Saturday, January 29, 2011

Work Shmerk.

I know that work stuff is boring to read but I figure this is blogworthy
I have worked for ARUP for 4years. 4 freakin years. That is a long time!!!!!! I started there when Zach was only 1yr old and I was divorced for 3 months! It has been a good job, the Pay isn't the best but I was able to work the hours I needed too in order to be a good mom. I have never had any problems ... well within moderation, with the company. Until about 5 months ago......
I got a new manager.. lets see how I should put this... she was a total bitch!!! Wow total bitch. She made different guidelines for the job I had been working the following 3yrs. This would not be a problem if i was a circus tiger and loved jumping through flaming hoops of fire. But seriously. She didn't change my pay and I started getting written up ALL THE TIME. As previously mentioned I have worked in Electropheresis Manual Endocrinology & special Chemistry departments for 3 YEARS... it is not like i dont know what I am doing. All my write ups were for stupid things, I wasn't compromising samples, or making major mistakes that affected patient care. It was stuff like:
*Not initialing the counter top cleaning log (as IF i am not cleaning that bitch... excuse me, I work in a lab. I cleaned it probaly 7 times or more a shift)
*Not picking up my samples that I checked out of storage within a 10 minute period. Um. This isn't even a big deal. Storage samples maintain temperature until I would go get them.... There was not really a need for the rush. and I would get them within the hour.
She hated me!!!! LOL well honestly I wasn't a fan either.
She started saying I was unapproachable, unprofessional, rude and LATE for my shift. my shift starts at 5:00AM....I get here usually at 5:10ish. Meanwhile my coworker gets a promotion his shift starts at 6am... he usually arrives at 9am. I am not even kidding.
I went to my manager and expressed my unhappiness and gave valid points. Things got worse here. seriously... She started to "watch" me and make my life a living hell.
Long story shortened......I was forced to resign. Honestly forced. She took me to HR and they asked me to finish out 2weeks and resign. I had to write a formal resignition letter. She said there is no longer a spot for me in EME. WTF!!!!!!! I didn't even do ANYTHING!!!!!! During my meeting she was reading a "job duties" thing to me....!!!!! I said "I already do that, spare me!" (I was done being nice, up until this... I was always polite.) She got in my face and said "THEN DO IT WITH SOME DAMN RESPECT. YOU HAVE NEVER AWKNOWLEDGED ME WHEN I WALK DOWN THE ISLE......" she is joking right???? I didn't realize she walked on water. I was FIRED!!!!!! they just gave me a 2 week notice.
I am hoping I am eligible for Unemployment because I can't exactly support my son while looking for work if I can't get that.
I am so annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't do anything & my 4yr reference is tainted now. Everyone that I work with is literally shocked by this... Although, I am so happy I will not have to:
*get up at 4am anymore
*work 70 hours in one week (ive done that for 3years now. Im ready for a break...)
*Deal with that crap anymore. I am so done!!!!!!!! My quality of life has already improved knowing I am free.
*Be paid like shit. Literally... its a good company but they do not PAY well. at all. I understand that I dont have a degree but I could make that kind of money anywhere. & trust me they really expect a lot for what they pay. All the hippa, Osha, Cap inspection, Quarterly training, Required Continued education, test knowledge, so much work already just to stay employed then I have to do my job on top of it.... I am sooo done.
I think i should get a celebration cake with managers picture on it and go office space on her and by her I mean the cake.

I figure it wont matter if i post a pic if i block out her eyes... thats what they do on TV to protect pedophilles!!!!!!!!
Weird, she already had the horns!
I only have one thing left to say........

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Embarrasing moment #2

Embarrasing moment #1 was throwing up in a plasma center & flashing all patients seeing as how I was in a skirt, and connected to a machine.
So today might have been worse. I was mortified. I know it will cause a laugh for all females though so I thought I would share. First off lets talk about what NOT to do:
DO NOT SCHEDULE A YEARLY PAP EXAM ON A SATURDAY. these are not for weekends.
All those things are signs of danger!!!!
I went to the appointment at the free clinic at my work & I had to do it today because like I said I procrastinated. My work shift starts at 5am so I figure it doesn't matter I will be there anyway. Well trust me it was still way too early!
The doc as previously mentioned was Male and so therfor cannot be in the room with me alone. The MA's on staff since its a saturday were also ALL MALE! Im having a mini panic attack that I wont be able to get this taken care of...
Meanwhile.. The doc has asked some RANDOM woman to come into the room.
I try to make a few jokes with her about her break sucking as bad as mine, and how I will come in and sit in on her next pap. She didn't think it was amusing at all and never responded to me.
SO I am wearing the hospital gown backwards so they can do the breast exam. Apparently the MAN doctor thinks I dont want/need any privacy and puts me in the sturrups right away. He peels the gown off on both sides and starts doing the exam. HOLY HELL it is cold in here. OH, MAYBE THATS BECAUSE I AM NAKED & EXPOSED... SPRAWLED ON A TABLE!!!!!!!! he does the exam. As he is doing this I glance over at this random chick... She is full on standing there staring at me. Awkwardly! Oh my AWKWARD. Why is she looking right at me? is she looking at my face? or my boobs or checking out my stomach and doing some kind of sick comparison to hers? WHAT THE........ This went on for 30 seconds but it felt like 30 mintues. I also glanced at her as the doc was doing my pap and yep! She was still staring.
As if this all isn't bad enough... Guess who I see 2 more times at work?
AWKWARD RANDOM WOMAN!!!!!! Who is she even? one of the times I said "haha. fancy seeing you here" again, trying to make a joke. Nope no response. The next time was upstairs by the lunchroom. Im glad I didn't have to sit up by her and eat too!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stitches x3!

