Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nice girls finish last??

Ok seriously, I am sooooooooo beyond annoyed. I work FT (like most people) & im single with a 3 yr old (like a lot of people) But WTF..... I work graveyards so I can get Zach to Preschool in the day... I like my charming apartment but would like something um... a bit bigger.. um please... actually um NOW. I don't make enough money to get anything else. I make too much money to get help from the state of Utah. I DO NOT make enough money to go back to school to better myself. I make too much money to get a grant. I cannot get a normal job making good money, Monday-Friday 8-5.........Because I don't have a sitter, and paying for one would defeat the purpose of making more money. If I could afford going back to school... time is still a problem, I really don't know what to do with Zach during the days. I am STUCK in every aspect of my life right now. Im so sick of it because "the man" always says without hard work you'll accomplish nothing. Well im wanting to stick it to the man because I work my ass off and I still feel like im accomplishing absolutley NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friend, or Foe?

So someone that has been in my life for the past 8 years, that I mind you everyone around me HATED. and I for some reason couldn't wrap my head around this persons true colors to save a life. Here is a lil' somethin somethin i like to call Venting....
He doesn't live here. He lives in Las Vegas. Those that know me I am in love with this city, and he has been a big part of this. I would go visit this boy maybe twice a year sometimes 3 times... He would always say he was going to come visit me, but it never happened. Recently about 3 months ago, he actually did come visit me!! This is good right??? WRONGGGG!!!!! He had cut all his credit cards up, and "didn't have a way to book the flight. But would write me a check for it." Ok, I am not a stupid person, especially when it comes to this... But, I have known him for 8 years. I could see the good in him. He wouldn't screw meee over! HAHHAAHHHAAA. So I do it... yes, I book his flight. The whole time he is here he is eating me out of house and home, and being what Urban dictionary defines as a free loader: "Someone who takes advantage of another persons good nature by eating, drinking, smoking and taking money from them."
So, I ask him if he is going to write a check? He keeps inadvertently avoiding my question. Long story short he runs through customs and turns around to wave goodbye at me. I email him telling him what an asshole he is...and his response to it is this: get ready.... "Fuck Off" this is 3 months ago, and i haven't contacted him back.........nor has he contacted me. Just so ya'll know the tab for him to be here was $600. I could have done a lot for this amount. I am sooooooooooo beyond irritated right now. I had some Dental work done, go figure......the bill $600. He can't hold a steady job, so Im pretty sure I wont see any of this money ever again. I want to write him another rude somethin, but think silence might be better. I now got a text from T-mobile saying my autopay could not go through. Yeah, I know. I get payed tomorrow and its a pretty damn good thing i do. I am workin a bunch of Overtime but there is no way in hell i can pull out of this by myself. I am a nice person, and would expect the same respect in return. Im sick and damn tired of being taken advantage of. Here is the culprit now......If you see this person, RUN THE OTHER WAY. you can kick him in the shin first if you want though........... hahaha. what a disrespecting, ignorant, free loading, poor excuse for a man.

joey harrington, folks here he is in all his glory. Asks for rides places. Takes sheer advantage of others to compensate for his laziness and lack of responsibility for his own well being. Expects others to take care of his needs and desires without ever returning the favor. He is a scrub, which by definition means HE SUCKS AT LIFE!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Classy with a little Trashy!

First of all......My Son is in Preschool now. Which is hella weird.... He is a total badass, and he loves school so far!! He actually took this picture..hahaha... turned out cute actually. I didn't even think i would be in it!!!
I went to the Utah State Fair. We were classy, as you can tell... oh my, we weren't even drinking, and there were kids in this before us......we waited for them to be done. lol
Special 3 for $10.00. I am $3.34...the other 2 you can get for $3.33. I raised my prices. hahaha!
We wanted to taste the deep fried oreo and the deep fried snickers. In the container they gave them to us in......and i regretfully so don't have a picture of this. But it looked like a dick and balls. hahahaha....... so we are licking them!! LOL