Wednesday, February 18, 2009

....My Son....

So him and I were at the mall, and I let him throw some money into the fountain that was right inside the front doors. There were some other kids doing the same thing. Their was an oriental grandma with her daughter and her kids (im assuming) anyways, As were standing there and he is taking forever to throw in the 5 coins that I had given him... he says..(rather loudly, almost you know how kids talk!!) and pointing... "MOM, THAT GRANDMA CAN'T TALK VERY GOOD. WHY NOT?" ohhh noooo. She was speaking in her native tongue. LOL. Her daughter looked over as I hurried Zach out the doors. It was hillarious! Another time he wasn't holding his tongue that well was about a year ago when a lady at the grocery store had B.O to kill......and he yelled "MOM, THAT LADY STINK!!" LMAO. well.....she did. hahaha.
I love it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day!

So this year since I am working On Valentines, Me & my boyfriend decided to go out for it last weekend. We were out looking at apartments all day that day so we were tired and kept it simple. Today when I got home from work (the 12th not even valentines) he had bought a dozen roses and put them all over my apartment in their own vases. :) with a love letter. He told me last night that he did somethin for Valentines and was excited... But I forgot about it by the time I got home.

He's a keeper! Hard to believe but, this is the FIRST time I have gotten a dozen roses. hahaha. I usually only get 1 or 2 at a time. The most I have gotten was 8.

I got him slippers!! I'll leave them out for when he gets off work LOL :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top 15 Songs!

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I was actually tagged on myspace, But I'd rather do it here. This was hard for me because I can't pick my favorite songs. So I just picked some that I never have gotten sick of, and my favorites right now. They are not in any order, that would have sucked haha.
music Pictures, Images and Photos
1- Warren G.. Regulate :)
2- Babyface.. When can I see you
3- Boyz II Men.. Water Runs Dry
4- Carl Thomas.. So Much Better
5- Faith Evans.. I Love You!
6- Dr Dre.. Xxplosive (haha. so many memories here!!)
7- Ginuwine.. I Love You More
8- Eminem.. Mockingbird
9- Jagged Edge.. Lets Get Married ;)
10 John Mayer.. Gravity
11 Jaheim.. Back Together Again
12 Rascal Flatts.. Words I couldn't Say
13 Rihanna.. Take a Bow
14 112.. Peaches & Cream
15 Avant.. You Got Me (My celebrity BF. hahaha) ;)

I tag... everyone lmao there is only 6 people who read this. maybe not even that many! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My boyfriend is a silly Banana.

Haha. If you listen to Dane Cook, you would get the title. But no, that is not why he is a silly bananna lol... here is why, Yesterday my boyfriend was taking a nap with me. Usually I am a light sleeper, and wake up just if he were to get up. Apparently I was OUT cuz he left and I didn't even know. I woke up when he was gone and was listening for the TV or something. Then I saw this note on the pillow....

This is really hard for me to say. And im SORRY. But I had to leave.

I went to get a drink and Hella wash my car!
Oh, that really wasn't that hard to say. lol
See ya when I get back. I love you!
What?? Oh my, In my half asleep stooper the first sentence wasn't that funny! lol
We've been quoting movie lines of any movies we have watched recently if it fits. And we just watched Napoleon Dynamite. I get a text at work of him telling me that he just made me a present, and its pretty much the best thing he's ever made.
LOL... it was a sign that said Kisses for my Lover with hershey kisses. hahaha. Hes cracking me up lately!!! :)