Monday, July 23, 2012

:::::::Child Support::::::

Child Support. It AINT right.

I am sick to death of WOMEN. That I am one. But I like to think Im one of the better ones. Dear Women, Stop parading around with signs about the Womens Rights Movement making sure EVERYONE and their damn dog know that you "can" do everything a man can do. Then turn around and try to squeeze blood out of a turnip aka getting every cent humanly possible from baby daddy. You are an OXY MORON.. Women are idiots. I am 1/2 the time embarrased to be associated in this catagory. (Yes, I do stupid shit all the time. I admit it and move on.) WHY do some women think everything is owed to them? Sorry but you are not entitled to more money paid to you because you couldn't make your relationship work or because you screwed it up just because you have a child. They think they shouldnt have to pay for this or for that because it is for their kid so its the Dads responsibility. Wait? What? What did I just say? EXACTLY!!!! Oh, But its written in the Divorce Decree that you have to pay for this and for that and I will also bitch at you for not paying for other things. Who the hell follows some wording that was written X amount of years prior? maybe take care of your KID. THEY CAME OUT OF YOUR BODY!!!!!!!!!! Oh. they do it because its conveninent for them and to the hell with anyone else. Im so sick of selfish people. Let me break this down for you a little clearer. Divorced Dads give X amount of money to Childs mother for CHILD SUPPORT. It is to Support the Child incase there is some confusion here. Then Father has to also further Support their child while the child is spending time with THEM (aka: buy clothes for them (that they already kind of did by giving the mother money), food, activities (which were also paid for while at mothers house), medical ins etc) So fathers are double paying for their kid. Right? Yeah, thats definantly okay. Its the LAW right? I get the law originated because Women couldn't make as much money as Men and they needed help to support the kid. Well sorry, but this is no longer the case. If the women works and makes as much as the man. I dont care if they are a woman....and that they had a kid come out of their body. Child Support should be Null and Void. Each parent should be able to Support the child individually for their Child. AND if something is going on...Like medical bills or Day care, what not... SPLIT IT. It doesn't seem like rocket science to me. SO OVER THIS!!!!!!! More times than not Women are getting away with murder by using the money they are getting to get tattoos. Buy big Tv's. Redecorate their house, buy the latest phone, they deserve it, though, right?. Sorry but EFF THIS. Women should have to supply reciepts of the money they get to show how it went towards the child. <----I FULLY believe this statement.

Ok Now I am obviously a woman, and divorced. I do get child support. And sometimes I have needed to use this money towards Rent, and towards groceries. That is my decision because it is my money? Right? I full on think this money should not go towards rent. It is for MY SON, It should go into an account for HIM or go towards things he needs. The amount of money I get every month is far more than it costs to support him monthly. That being said I recieve $90 a month from Zachs Dad. Should it be more? Maybe. But I only think this way because of Society. $90 is more than enough to get him clothes and he isn't an infant so he eats what food we have in the house. If he were to join a league it would generally cost about $65 at his age. Oh, I have money left over. SO last time I checked. I am not signing Z up for a league every month. Or buying him $90 of clothes per month. I AM USING THIS MONEY TO LIVE. Wrong? YES. His school lunch money could be paid by ME fully with this $90 but his Dad and I split this cost.. So I PAY HALF AND SO DOES HE. (as I was saying earlier. Not Rocket Science!) My plan is to put this $90 in an acct for him as soon as I do not need this money to make rent. ZACH DESERVES THIS MONEY TO BE SAVED. IT IS FOR HIM!!!!! and I am going to do my best to save it for him because it totally irritates me needing to use it for ME, when it is not MINE. Now a selfish woman would argue that using this money for rent is giving the child a home. LOL!!!!!!! Don't even get me started here.

Now just to touch on this subject lightly, I only think this should apply to Dads who are in their kids lives and see them regularly. If they decide to jump state- by all means open a case and get their checks garnished because YOU are doing ALL the work, in these circumstances. Do right by the child though, and get them adopted by someone who does want to be in their life. <---Dont just keep getting Money from the biological Dad. Thats also on YOU and goes back to the original blog. Grow the $h!t up!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Big Break

