random people would come feel my stomach. Sorry I didn't even touch my best friends belly when she was pregnant. I guess im only "touchie" with whom im dating. Chivalry has plummeted to the earth hitting trees on its way down. No way is this socially acceptable.
for 2) I just got the chills. Like the kind where you sense a huge spider in the hallway and turn the light on & BAM there it is!
as if this isn't enough for the day.... THIS HAPPENED.....

I was at the grocery store shopping at about 9pm. (As I previously mentioned.. I went swimming today, and had yet to shower so I wasn't looking the hottest) This worker (mid 40's) thats always there asking how I am? in a creepy kinda way was OF COURSE THERE. I was picking out some Bananas & he was restocking them.
I picked some up and he urgently put some in the place I took them from. So I said "ohh haha. you're on it!" to which he replied "I wanna be on it. Like Blue Bonnet" as he is creepily staring at me............................................................................................................................................................................... I didn't say anything.

I was trying to figure out if he just had went there?!
Then he said "Oh. you're probably a little young for that phrase.. hahah" I told him I was familiar with the saying. And walked off. :(

On it like Blue Bonnet. LMAO!!!

Then the cherry on this day is as we are walking out of the grocery store a lady stops to tell me that Zach is adorable. And Zach says REALLY LOUD less than 1 second after she walks off "MOMMY THAT LADY HAS A WEIRD LOOKING FACE!!!"

I hope someone can get a laugh out of all of this. I am laughing now!!! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

15 DAYS!!!

Til I will be doing this......Yep. SKYDIVING!!!

Seriously so EXCITED, NERVOUS, HAPPY! Im so glad I am finally going to do it! Its been a long time coming for me. Can't WAIT!!!! :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

90's Throwback!

If you know me at all, you know I love 90's music!
*This song is just classic!!
*Coolio has 5 KIDS!!
*He was also a firefighter before he hit the music scene!
*I dont really have a reason that I like this song.
*We talked about it at work a few years ago and I came home and downloaded it that day.
*Play count on Itunes is 156. hahaha.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My To-Do!

Ah! Sat.. the weekend. A day of rest & relaxation???? I WISH!
Here is my to do list:
*This day is already annoying....Getting up to start it at 2am!!!!
*Be at work by 3am which actually turned into 3:24am.

*5am. Went to Starbucks @ University Hospital. (Lost my sweet spot right by the door... The person who stole it had their blinker on while waiting for me to back up... not sure about this individual!!!)Thank you to Starbucks for being open 24hrs or I am not sure how this day would go?
*Listened to a bunch of men talk in the ER... about which girl had a bigger chest?? (yes I think it was a bit early for this also.....)
*Got an extra shot of espresso!
*Working til 1145am
*12pm. Getting to Zach's LAST Soccer game of the season. (GO ZACHIE!!!)
*Go shopping for Fathers day... This would be a quick process had I known what I was looking for. My dad said to get him 3 bags of gluten free corn chips. (because 1 bag would just be lame) & Last time I checked that isn't a gift?????
*Change the oil in ghetto girl, My fab car (Thanks to Andi my bestie for the name which originated in college & unfortunantly has carried on into my late 20's. Hoping to improve financially & bury that name for good in my 30's) bc I would like for her to not die on the side of the road in 2010 & the light is on.....
*Nap??? This is wishful thinking for me....
*Go to a party w/ Joel & try not to lapse into an alcohol/sleep deprivation coma while there or become emotional & cry about something unrelated to anything that actually matters.... Because I tend to do this, while tired.
I would like to be in bed tonight by 11pm seeing as how I have to wake up tomorrow at 4am to come back to work.
I would also like to add that my apartment is in need of some TLC because this blog is pretty much how this whole week has been going for me.
*I'd like to add that I am not downplaying that everyone reading this is equally as busy.. I know you are!

*The times listed in this blog are exactly accurate & the names have not been changed! hahaha ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Going to the gym!

I hope this doesn't happen to me!
I have just gotten a gym membership!
At least I know to remove my bling bling before stepping on a treadmill.
Thanks for the tip!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Favorite Songs Sunday!

