Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tooth be gone.

So lemme make nice about my rude off skelter post the other day. I still am pissed about not getting Unemployment but I did get a job today.
All thanks to Joel. Its at his work, we wont actually be working together. He is in a different dept plus different buidling LOL. We wont even see each other. But I am happy that he reffered me. I know they really like him & so they offered me a job on the spot. SO I guess something was handed to me... because I know someone in a high place!
I also had been so stressed planning the wedding. I know people do that for their job but I think they are loony. I didn't want to talk to a florist, Cake baker, photographer. Joel had his passport expedited and by expedited I mean they denied it twice and he had to get a new birth certificate issued, before we finally recieved it today. Overnighted. We booked a trip to Cancun, and cancelled it because we didn't know if we would get his passport or not? Well we got it 2 days before the wedding. Hence another reason I was pissed and stressed. But this one worked out ok. Just seemed like everything was spiraling out of control on me for a minute.
& Zachie lost his first tooth!!!!!!!! Unfortunantly he lost it at Dads so I wasn't able to play tooth fairy yet. But doesn't he look cute with it missing?!

Hes getting so big! I LOVE IT!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Week..

Next week at this time I will be Mrs. Brooke Landsaw! How weird is that?! I think it is Crazy, Exciting, Fun, Scary, Every emotion. But I love it!! Its so hard to blend a family together. So many people are divorced and have step kids and step parents, half siblings. My parents are still together and I have 1 sister. I knew it wouldnt be the brady bunch but it sure has been a rollercoaster ride. You'd think it would be easier with 4 parents raising each child, but I find it more difficult actually because there are so many more people to consider, schedules, equal times, money. We are all doing great though & I am so happy! I know I am where I am suppose to be...

Looks as though I will never get a brother. Joel is the youngest of 6 kids. 4 girls & him. He does have a brother but he lives in NJ so I dont forsee seeing him all that often unfortunantly. And here is just a funny tidbit. My old father in laws name was Gary and that is Joels dads name also. His old mother in laws name was Julie and that is My moms name!!! yep. It was meant to be! Mwhahaha!

You may notice at the top of the blog I changed my title to PB&J from Miss Brooklyn. It is still my blog but I want to incoorporate my family into it. Miss Brooklyn was FUN that was the single me! I thought of PB&J obviously because my name starts with B and Joels, J & we are Prestigious, Hello?! But earlier I got this text: "You are the apple of my eye, the cream of my crop, the peanut butter in my pb&j....I LOVE YOU." If anyone knows me I am obsessed with Peanut Butter! I know that text is a bit cheesy but I am cheesy and Im glad Joel can be the Wine for my Cheese ;)

Here's to the next step!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vent ...Venting... Vented.

This may not be the place nor be associated with the proper language/grammar. But some things need to be said.
I AM SO SICK AND TIRED of people getting handouts. Handouts in Trips, Jobs, Accessories. Celebs who have money never have to buy anything they want. It is just given to them because they are pretty. People just doing things for other people. Knowing people in low places, high places. Getting this for free or that.
I have NEVER gotten a handout. Never gotten something for nothing. I have worked my ass off for everything that Zach and I own. Ive had a job since I was 14yrs old, taking 6 weeks off work when Zach was born. Now I get in a bad situation with a "friend" and im unemployed. It appears that I have no experience to work in the field I have been working in for the past 7 Years and I am starting back at point A. Then you see all these people who have never even had a job and I feel judged by them. People who have family money, or who work for their family or a friend. Who had no business even doing the job but was given the job because they "KNEW" someone. I feel like a failure to myself and my son. I have never paid bills late, thats just not something that I do. My credit score could not be any higher. The Govt helps all sorts of people who take advantage of the system left and right. I never applied for CHIP or food stamps or any other program when I was a single mother. And believe me I was QUALIFIED for it. I didn't apply because I hate the govt and their way of fixing things. I wanted to "fix" what was wrong myself. I have been unemployed now for 2 months. I applied for unemployment... FIRST THING I HAVE EVER ASKED FOR. Because I deserve it. The way things happened with my work... believe me I didn't deserve to be fired. And what happened? I was DENIED. The GOVT wont help a mother who is honestly looking for a job daily...who isn't trying to take advantage of the help. Who is asking because I honestly need the help and it has nothing to do with laziness. Thanks a lot. The money I should be getting is going to some Imigrant probably (and I am not racist, thats just how things are) But I can't say that I am surprised. The govt wont help before its already too late. That is what is wrong with this Country and this is why the Economy is bad. Everyone just wants handouts.
I am getting married next Saturday. That is the only blessing in my life right now. I am so sick of trying for nothing and doing my best to accomplish NOTHING. I am not trying to have a bad attitude I am just really frustrated. Last night at Zachs game we left his shoes in the dugout on accident and I had to send him to school today in his cleats because they were the only shoes he had here. Is it really a big deal? No. But believe me I started stressing about buying him new shoes because I dont have money for that. My car needs gas, All this wedding planning isn't over. I still need Money for the reception, odds and ends. & the Honeymoon..... I feel we really need to go on a honeymoon because I didn't go for my first marriage & truly both of us need to get away. I feel I am entitled to go on a honeymoon. My last Vacation was Vegas over 3 years ago.....Yet, I feel like im Irresponsible for going on a honeymoon when I dont have a job. Im sick of always trying to do the right thing. Right for who? I am sick of always feeling judged by everyone. I can't even go over to my own parents in a sleevless shirt because my mom will eye the tattoo on my shoulder. I just really need a break in a big way. My head is going to explode!!!!!!!!!

& the cherry on top my kitty is mean. I took her in to get her fixed and turns out she is already fixed. Spaying her was suppose to mellow her out. The whole time I was typing this blog she is jumping up at me and using my leg as a claw sharpener. If i pick her up she bites me and she hates to be pet. She just likes to be around people, but dont touch her. She made me bleed. WTF!
Case in point......

Last night I was in the bathtub & she came in there. Looked at me like this THE WHOLE TIME! I must be a sad sight! hahahaha. Anyway I hope she starts being nice bc I could use a snuggle.