Monday, January 23, 2012

Sangria=Better Mom.

Yes. I did just go there.
Now I don't want to come off as a bad parent or overly suggestive. I literally am JUST SAYING.
I don't know how people "parent" that don't drink. Now I mean this in all sincerity, If you don't drink because of religious reasons I give you double kudos, and Triple kudos if your church is at 9am! Now to clarify I don't drink a lot. And mostly on weekends and even then It's not every weekend day or every weekend for that matter. But I do like to have a drink. Here is why I say I don't know how people parent that don't drink.
*When I am buzzed I am 100% more sympathetic to Zach LOL
*When I am buzzed I love playing whatever he wants to play and don't notice how long we are playing it.
*It opens my mind. I think the best outside the box while a bit tipsy. I think about things I want to paint or write about, Think about fun things to do with the kids and make mental TO DO lists.
*I am so motivated to clean or organize
*I have to say it makes me more sensual of a person, I know that doesn't have much to do with parenting, But it has a lot to do with being a woman for me!!!!(Cmon. I had too!)
*When I am buzzed I allow Z to stay up late on weekends and it doesn't bug me if he is making a mess or a ton of noise!!
*I Love the kids acting like kids when I am buzzed. Dancing crazy, Saying weird things. It is so hilarious. Not that I dont like it when I'm not, JUST SAYING!
*I think the kids listen to me more when I'm buzzed/drunk. Its probably because I'm not so concerned about the process of things.
*Also, it helps me not "EXPLODE" like I have discussed.
*I am OVERLY POSITIVE this is a mind set. I am sure every parent has their own way to "catch a break" or "relax" and Music has the same effect one me if I can get the
right playlist going.
Thats just a few reasons...
Plus I feel young or Free. Since I was raised LDS It was always so Taboo to "have a drink" or anytime I saw a bottle of wine I was so nervous. Hah.

This is a Sangria. (For those that don't know, its Red Wine (or any wine), GingerAle (or 7up or OJ), And any other Alcohol of your choice. (I usually use Peach Schnapps or some kind of Pucker)& any kind of fruit. Usually I use some lemon juice, unless I think ahead! It is my new favorite drink!!!
Zach says "Mom you taste blegh" when I gave him a kiss. I disagree, I think its so good! But as a Mom, I am amused with him thinking its Blegh, as long as he pleases! ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year

HAPPY 2012!!!!
So my resolutions are the same as every year "get on a workout schedule and stick to it" Yeah ummmmm, I also added one to this and it is "Not being so explosive as a person/parent" I tend to be passive aggressive and hold things in all the time because I like to "Pick my battles" this goes for Zach and in my Relationships. Problem with "picking battles" is everything becomes a battle, because you get so frustrated about every small thing when you don't address them. At least that's how it is with me! So usually what happens is this..."hmm ok thats pretty annoying, owell not worth it" "O wow...ok still not worth it" then something seriously minut happens "WHAT THE **#$@%!!!" I come off to my husband and kids as "CRAZY" because I blew up over something so small..When really it wasn't the small thing that set me off.... Even a slow dripping faucet will eventually cause the pooling water to overflow.
Ok, So to work on this I have been telling poor Joel everything that is bugging me but staying calm. "Are you really going to leave all this on the table for me to throw away tomorrow?" "It is really bugging me right now that......" LOL. So far I don't really think he cares or notices my comments, and I feel so much better!!!! As far as Zach goes I implemented not "exploding" tonight on him. Joel pointed out "one" of the kids wrote "zach" on the wall and scribbled. I asked him why he did this. It was in his handwritting....hello..I know it was him. "I didn't do it" I asked him again. Same answer. I asked why he was lying? He said "I scribbled but I didn't write the name" Usually by this time I have unleashed some form of fury LOL. But tonight I just said that "I didn't appreciate him lying and he can sit in his room until he is ready to tell the truth and clean the wall" He went to his room for 10 min then came out and said he was ready to talk and said Sorry. I explained that his behavior was very bad because now he is in trouble for lying and for drawing on the wall.
Anyway, he cleaned it so its all good and I don't need to apologize for yelling at him!
*Disclaimer. I do not yell a lot. But I realize I need to take the MINIMAL yelling down to NEVER yelling. I feel it is more effective.