Thursday, December 22, 2011

My car History.

This is my car history if I were a car and not a person. Or multiple cars. Here is my Kelley Blue Book Story.
My dad let me drive his Nova. 1988! at 16. It was seriously embarrasing when I was 16!! I couldn't back out of the garage, or anywhere really. I ended up lodging the car into the side of it. My dad was not happy with me. Later this same week I backed the car into a High curb at the gas station. Again, not happy.
I rolled into someone from a dead stop later this year in rush hour. He pulled over, I didn't. Turns out it was an undercover cop who just ran the plates and called my parents. Shit. They didn't tell me about this. They waited for me to inform them of it. Um, Yea right!! I never told them. Years later they said they knew about it. haha.
I ended up getting my first car my senior year. My second day driving it to school I rear ended a lady. Luckily she was in a boat car, that probably could have fit a coffin in it. She said it was fine and to just go to school. I went to the carwash to wash off the scratches that would come off at lunch. my window was open a crack, and i got sprayed with water. Water everywhere inside my car. Ugh. My dad asks "What happened to the bumper?" My reply "WHAT! What's wrong with the bumper?" He had a mechanic friend come and look at it, who informed him that the damage can only happen from the driver hitting someone. Shit. Waiting at the light for a job interview, a guy starts backing up his RV that was too far in the intersection. I honked but he didn't hear me. He hit me, bending my hood. I didn't get the job, seeing as how I was 40min late to the interview. Right after it gets out of the shop, a girl from HS whom I didn't know..But I knew her sister. Rear ended me!!!!! My dad was so irritated with me and my issues with cars. LOL!!!!
Im texting my X husband, at the time fiance'...while driving. SAME CAR. This car had Industrial strength!!!
"That is weird my name is gonna be Brooke Gou.." :/ I got a new car at this time. The car I got was a Lancer, and under a contract of NO PAYMENTS for a year. Well pretty sure right after I got it I got changed lanes into. Then a few months after this I plowed into a car that pulled out in front of me from a gas station Going 40mph. (this wasn't my fault and I had witness'...but it didn't matter since I hit the car from the back, normally I like this sort of thing, if you get what im sazzin ;) But this time I didn't love it. Anyway it was awful because the car was totaled before we made even ONE payment on it!!!!!!!! My X husband and I had to pay $3,000 to help bridge the gap I had created. :(
I got a Galant now, which I was upside down on something fierce because they had to combine the delinquent balance of the other car onto the top of this car.
>>>>>>>>>>Im getting divorced<<<<<<<<<<<<< Moving out of my old X's house and packed all my stuff I would need for a few months and some things for Zach. I turn left into someone. Shit! It was on Zach's FIRST BIRTHDAY! He had his first crash for his Bday. SAD!!! Anyway, This was a blessing in disguise because being single I couldn't afford this $370 car payment each month, and I had gap insurance on the car so all the upside down money I owed was covered :))
I got a Dodge Neon. For some reason I loved it at first? But 3 weeks after getting it I went to VEGAS and went on a 3 day drinking/doing god knows what binge with no sleeping then left to come home at 9pm. ALONE. I worked at 6am the following day. I made it all the way to AMERICAN FORK before deciding to fall asleep and take my car through a chain link fence. Really Brooke? You couldn't stay awake for 10 more minutes???? UGH!!! I had been living with my parents for 5 months to save money and was planning on moving in ONE month. The new car was totaled :( I bought it back and it had a rebuilt title. I think I got kind of lucky in all of this because I happen to somehow steer the car on a downhill half sleepen stupor in between the two poles on the chain link. So it just went under the fence. Had I hit a pole it would have been alot worse. I called my Dad at 4am to come get me in American Fork and I probably have only seen him this mad at me ONE other time, when I changed my grade on my report card from a D- to a C-. I am pretty sure he said every word in the sensored dictionary to me at this time. ha ha! So I buy the car back and have it fixed DRAINING MY SAVINGS!!!!! UGH!!!! I moved out anyway with $50 in my account at the end of the month. I had to pay $4,200 estimating to fix this car, and thats with the insurance paying. I think this is when I started to hate the Neon.
2 months later (Now I am working graves at the time) I was driving to Lehi to pick up Z, and hit someone again. WTF!!!!! The guy was not nice about it. (Shit I barely tapped was another roll into) I begged him not to call the cops and gave my word I would pay for any damage out of pocket, because I didn't want my INSURANCE to know. LOL Obviously!!!!! The total came up to be $428.00. I told the guy I didn't have money I was a single mom and it was just a scratch. Please. NO! I paid him back ALL OF IT!!! over 3 months. I went to his work and gave him the money religiously. I am pretty sure looking back on this, that I could have gotten away with NOT paying him. He couldn't have proven anything seeing as how no cops were called when it happened.
>>>>>>>>>I now go 4 years without an accident or speeding ticket<<<<<<<<<<<<<
I am late for my temp to hire job at the first of this year and I plowed a lady in a fit of road rage/frustration/stress. She was nice and didn't call the cops on me, and I called and reported it to my insurance. I got a speeding ticket later this day going to pick up my check from the insurance company. LOL!! I was jonesin for a policeman encounter.
I finally got a new car!!!!!!! Its a Mazda 3! I happen to like it. (KINDOF) This week the computer goes out on it. REALLY? Right before Xmas. $1,600 to fix it :( If I had 3 wishes one would be to have all the money I have paid into a car that could have been avoided transfered into my bank account. WTF!! I realize this happens. But why is all of this constantly happening to ME?! Ugh!!! It use to be an inside Joke with my friends I would say "Omg, Guess what?" He would say "You got in a car accident!" or "You got pulled over and didnt get a ticket!" Hahahahaha.
Now it is Sheerly Pure Amazing that my car insurance isn't through the roof. But it isnt! Nothing is even on my insurance except for this last wreck!!!! Now my history is repeating itself because I am driving around in my Dad's 1988 Nova right now! He told me "IF YOU WRECK THIS CAR, I WILL DISOWN YOU AS A KID!!!" It was probably warranted considering my History!!!!! :)