I am starting a new blogging tradition. I want to post a song of mine on sundays & say why it is blog worthy. Why you ask? Because its sunday. Like I said ;)

I like this because:
A)I will be going to his concert this fall!
B)Everyone (well I dont know... But I sure have) had this exact relationship. You know it is going to END eventually but you stay...to slow dance!
C)This line "I make the most of all the sadness, you'll be a bitch because you can" Because I have done this. LOL
D) Because at the end of the song he tells her to "Cry about it Why dont you..." Which is just what happens at the end of a relationship. YOU DONT CARE ANYMORE!!!
This song is so True! 4 Stars.

Disclaimer..No this song is not applying to me, right now. Just sayin!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Baby is 5!

The day Zach was born!

And now he is 5!! He is a whole hand old. Crazy how fast time went by...
And here my attempt at making cupcakes look like baseballs for him... LOL... I think they are cute but im not near being the next Martha Stewart. I was laughing at myself so lines are even worse off! Then I ran out of red gel... Hahaha....

Here's to the next year!! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kindergarten Get Ready...

Zach is COMING!!!!
Today MY BABY Graduated... The highlights.
*No early mornings for the summer dumping cereal down the drain to prove a point that when I say eat. I mean it.
*No homework!!
*No trying to remember to switch off the backback between Jake and I. I dont know how many times I met Jake off a freeway exit between our 2 houses to trade Zach's backpack that was forgotten @ 10pm!!!
*He will be attending a TRADITIONAL school. NO OFF TRACKS!!! This makes Mommies & Daddy very happy!!

His Teacher Miss Lesa was great! & When Trisha his step Mom picked Zach up on the last day of school this is what was said:
She told her that Zach said that he really liked coming to preschool. Then she said that over the years you have a few favorite students that stick out, and Zach is one of them. He is very well adjusted for having two homes, he's very confident, ahead of his class and a great kid.

AWESOME!!! All Mine & Jake's fears about being divorced are not coming true! She also told me alot of kids wet the bed & have night terrors if they are shifted around. I did not know this, But very glad I dont have either of those problems! Zach is so perfect! :)
LOL I prob should have cropped that kid out.. but I seriously thought it was hilarious. He must really have to go.....

Him & his Sister Victoria. How cute are they?!?! She loves him. Everytime she saw him tonight she got so excited!! Loved it!

Zach we're so PROUD OF YOU!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Divorced Dont's...

If someone tells you they are divorced DO NOT:
*Say "Im Sorry" ... It obviously had a series of events that took them there. If you are not divorced, obviously it would destroy you to lose your spouse. Well i am divorced and I was happy to see that end!
*Ask them out. This is a no no.
*(To girls) Make a joke about the child support they are surely bringing in & how they are rich. Because that is not the case for alot of women. Even the dads that pay... Don't owe thousands a month.
*Ask why. This is a loaded question... Why do people think its appropriate to pry in the middle of a crouded lunchroom? Im pretty sure everyone gives the same answers... "it wasnt Right" "We were too young" "We grew apart" OR "He cheated" LOL. So why go there??
*Offer Advice. Im not sure why anyone ever does this, In any situation... Unless, they are asked for it.

It has been 4 years since my Divorce this month! & I am happy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birth. Day. Pics.

I got mine and Zach's pics taken for our Bdays. Mine is the 2nd & his is the 8th. Its been a few years since ive gotten any taken with him! He is such a stud... Seriously such a good boy. He told me before well he yelled at me before we left to get these done.. "MOM... I HATE THIS TIE & THIS HAT." He told me a week earlier he hated the tie because it has pirates on it, and they get you in REAL life. hahaha. I told him that it was for my bday too and to please be a good boy for Mommy. And he DID!!!! I love it when kids listen :)
And I put all these on FB but I had to put them on here too!!! Overkill? Probably.

Some of us Together:

Some of Zachie!!!

Then just Me....
(This photographer had an issue w/ wanting me to make a straight face. I dont know why. I look pissy without a smile....I snuck one in, But most of the pics were me looking like i was about to pull a knife on her. haha)

I dont know.... Don't judge me...

They all turned out pretty good! Except for one........

LOL!! We look like we are standing in the wreckage of a burned down house, pissed off.
So funny!!!!
Another funny, This photographer (what was she thinking....?) had me sitting in the doorway of a train. Left leg up in the door with me. Right leg hanging... Ummm... I didn't think about it at the time, When I saw the pics it looked like I was in Labor. Seriously. Spread eagle on the train... I know TMI.. But it was Hilarious!!! Yes, I do have the pic. But i am not Gutsy enough to post it at this time
kthx bye.