Now normally I would be refering to the time I drank an entire bottle of wine and decided to eat it into a coffee table breaking 2 bones in my hand. That was my former biggest break. This time I am refering to a JOB!!! I am so happy that I finally got this. Now when I say I am due for this it is an understatement to the Nth degree. I got laid off (fired) from ARUP in FEB 2011 after working there for almost 5years and this happened 6mo before I fully vested in my retirement (REALLY? WTF!!!!) Since this time I have applied for at least 10 jobs a week and that includes while I was working at Highmark, Fulcrum, Davids Bridal & Sutter (where I am working now) I am sick to death of applying for work! SICK. The new job is at the University of Utah Hospital as a Surgical Technician. I am beyond excited and HAPPY. I feel I can finally move on with my life. I know that sounds dramatic but this is ME we are talking about here. I hate Mon thru Fri 9-5. It is something that will never work for me. I can't get anything done. 9 to 5 is the absolute worst shift I have ever worked besides the one I work now that is 10-7. I despise not having weekdays off work, and with family. I am sorry but it just doesn't work if you're at work all the time. The new job will be 4 tens swing shift or a night position. Swing shift would be mostly awesome but I actually really like graves. I like them for the following reasons: I never miss anything. I just go to it tired. I have all day everyday to schedule appointments and I can also volunteer in Zachie's class (because lets be honest his Step mom does this in his class and i don't--because I have to work, and this thorn in my side is leaving permanant scaring!!!) I also super despise desk jobs. I hate them! If I could punch a job in the face it would be any job that I am sitting all day. Ive actually gotten in a fight w my husband about this because he tried to convince me that desk jobs were awesome. I almost punched HIM in the face. My new job I will get a raise, not have to do my hair because I will be wearing a cover and I get to go into the OR sometimes. Yes I do like to get ready for work but it is kind of a hassle sometimes trying to figure out what to wear. Thats what I loved about working in a lab previously. At that time I thought "this sucks. I wish I could get ready for work and wear heels" UM I will never say that again. NEVER.
Also let me just ballpark how many jobs I have applied for at IHC hopsital & the U combined since feb 2011.....OVER 100. I heard a statistic that when looking for a job you get 1 interview out of 60 applications submitted in this economy. I felt this was very true for me, and not true for anyone else looking for work. OMG! I struggled so bad with this. NOW IT IS OVER!
Lil miss can breath easy and it is time for a Celebration/Toast. WOO HOO!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Whoops! I forgot the T in my title. But thats pretty much how it feels anyways. UGH! I hate Dieting. H.A.T.E! I tend to put myself on 3 diets per year for about a month length of time each time to maintain my weight. So I spend 1/4 of my year dieting. FML! Now this is not the most efficient way of maintaining a weight. Why don't I just eat healthy all the time? HAH!!! Truth is, I really am not that unhealthy of an eater.My metabolism is as good as an infant child is at vocabulary. The following are diets I have tried.
*The South Beach
*HCG (aka hot call girl)
*Dukan (aka Dukan't)
*The GM Diet

I would actually say diets are not that hard for me. Once I decide to do it, I just eat what I can (other than wine and cocktails, because I am not going to forfeit everything LOL)  I think the biggest misconception with dieting is cheating on your diet. Sometimes agitation takes over and it would be better for you to "cheat" than it would be to not. Its your sanity. BUT here is where it backfires. Once you cheat, you cheat all day because "YOU ALREADY CHEATED" so instead of having ate one thing that is bad. You end up eating 89374 things that are bad and feel way worse about yourself LOL! Dieting also sucks because depending on what "diet" you are on cheating affects you differently because you are on different food restrictions. For Example the diet I started today (Dukan) is a high protein diet. So eating fruit is totally cheating, and fruit isn't bad for you. So I eat an apple- thats just as bad on this diet as eating chocolate. You are not suppose to go there. To prepare myself for this diet last night, I consumed an entire bag of fresh cherries. Seriously. I ate the whole bag!
Now what are the reasons for going on a diet?
The new year (hahahaha) because your favorite pants don't fit right, because of an event coming up that you want to look hot for, because you are gluten for punishment.  Ok, The following 3 are applying to me right now. My pants dont fit and I would like to buy some shorts. Seeing as how I dont own any. I always wear dresses and skirts. esp in the summer! But I hate that my pants don't fit and my lovely husband just dried my skinny jeans in the dryer. OMG!!! Now they shrunk and make me look anything but skinny. Event is this: Family pictures. As if thats not explanatory enough: The last and most recent family picture was when I was a JR in HIGH SCHOOL. Yep thats right, no family pics with my parents/x husband/ or my son are around. Im getting pictures for my Mom for her Bday in Nov that will most likely be taken in Sept Which gives me about 6 weeks to slim down for this shot. If this trend continues the next family picture that will be taken will be when I am 45!!!!! I MUST ROCK THIS ONE!!!  And yes, I enjoy punishing myself. Not really, But I do like the results.

