Monday, February 21, 2011


2nd times the charm.... Haha Jake my X husband can suck it! I think he thought I would remain single because Its been a whole 5 years almost 6 since our divorce. Every once in a while he would throw into our conversations "you will find someone......" as IF im so lonely being single and hate myself? Jake please! I really had a great time being single. I was single for 2 1/2yrs after we got divorced and had no intention of commiting. After that I felt I was ready and got serious with someone and it sucked! then I got into another relationship right after...and we wont talk about that. Then I met Joel! He was one of those guys that I was drawn to. The whole 1 1/2 years we've been together now I have seen him mad maybe 2 times. He is so good for me in everyway! Plus he calls me on my bullshit. Thats something NOBODY ever has done with me... I almost thought I didn't have any. Hahahaha! plus he SOMETIMES laughs at my jokes. Sometimes.
Anyway heres some pics of the proposal, and if you are on facebook. Sorry you have to see them again!

I was so surprised.. we just got back from going out to dinner. I wasn't expecting it, he had his sisters come in & do it while we were gone, Champagne, Rose petals & Candles.. Im way too girly but this was the BEST. Truthfully we have been talking about eloping for a few months now and even picked a weekend in April that we wanted to go. (yea I know. Eloping is suppose to be spur of the moment. But we have 2 KIDS!!!!) we went and got rings but I kind of thought we would just elope and not really have an enagement.... but we still need rings! We dont want too formal of an affair seeing as how its both of our 2nd marriage. So Joel did so GOOD!!! I dont rememeber what he said on his knee but I wish I did because it was perfect!
Im so happy with him... and so blessed! & So EXCITED to start this new chapter! I am inheriting a daughter in this as well. Zach & Zoey are close in age. This should be interesting!!


*DISCLAIMER...DO NOT go make lovie for an hour in your room with candles lit all over on your carpet. It WILL start a fire! Yes it did... but we caught it before it got too out of hand!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Z is funny!

My little one is doing AWESOME at reading! Yesterday he got a new book to read. It was about a dog going to the Vet. Last night while reading it he asked "Whats a vet?" I told him "An Animal Doctor" So tonight while reading the sentence "Rag went to the Vet" Zach said "Rag went to the Animal Doctor" LOL!!! Now I am not so sure he is reading anything at all... Maybe just memorizing the books! :-/
It was cute though!
His new thing is making up jokes...He actually does ok at it considering he is 5. Here is one of them...
"What do you get when you cross a Porcupine with a Strawberry?" "Strawberry JAM" What tha? how he even comes up with this stuff is beyond me!!!!
Another funny thing he has said recently was when we were driving in the car I mentioned that I was exhausted! He replied "You should get some 5 hour Allergy"
Hahaha! Ughh? I burst out laughing and asked if he meant 5hr Energy? because I didn't want allergies. He said "Yeah mom..... I saw it on TV" Good going TV... Owell He actually had the right idea!! It was hilarious.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Zach eats a peperoncini......

A photo montage of my 5yr old eating a peperoncini. Silly boy! he begged me to let him try one because I am always snacking on them...

He said "Yuck yuck yuck. blegh"