Thursday, November 3, 2011

My son, the Prodigy!

Zach is bloody genius!!! Now I would like to take credit for his smarts but I really can't do that because I dont know where he got this trait from!!!
Yesterday I got him some Spy Goggles. He likes them because of the movie Spy Kids. It came with a dogtag with an Agent Code on it. I said to him while he was eating his after school snack "Cool! It has an Agent code. You can use this Code for passwords and only you will know it. It is ZYWA17"


He is online wanting to play Moshi Monsters. A kids gaming site they create their own monster. "Mommy. I want to use my code for the password"..... "No you can't use it until you know it. IF you lost that tag you wouldn't be able to login..."
"I do know it. It is ZYWA17" I went to check it & sure enough he was right!!!! I cannot memorize things for the life of me. Only one memorization function works in my brain. The part where I memorize what outift people wore & what day they wore it on. I am seriously amazed by Zach! Wow. So cool! He only heard it that one time, while he was eating. LOL~ Most men/boys don't hear anything while they are eating. ;)