I also have thought this before. That I wish I would get so super sick that I would basically die. then when I didn't i'd be skinny. How awful to think. But Im sick of my weight being something constantly on my mind. People joke "Meth. Best diet ever" "Chemo, Best diet ever" "Parasite. Best diet ever" "Dukan. Best diet ever." Ok said no one ever, about the Dukan. But........
Here is to diet dos. (2nd one of the year) CHEERS!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Do you ever find yourself picking apart song lyrics and feeling like the song was written about YOU. I do this ALL. THE. TIME. Those that know me know I am a huge R&B girl. (When I first wrote that I left out R&B. Serious. It said Those that know me know I am a huge girl. LOL!!! Well... That is neither here nor there......) Anyways!!! I love LOVE SONGS! But I dont know that I would classify myself as a hopeless Romantic I am a hopeless Realist. I truly think people can be Happy in whatever situation even if its not the greatest. But I am very Cynical and Sarcastic in personality. Basically I am a trouble maker, and all songs are about Me. Now that we've got that straight I want to pick apart this Boys II Men song and why it is about ME and JOEL! ( I have seen these Boyz in Concert TWICE, and oh my! They are amazing and fun!)
The song is FLOW and it is one of the new songs from Boyz II Men. The Album came out OCT 2011. I Love 90's R&B and that is their roots~ Ok so on with the song!!!!!!
The lyrics are on the video incase you can't understand my language. Errr, I mean their singing!

Peeps who follow my blog or read it. Thanks for reading it because I have been to hell and back this past year! Seriously the devil isn't a man or woman. It is found in EVERYTHING! It is a THING. And I am glad to say that I am out of my funk and my Relationship with ma man is back where it should have stayed! Im sure you all were reading all these posts about me and divorce and fights and drama. I use writting as a form of venting and its probably not the best thing ever when it gets published on my Blog but it does help, I have a lot that didn't get published and I still wish I would have published them because it speaks volumes about me and I am sure others would relate. But, that being said this song was OUR relationship metaphorically (without the kids!) and after we let it breathe we stopped wanting to strangle each other! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sugar Coating.....

Webster defines this as: cause to appear more pleasant or appealing!!! Which really? Everyone is GUILTY of doing this. Even restaurants, If you order something off the menu from a picture, it really doesn't look like that. SO DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!!
When is it Ok to Sugar Coat? And when is it not?
"Do I look fat in this dress?" <--------OK to Sugar Coat.
"I freakin burned this chicken" <-----OK to Sugar Coat.
So why can't anyone handle the truth??? I try to avoid people that are to "abrupt" for me. They bug its like they don't have a filter. Have you ever tasted Coffee without it going through a filter? I mean it is not the business!!!! This filter less person is like that cup of coffee to me.
So when does it go from Sugar Coating to straight up Lying? and is still ok if it involves a child???? The reason for this blog is because I get so annoyed with People and how they are with their kids. Seriously! Stop Sugar Coating EVERYTHING. If they SUCK they SUCK. Not to be abrupt because I just did say I hate people that are too abrupt. But seriously I have had it with this. Kid seriously is ridiculous at something, I mean not good at all. Don't blow smoke up their little bum. Point out what they ARE good at, and move on from it. These kids are all over American Idol making fools of themselves, because they think they are the Cats Pajamas. I am on a tirade! The way I was raised is exactly this way. My parents always told me I can do better, it use to bug me. Like, really? I just tried really hard to get that B and you are mad about it??? But I couldve gotten an A. That's what its about! Also, my cousins and I would be getting into all sorts of trouble and doing this and that. THEIR parents response when we got caught "My kids would never do that" MY parents response "MY kids are the ones that influenced them" This also use to bug me. It was always ME, MY FAULT. Well, Sorry for Zach I am the same way. I always think it is HIM if something is going on, and more times than not, Its NOT him. But why do parents have this veil over their eyes about their kids??? They aren't that cute. They aren't that smart. They aren't good at everything. Its not rude to be honest about this. Right? I will be the first one to tell Zach "You're not very good at that. But keep practicing" I'm not about to tell him he is amazing just because he tried. He's not. Its great on him that he tried, for sure! Not saying that, but that doesn't mean he needs to be over praised. Am I wrong?? I see this on a daily basis of parents over praising their kids. Sorry but they need to hear how it is too. I feel it is sending them down a wrong road in life, of not earned cockiness and explosive self esteem. There is a difference between being confident and cocky. I want to raise confident kids. Kids that have earned that confidence because they are good and smart. Not cocky ones that walk around thinking they are amazing (because of fake smoke blown up their ass constantly by their parents) when everyone is seeing they aren't, I mean how embarrassing. How can parents be so blind????
Convo with my Dad: "The kids should only get a trophy if they win" (about Zachie's baseball/basketball/soccer trophies) "well they are little still, and they don't keep an acurate score" D:"Well....then they definantly shouldn't be getting a trophy" .........Not that I mind that the kids get trophies. But why do they? I think he is right. It didn't use to be this way. If you got the trophy it was because you DID something to earn it. Like WIN for example.....Now everyone gets one so nobody gets butt hurt. Really Society? Way to be........
*DISCLAIMER: HAHA @myself at my posts about parenting and other peoples parents. I full on know I make mistakes and am not the perfect parent by any stretch of my own imagination or anyone else's. It is merely an opinion.