Sunday, August 16, 2009


So the other day I was in the drive thru picking up my prescription and my name is still my married name GOURLEY. I tend to say its ANDRUS my maiden name, but its really not! Anyway I was telling the pharmacist the name so he could get it for me... "Its under Gourley, G-O-U" because people are idiots and think its GOR and can never find me. But the point of the story is I said "Gourley, G-O-U" and Zach shouted from the backseat "R-L-E-Y" LOL. I didnt even know he knew how to spell his last name.


He also told me... "I don't want to start school, I hate school. I just want to be a baby again..." Um, he is wise beyond his years!! hahaha.

Monday, August 10, 2009

His new Bike.

Zachie has been so patient with me. He has NEVER owned a BIKE at my house. Only at his Daddy's. He has begged me and begged me to get him one, and I really wanted to, I just had never got around to it. This year his Daddy bought him one for my HOUSE, a used one... and fixed the training wheels on it, This week (the end of summer.... LOL, but he can finally use it).... Part of the problem was not having anywhere for him to ride it while with me. And still, It is in the parkinglot of the apt complex, which kinda sucks... But nonetheless... He is so Happy!!! :) And Im happy to.

There is a starbucks pretty close to my house... and I decided we should go. Zachie rode his bike while I walked. It was so cute seein him peddle all fast and then slow down to wait for me. He likes the strawberry frappacinno's. But says that coffee is "Blahhhhh".... hahahaa.

He did really good though, Only wiped out twice. And just got right back on! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My lil Fish!

I would just like to say that summer is the best time of the year ever. Zach is just about to start school again... and we've played so much. We have done a lot of swimming!! With fall comes.. school, soccer and maybe Tball. We are looking into that. And his first sister. (his step mom, not ME... incase you didn't know!!)
here is some of my fav swim pics of the summer....

Little stinker wont ever come in the water with me.... but of course he will with grandma....