Aint she a Bute?! ;)
* Disclaimer * Wrecking 5 cars is the best and least effeceint way to build your credit. It looks like I have paid off 5 vehicles in my history. LOL!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Months of 2011!

A year in the life of me. In Sarcastic Short stories & Pictures:
JANUARY- Zach slices his finger, getting his first set of stitches ever. Poor guy! He handled it like a champ and told the Dr. "People who like the Utes are still good doctors...." ha ha ha!!! *Disclaimer I like the UTES. Zach likes BYU.
(here he is being forced to wear a Utes hat.......LOL)

FEBRUARY- Wow that was fun being forced to quit the job I just had for the past 4 1/2 years. 6 months before getting my pension. I am overjoyed. Happy Valentines Day!
We got ENGAGED!!!!

MARCH- Got a job Super quick but layed off super quick. A drunken fight with my Fiance' at my sisters birthday party. LOL Year prior was the party he first said "I love you" Funny what a year with someone will do. ha ha ha!!!
APRIL- Rear ended a lady. Later that day got pulled over for speeding. I am 2 for 2!
Joels transmission goes out.
WE DO...

Then we went to Cancun!!!

MAY- I started the worst job of my exsistance!! Got dropped by my car insurance company, and pay more than double what I was paying before :(
JUNE- Happy Birthday to ME, ZACH & JOEL! Got new BIKES!

JULY- We are forced by our Landlord to get rid of one of our kitties. And he charges us $50 a month to keep the other one.

AUGUST- The check engine light goes on in my new car!!! I SAW AVANT IN CONCERT!! The car wont start in Vegas. LOL!!

SEPTEMBER- Layed off again..... Can't say I mind because like I said it was the WORST!!!!
OCTOBER- Took a CNA class to open job oppurtunities for myself + Flexiblity
& started a marketing job for my Uncle in Finance.

NOVEMBER- Missed my Clinicals all 4 of them. Due to lack of planning and lack of motivation. Costing me a total of $120!!
DECEMBER- Got layed off working for my uncle! Oy vie.
Finally completing my clincals and getting my first dose of CNA work. wow WTF! I do not like changing adult diapers, or what they call them briefs. I don't think I can look at boxer briefs the same ever again!!!
* All the while blending a family together. Which was the hardest part.

BRING ON 2012. I am ready for you. A fresh start can't be bad!!! :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


