Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zach's Kite!

Yesterday in the wind storm from hell Zach & I ventured outside to attempt to fly his kite. It worked ok, but it also blew so much dirt onto us, it was a dirt Tsunami. Here's the end results:

*G.I Joe. Flight of the Cobra?? hahaha....

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lazy Cook.

Lately I am obsessed with Cooking, And what I want to make. I seriously just read through a whole cookbook earlier... (one of those ward ones, my mom gave it to me, and I should make everything!!!) But I am lazy when it comes to cooking. I hate staying in the kitchen forever & babysitting my dinner. I already have a child! My top one so far:
Meatballs & Rice
30 Frozen meatballs
12 oz Chilli Sauce
12 oz Grape Jelly

Mix chili sauce and jelly. pour over meatballs and stire to coat. Heat in a crock pot for 5 hrs on LOW or on the stove for 20 min.

How easy is this??! I loved it :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He said WHAT??

*All morning as Zach is getting ready for school & taking forever I am telling him "Zach. Hussle" "hussle yo butt!" "Zach honey, you need to hussle. Chip chop chip!" On the way to school he asks "Mommy... What does hussle mean?"

*"Momma, If Ketchup is made out of tomatoes, Then what is peppers made out of, Pepper?" "Well no, its a seed just like you grow tomatoes from" "Then what are noodles made out of? Nudes?" LMAO!!!!!!

*At the walmart some people are by us speaking spanish... "Mom those people are speaking spanich. But I want them to talk normal like us."

*"At school tomorrow we are probably going to make mint ice cream. Because its st patricks day, and mint ice cream is green. If you dont wear green Imma pinch your little bum!!!" hahahaha!!!

*And lastly... He tells Cathy the girl I use to rent a basement apartment from for 2 1/2 yrs and moved out about a year ago to live with my then BF "Know why we don't live with you anymore? Cuz we dont like ya...." OH MY!!!!
Funny thing about that is... I never said that. Haha!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Picture TAG!

First Album. 10th picture.
Brook. Tessa. Michaela. Me. Whit!!

Chistmas cocktail partay... Me... already lost my umbrella. Didn't have a straw so therefor gulping my drink.. No sipping. I was hugging the toilet probably 45 min after this picture LOL!!!
It was still a good night until I pulled an all nighter & went to work at 5am the next day. S. M. R. T. hahahaha!!!

I tag...anyone who wants to play. I think its fun!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Car Sick??!

So, My X and I do week on/week off with Zachie... It works pretty good, despite not being able to see my son for a week at a time. :( Trisha, Zach's step mom stays at home with him on his week and I stay home with him on my week. He never has a babysitter (although.. Im annoyed that she spends as much time with MY SON as I do) This week she was going to St George to see a friend and taking the baby. We couldn't find a babysitter for the other days, So of course Zach ends up going on VACATION with HER.... Um... I want Zach to have a good time so I didn't want to make it about the fact that its JAKE'S visitation and not HER'S.... anyway. On the way down Zachie ate too much candy and projectile vomitted on the back of Trisha's head.



Ant Infestation...

Yep. Thats what I said.... Their are ants in my house. So gross. Ive seen them all over my bathroom and in my kitchen a little bit, Last night a few were in my bathtub and I didn't notice until after I had washed my face in it.
2 things I hate Spiders and Ant hills. I think its the nastiest thing ever when 500 ants are clustered together. I like to start them on fire... Im hoping it doesn't resort to this bc that could be a law suit!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Concert Fever.

Ok I have not been a 13 yr old girl for obviously 15 yrs. But I go crazy over R&B Hott male singers that dance. Anyway, Boyz II Men is the first CD I bought with my own money when I was 13. Salt n' Pepa being the 2nd. I went to the Boyz II Men concert this weekend. And I seriously LOVED IT!!! they were pretty personable with the crowd and I almost paid $30 after the show to meet them! Maybe I should have!! Anyway my friend Whitney and I had fun and also loved watching the drunk girls try to catch roses flying at their faces ;)

I have been to 3 Concerts now (Unless you count the X96 Big Ass Show in 11th grade... and Im not!) and This was the first one in MY Genre'. I was so excited about the Boyz II Men concert that I researched and found out my f.a.v Avant is having a concert.

He is going to be in HOUSTON with JAGGED EDGE! In a month. Are you serious?? Im in ♥LOVE♥ But I am so impulsive I bought these tickets before realizing it is a 23 hour drive from here. So now I have to either buy plane tickets and make the S.e.X.y that im seeing fork out money for his ticket... Or NOT go :( Im so sad because I really want to go. I just don't see how now!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

sMiLe! :)

My Zachie has a clean report from the dentist last week!! He did so AWESOME!!! We talked to him about it for a few weeks beforehand. He never threw a tantrum or anything, & did everything the dentist and the assistant asked him to do!

We're so proud of him!!! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

So I've wanted to get a tattoo for Zach for awhile. I have liked the white ones.. and I decided to do it finally! I got a Victorian Style Key on my wrist for him. The whole cheesy "key to my heart" thing. The pic isn't that good because it is a white tattoo. You really can't see it that much..looks more like a scar (and I was hoping it would....) I love it, And it healed perfectly!

This is my 4th tattoo and its like 1 1/2 inches long but it was the worst one to heal. I dont know what the deal is but its still driving me up a wall and its been over 2 weeks. It itches so bad and is still red a little especially if I give into the itching. It knows im talking about it, its itching like mad right now. hahaha!!!