Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I saw my Celebrity BF in concert... Celebrity boyfriend is a Celebrity that you can have sex with if the oppurtunity arose and it has no basis on current relationship status. LOL! Seriously, I would have too. He is so sexy! Plus he smelled so good. I had drank a lot of Riesling this night and don't really remember anything except for that he smelled good and he did a little dance pelvic thrust on stage and im sorry if anyone is under age... but I just came!!!!!

MY Current relationship status is MARRIED but COMPLICATED. In fact I am looking at divorce papers on the table right now. I guess I have to go to another Avant concert. Damn. I dont have a picture with him without Joel in it. This pic is awesome if we stayed married but It aint lookin to hawt right nah!!!!!! Yes, I do care. I realize by the way I am writting this it would appear that I do not. But, Im trying to be positive and I understand that I am Ok. Im not transparent enough to say my whole world is crumbling bc that would be dramatic and false. Anyway, Thanks to all my family and friends who have always supported me...even in my sexual debacles aka wishes where I talk about Celebrities. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I might float away!!

Welcome to town its the Landsaw Circus! hahaha.
We got some family pics taken. I think they turned out pretty cute. It was a huge hassle to do this! We had to take 2 cars & Wow, those balloons cost $13 a balloon. Can you believe that? Im glad we weren't paying a photographer on top of it. They were kind of heavy and it was SOO hot this day. My sister took the pics for us! =) She has been our certified photographer. She did our engagements and after our really bad wedding photos I dont want to hire a photographer, again. Ugh!!! Anyway here are my favorite photos.......

We had a Pink balloon for Zoe, but unfortunantly she let it go before the first picture. I saw that happening! Good thing we had an extra!