What is a family?
Now I am asking this in all sincerity. I am not one who puts up a front in a blog to make my life seem perfect, because its not. There is a huge discrepancy and fine line between some things and I would like to address them. First off. Just because a baby came out of your sperm doesn't make you their father. A father is someone who is there for his kids, a rolemodel, a supporter. All these play boys on talk shows "Im not the Daddy" Damn Right you're not! I dont even know why a woman is stupid enough to do a paternity test on your ass!!!!!!! Woman needs to handle her own business when it gets to that point and stop trying to get money out of the father (thats not really being a "father") Ok I digress.....
So Family. What makes one? My Son has 2 families. A mom, A dad, A step Mom and a Step dad. A half sister and a step sister. He has a lot of people who love and care for him, which is so great. BUT.....There is a HUGE and I mean HUGE gray area in all of this. That is what I want to talk about.
I am Zach's MOM. I feel I deserve credit in every definition and feeling of the word. He is MY BLOOD. No blood in him is that of his STEP moms. If my X and her got divorced he wouldn't see her anymore. She is THAT important! I am bringing this up because she constantly takes credit for being Zach's MOM and doesn't bother to add the STEP in front of it. Which Im sorry. The STEP is the most important part in her title. She does Motherly things for him and loves him like a mother loves her kid. Which I love that she loves him. But he's not her KID. Im sick of feeling 2nd to her in my OWN SON'S LIFE. This is not a competition. She needs to respect her place and respect me.
*She asked if I was going to volunteer in Zach's school class. My response was "I really can't figure out time, with work and everything" Her reply "Because I am" So she gets HER OWN DAUGHTER babysat so she can volunteer in MY SON'S CLASS. WTF!!! She also joined the PTA at the school. (Ok I don't want to join the PTA, now I feel like I have to because she is doing it)
*At Zach's Jr Jazz game they were doing a roster for parents to bring treats. I overhear the coach's wife "Who is zach's mom?" she pipes up "ME" then the coach asks me Who my kid is "Zach is my kid" she says "OH, She is Zach's Mom TOO" OH HELL NO!!!!!!! I AM ZACH'S MOM! This whole situation wouldn't have even bothered me had she pointed to me "We are all here for Zach" Instead she has to POINT OUT that she is his MOTHER. WTF!!!
*The divorce decree my X and I have states Jake as the insurance holder. I have medical insurance for Zach as well just not dental. Jake takes him to the dentist usually because of this. No big deal. I told him I wanted to take Zach to the dentist next time because I never have been able to. He doesn't care, of course. Then Zach says to me "Trisha said you can't take me to the dentist because she is" WTF!!!!!!! NO she isn't. IF i want to take him I GET TOO. SHE IS NOT HIS MOM.
*Years ago....Now I am against the flu shot. I dont like it. I have never gotten one and have never gotten one for Z. She throws a mini tantrum about it. Um NOT HER KID. then goes behind my back (my x didn't want him to have the shot either) takes him to the Dr. and gets him the flu shot. Excuse me, not only is this a law suit for the Dr. office because she isn't Zach's custodial parent but it wasn't her decision. This was the only year Zach has gotten the FLU. He got it from the Shot. Thanks a lot Trisha. Cool.
Point being I am so disrespected by this woman.
Now I have a step daughter and I am terrified to do anything to step on her Mom's toes because I have such a bad taste in my mouth. It has made it really hard to develop a bond with Zoey because I am so worried about doing this or that. Trisha im sure disagrees with some of my opinions in parenting and thats her own business, Much like i disagree with some of Zoey's moms. Its just very hard being the middle man. I dont want to take anything out on her (Either mom..Trisha or Zoe's mom) But i am seriously being walked all over from both sides.
UGH. I know i have big feet but I wish people would stop stepping on my toes all the time. This is some shit!!!!!!!!!
Here is my family. My true family. The family that will ALWAYS BE no matter what happens.

I am not trying to take anyone out of the picture. But Him and I are always going to be together no matter what happens with the rest of our "families"!
I LOVE MY ZACH! he's so strong as a 6yr old, and so mature to deal with all of our mistakes!! Im happy I am his REAL MOM.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Xmas time!!

I usually make some form of decor. I love to craft! Last year i used sheet music to make a chain for our Christmas tree because Joel plays the Piano, Guitar, Saxaphone & Bagpipes! It was a lot of fun and now our tree is personalized.

This year I did the wreath. This wreath looks Awesome, I think. Which is why im sharing it!!!

I had this bow laying around for years, and finally put it to use!!!:)This cute wreath costed me a whole $5.50 to make, and 40 minutes!

Also check out my Christmas Kitty. I love her. Im pretty sure she hates me though, hahahaaha!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm Raising a Jock & Proud of IT!

I am so proud of my little one. He has so many interests and passions at such a young age. He also does well at everything he has tried to do! I'm hoping to get him on the ski slopes this winter. He is just starting Jr. Jazz. He was so nervous and had his first game yesterday. It turned out Awesome because 2 of the kids from his school class ended up being on his team! He warmed up to it right away and was the 2nd high scorer on the team. He made 4 points!! The high scorer made 6. He had his game face on!!! I also found out that the lil boy in his class that is also on his team, His MOM grew up a few houses down from me.(Jenni Goldman) Small world!! He has done Baseball, Soccer & now Basketball. He is already talking about Football!
Here's my boy at his first game! Go NUMBER 0. (ya...he is 0..haha)

Here he is at his Soccer game from the fall!

Here he is doing his Babe Ruth Baseball league last Spring. Go Iron Pigs!!!

& just for the sake of the blog here are some random older sports pics of MY MAIN MAN! HE IS THE STUD OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!

My mom always use to say to me and my sister "Can I be your Mom?" when we did something well when we were kids. Seriously. CAN I BE HIS MOM? Im so proud of him!!!