Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Most Embarrasing Moment...

The following is pretty much the most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to me.

So I went on an adventure to donate plasma. I use to work at a center and its a pretty easy way to make extra money. Which couldn't hurt at this stage in the game.... SO everything is fine. I donate all the plasma required and the machine is in the process of returning my red blood cells to me. I felt like i hit a wall, really dizzy and started seeing tunnel vision. I raised my hand to tell a technician. They came over and elevated my feet (i was in a skirt, and am sure i flashed anyone sitting across me) and put an ice pack behind my neck. Then i was nauseated. The poor girl held a garbage can for me and I puked in it. Due to the fact that i was in a decline I couldn't sit up, not to mention i still had a 17gage needle in my arm. So I started to choke on my own vomit!!! a few mintues later i was fine, and sitting up drinking water. But everyone there was lookin at me like "wtfffff....." it was seriously so embarrasing. Ive never had to have anyone wipe my chin before. As i got up to leave, I just felt every eye in the room staring at me......... The worst part about this is my body was out of my control this whole time- but my mind wasn't. I was FULLY aware of everything that was happening and felt like a total idiot. For anyone unfamiliar with this process, it can make you sick for multiple reasons. *the needle alone makes some people sick. *if you dont drink enough water you can become dehydrated (which is what happened to me) Or *if you dont eat 2 hrs before and right after you can also become sick.
Because I use to work at a center, I know that this kinds of stuff happens all the time. But it never happened to me. so pretty sure it was the WORST!!! hahaha. I was fine, then about an hour later I went to pick up zach. As im in the car about to leave I had to open the door and puke out of it. LOL.
I am happy to replace my most embarrasing moment! Which involved a photo and a walmart photo dept worker. I will not get into that!!!!! :)

I still do not have internet. I am borrowing this computer. But am scheduled to get it monday and can't wait to show pics of my new place!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Graduate 09!

Zachary graduated his 1st year of Preschool. I am putting him in for 2 years. I put him in at 3.
Zach's class... oh, do you see him?? I dont either. Probably because he was throwing a mini tantrum in the chair next to me, and wouldn't go up!

Right after he decided to join his class, and graduate like a big boy. (after I threatened to not take him swimming or to lunch with Rylee & Brody, his 2 best friends!!)

Zach with his dad and step mom Trisha....

My big boy getting his diploma from Miss Lesa....

Zach with his dad and me!

The cute yearbook that all the kids signed with a class picture in it! I love it!!

Zach & me since our Birthdays are 6 days apart. He is not amused with me, since I have been taking 809 photos today.

He wanted a NINJA birthday party, but ughhh... Apparently they dont make cakes with ninja's on them. I was surprised too!

He is so excited to take swimming lessons this summer, and play soccer in the fall! He is getting so big!! :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Short but sweet...

Just thought I would share my excitement about the following:
* Firstly,I am DONE moving! hell ya.
*It is almost officially summer.
*I got a new computer for my birthday, and no longer have to upload photos with my mobile phone :) its not set up yet though :(
*I have 3 paychecks in July lol
*I have a family reunion/vaca in a month
*Zach is 4, and almost grown out of the baby tantrum stage :)
*Lastly, Im almost to start a diet that works really well. It sucks, but Im excited to trim down!!