Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Its Ironic that the background I just picked for my blog is of acorns. & I am deathly allergic to them. I have never been more swollen. I break out in hives.Acorns make me a miserable mama but I love the look of them so much!!! I also want to make these cute lil numbers... omg! Aren't they cute? They look delish!!!

*Its ironic that I have been ID' more often in my late 20's than in my early 20's. What did I look old because I was fat and wore frumpy clothing? Yea, I dont do that anymore. I prefer to be scandelous. ;)
*Its ironic that I hate nothing more than Mario. I hate the game music and am confused as to why a princess even wants to be saved by chubby pedophile plumbers? Yet Zach is being Luigi for halloween and Zoey Princess Peach. And I love THAT!
*Its Ironic I "dont have time" to work out. Then when my schedule opens up I still dont work out. WTF!!! I am the see it to believe it kinda gal, and if I was consistent about the gym it would make me a believer. Right now though, Id rather die than "make time" to go!
*Its ironic that people in general are nicer to strangers, than they are to the people they love. I dont know about everyone else but Im pretty sure I am most commonly ornery with my kids or husband...rather than strangers. Im wondering if that person at the store that bit my head off for no reason goes home and is a lil bundle of peace and harmony? Maybe I should try this tactic. Hahahah!
*Its ironic how I need metaphors for everything in my life. I make them up constantly. My current one is this puzzle called family ive been trying to place together for a year. It is the damndest hardest puzzle. Why the hell did I pick a puzzle that has so many small pieces? Im giving it another go. We are working on our problems and Im hoping Joel will help me with the puzzle this next time around so I dont have to do it all alone. When my dad was little he use to steal a piece of the puzzle his mom was putting together so when she was done with it, he could put in the last piece. Haha! Well when we get to that point I hope someone didn't steal the last forsaken piece of our puzzle. How irritating LOL!!!!