So this week Zachie got his first set of stitches! Poor babe. I was in the shower and he got the huge kitchen sheers to try to open a tube of M&M's. He cut his little finger with them. As I said I was in the shower...He proceeded to shake his bleeding hand & run up to tell me he cut it crying. =( Making my house look like a crime scene. Here are a few pics but it looked like this everywhere.

Haha! kinda funny now that my baby is ok, but at the time how traumatic! He did awesome at the doctor. Well lets rephrase that. He did Awesome at the doctor..for a 5 year old having his finger numbed & stitched up. Now I have never been that parent to become emotional over their child going through pain. Immunizations/hurting themselves/ anything physical. But I got teary eyed at the doc. I wanted to help Zachie so bad and he was having such a hard time with the pain & the courage he needed to hold his hand still. His dad had to come help me hold him down & after he was numb and just being stitched up Zachie asked the doc "Do you like BYU or UTAH?" the doc said "Utah, of course" Z was making a face & saying YUCKKK. hahaha. Jake said "its OK buddy, Ive heard that doctors that like Utah are still good doctors!" He needed 3 stitches & hasnt really complained about it hurting since the day it happened. Here is what it looks like now.

Gnarly. Way to be brave Zach. We love how tough you are! Haha! DONT mind my bra hanging on the doorknob in the back... LOL! dontcha love how stuff shows up in pics that you weren't aware of?!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I was at Kohls with Joel buying some things with a gift certificate he had. He was getting some boxer briefs (Woot woot. Hahah) They were $28. (keep reading there is a reason I am writting all this detail)... Joel says "wow. for that price I should just go commando." the cashier says "Well I think they are probably more comfy than going commando..." he says "I disagree" You should have seen the look on her face. LOL she was an older woman and was so embarrased.

hahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh babe!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Work Pet Peeves!


These are things annoying to me. In my work.
*People print something & then come over to me "Where did my stuff print?" Um.... I am not sure. WHAT PRINTER DID YOU SEND IT TOO? that might be a good place to check. idiot.
*Putting storage samples on the technician bench... RIGHT NEXT TO what was just picked up to be tested. Can you not do this? If you cant tell if its storage or new samples... Neither can we. Genius.
*Calling me on the work phone from the next work isle over to ask if I will bring you papers you just printed. I'm sorry Pick up Only. Delivery requires Tips.
*Rolling on your chair 4 isles over to get something so you don't have to walk. In the meantime making it so people who are trying to walk by are BLOCKED by your huge ass chair.
*Technologists misspelling words. I am suppose to enter exactly what is written on their print screens into the system. Um. Then I put my employee number on it. So I look like the moron! They have a degree. I don't know how.
*People talking out loud to themselves. I say "what? Are you talking to me?" and I get the death stare. It is not my fault you are talking out loud.
*Thinking because you are in a wheelchair it means you get to hit people in their calf with the bottom of it. You have to wait in line like everyone to get ice water/food. Please understand that's like me coming up to you and kicking you. its not ok just because you're in a chair.
*Seeing a coworker in the bathroom, This is not a place to talk to me about work related issues or excepts that I ordered for you. Please come talk to me when I am not trying to go to the bathroom in the stall. Mmmk Thanks.
*We answer the phone for 3 labs. Front Desk calling tells me John is here. I am not sure who john is. why he is coming. or for who? But if I ask any questions I get major attitude.
*"Hi this is Brandon from Client Services".... Pause... Pause..."Hello??" Brandon!!!! I hear you. Please just tell me why you are calling and get the hell off the phone.
*Technologist takes samples out of the freezer to go test them. In the meantime I start a new run seeing as how the old one is not in there anymore. to which Technologist comes over and asks "Did you start this? I just took the run 5 min ago..." (implying they want all samples... but expect me to be a Effing mind reader....)
*Small talk with co worker. End of convo. They are still standing there looking at you. Umm. 5 seconds of work awkwardness = 5 min of awkwardness in the real world. Please walk away when our conversation is over.
*People going through drawers looking for a certain color of post it notes to use. Because they don't like yellow. What the hell. Its a reminder note, does it really matter what color it is?
*Parking stalkers. The ones that drive 3mph behind you following you to your car. Then when you get there you are scraping snow off of it for 5 min. And they sit there the whole time with their BLINKER on. Is that really necessary? in that amount of time you could have found another spot and walked in.
*Security thinking they are keeping unwanted guests out of the building by making only 1 entrance available to employees (even with a badge) on the weekends. I just had to walk around the WHOLE building to get in. Trust me. Nobody wants to be here on a weekend unless they have to. Plus they can just follow me in the ONE door that is open if they really wanted to get in here..........
*Every other year I have to go outside wait in a long line and put out a fire with a fire extinguisher. I promise. I remember how to do it. Thanks.
* Just now. as I am writing this... got this phone call... "Hello. This is Nicole. I just came down to drop off a sample but you weren't there. Are you there now?" Um I just answered the phone...... I certainly am not streamlining work calls to my cell Nicole!!!!!!!
* & lastly work. work is just annoying. This is long. and trust me I could keep going hahaha.